Monday, July 21, 2014


How Far Along: Week 21, and 3 days.

I Am Feeling: Pretty good, and happy from the long weekend of festivity!

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is about the size of one of my favorite fruits, Pomegranate, and is estimated to be at one pound! I am starting to notice that I am starting to get bigger from being able to eat more (that heartburn medicine is a life-saver), and in the next ten weeks, it is when pregnant women, on average, will gain half of their total pregnancy weight! Grow, Jellybean, Grow! Jellybean's brain is starting to be able to synchronize all the network mapping in the nerve system, and due to this, the movements are no longer jerky. The movements are now stronger, and deliberate. Jellybean's bone marrows are forming red blood cells (which spleen, and liver had formerly been taking over until now), and the small intestine is starting to absorb sugar from amniotic fluid. My bellybutton is starting to be stretched out, and it is slowly going inside out. It's fascinating, yet gross.  

For the inquiring minds, here's a bump comparison shot from when I was pregnant with Forrest, and now with Jellybean: 

It's funny to see how similar bumps are, even though I feel with this pregnancy, my stomach is shaped differently, almost like a football cone, whereas with Forrest, it is more like a basketball! 

Movements: Jellybean is a kicker. I feel little feet kicking up a storm toward my right hip while the head is pressed up inside under my ribs. Or is it reversed? I have no idea if Jellybean is still a breech, or all over the place! I feel Jellybean a lot in the evenings, and especially in the late nights when I get up to use the bathroom. 

Cravings: Sweet food is still on the top of my list! I often have to run through bakery store section, otherwise I will end up succumbing to wonderful smells, and want to buy out the entire bakery! It's the devil when I food shop. 

Aversions: Nothing in particular that stands out. I feel that I'm cruising through an easy part of my pregnancy right now. There has been days when I feel nauseous, either from eating too much, or from being really warm, and tired. It's nowhere like when it was in the first trimester! 

What I Miss the Most: My feet? I feel that they are growing?? Ugh! I don't need bigger feet! 

Best Moments of the Week: Alex, and Girl Alex's wedding! It was so beautiful, and I felt privileged to be a part of their special day. It was fun to be a part of such special day. The food was amazing (I had Salmon, ricotta, and asparagus for dinner, yum). Stu, and I had a blast in the photobooth! Too bad we didn't have that for our wedding! Forrest had fun playing with his second cousins. It was a good time had by everybody. It was easy to say, because there was a great food, a great music, and a great company. I also had fun co-hosting a bridal shower with other maid of honor for Lauren. She got a lot of nice things, and appeared to have a wonderful time. It had been a VERY busy weekend, and we are tired from all the celebration, but it's worth it. It was also great spending time with Stu. This long-distance marriage thing is no bueno! 

Looking Forward To: Finding a place so we all can live under one roof. It's such a pain to house hunt, and living apart. I'm looking forward to fast forwarding through packing, and unpacking. Too bad I can't twitch my nose, and magically have everything done by itself. It is hard to believe that summer is half-way over?? One more wedding to go, then we are officially done with the wedding madness...for now. I'm also looking forward to the test results for Forrest with his allergy appointment this Tuesday. I hope it brings good news. It will be interesting to find out the result! Then not this upcoming Friday, but the next, it is Lauren's turn to be getting married!! Holy batman!