Monday, August 4, 2014


How Far Along: 23 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Thankful for kind people who have come together to donate us their boxes! It has been a lifesaver, especially with us running out of boxes to pack things in, and not having to stress about trying to scour down more boxes from random places. Kind people really do rock. Exhausted from all the packing. It is harder to do all this while pregnant, and I am thankful for my mom to come up to help me pack. I would not know what to do without her help! I've noticed that when I am more tired, I tend to get weepy, and emotional. It is a bit strange to me, because I am not used to being that way. Excited for my sister's wedding!! It will be such a beautiful day. It also marks the last wedding of the summer for us three, and Forrest will be a ring bearer! I am hoping he will do well. 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a Grapefruit (also one of my favorite fruits, but I can't handle it with this pregnancy--the acidity of the fruit gives me a wicked heartburn). Jellybean is busy at work this week! An important substance in the baby's lungs is busy preparing itself for the birth, and this substance is called Surfactant. It basically keeps the alveoli open for when Jellybean is born. Basically, what this means is that the little branches, alveoli, has a special liquid, Surfactant, to keep it wiggly, and open. If Jellybean is born prematurely, then a doctor will have to inject steroids to kick start that liquid to help Jellybean to breath. At this point, Jellybean's heart chambers, and vessels can be seen on an ultrasound! Jellybean can hear, and react to the sounds outside the womb. It explains a lot why the baby kicks up a storm when Forrest's baby monitor goes off, Layla's barking, and noises around me! 

Movements: Jellybean loves to move, and is always moving, with an exception of me staying busy, then Jellybean tends to be more calm. I do notice a difference from when I am packing, and working hard to when I am just resting. Jellybean doesn't move very much when I am moving, packing, and working, yet the minute I get into the bed at the end of the day, Jellybean starts kicking.  I would imagine if I am not so tired to the point of falling asleep, then Jellybean would have kept me up due to moving so much! 

Cravings: Nothing new. 

Aversions: Nothing new. 

Gender Prediction: On some days, I think I may be having a boy, because I had a dream that I gave birth to a boy. On some days, I think I am having a girl, because this pregnancy has been really weird with food. With Forrest, I was a foodie. I loved food, and eating. I craved for MEAT, and all that typical man food. With this pregnancy, I can easily go without eating so much, and I just eat, because I feel I should eat instead of OMG, I need food. I don't have much appetite with this pregnancy, even with help from my heartburn medication, and I don't find that I am gravitating much to meat. Some people swear I'm having a girl, and some other thinks I am having a boy based on my bump. Yes, it's different than what I had with Forrest! It sticks lower, and out in the front with this pregnancy, and my belly button has popped out! 

What I Miss the Most: Nothing really. I'm pretty content now. 

Best Moments of the Week: Knowing that Mom, and I kicked ass at packing, and that we are pretty much done with bulk of things. There are still a lot to pack left, and they are more of last minute things that needs to be packed up during the last week of living here. Finding a fat toad hiding under a rug that I tossed out on our patio a few weeks ago, and showing it to Forrest. Forrest LOVED seeing the toad. Walking with Forrest around the block. Getting boxes from wonderful people, Kristen, and Andy, and Jess. Thank you! 

Looking Forward To: Lauren's wedding! It will be so much fun, and it will be a beautiful wedding. I'm excited for another round of manicure, and pedicure. It will feel so good on my poor feet, especially after a week long of packing.