Monday, July 14, 2014


How Far Along: 20 Weeks & 3 days. I'm now half way done with this pregnancy! Where the heck is time going?! 

I am Feeling: Good, tired, and stressed, but mostly good. I just got a prescription from Dr. Mbah for my heartburn, and I am supposed to take it once a day. Hopefully, it does the trick for my heartburn!

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is about a size of a banana! Jellybean's ears are perfectly formed, and can hear what is going on outside the womb. The amniotic fluid has doubled in the amount, and it is a bit over 1.5 cups of fluid. The interesting thing about the amniotic fluid is that it is maintained at an elevated temperature than my core body temperature to keep Jellybean warm. Also, amniotic fluid amount is important to our OB-GYN doctors, and midwives, because it gives us an indication of how well the baby is growing, and developing. Due to amniotic fluid increasing, Jellybean is starting to gulping down more of this fluid, and the taste buds is fully developed so Jellybean is able to taste what I've just eaten! To encourage a better palate, all I have to do is eat different types of food for Jellybean to taste. 

Movements: Jellybean's movements is ranging from little pops to quivers, which feels very much like shivering on the inside, and tend to move a lot more when I gulp down orange juice or eat something with sugar in it. Jellybean continues to be most active in the late evenings when I am resting after a long day of being on move. It's a different experience to have a baby that is more active, because with Forrest, he did not move very much, and he was content to just stretch, or hiccup, or hit with his fist once in while. 

Cravings: Still the same old. Nothing new.

Aversions: Unchanged.

What I Miss the Most: Not much at this point. I just miss being able to breath easily. Jellybean's head is right under the placenta on top-front of my uterus, and the growing uterus is starting to compress everything else in my digestive system up against my rib cage. So it is getting harder to catch my breath. I also miss coffee. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing Jellybean on the big screen! I think Jellybean looks kind of like Forrest. Jellybean is measuring great in everything, is at 53% of weight (Jellybean is around 11 ounces right now, I believe), and growing beautifully. The only thing that surprises me is that Jellybean is currently a breech! It is rather common in subsequent pregnancies from what I understand, and to have babies be vertical with feet down. 20 weeks, this is not a concern, because Jellybean is still very small, and boy, sure is the baby active!!! Dr. Mbah said that Jellybean should flip around to be head-down between 33 to 38 weeks. If Jellybean has not flipped by then, then it would be a concern at that point. As for now, it's all good! We do not know Jellybean's gender, and even if we wanted to know, then we would still probably not have known, because Jellybean kept the legs crossed the whole time! I think Jellybean wants to be on it too, and surprise everybody--not just us parents! 

Looking Forward To: My brother, Alex's, wedding this Saturday! I can't believe he is getting married. It is going to be a really great day. I'm excited for him, and Girl Alex (his fiancee).  My sister will be flying in from Texas, and it will be really good to see her, and her fiance, along with rest of my siblings, and family. It will be a great time! I'm also looking forward to finding a place to rent. It has been such a hassle to find a right place that accommodates our family. I'm hoping to find something by end of July at latest. Fingers crossed that we will find a place soon!!