Monday, August 11, 2014


How Far Along: 24 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Pretty tired from a long weekend-ish of wedding festiveness, even though it was SO worth it, and all the driving we did. The craziness is only beginning though, because we are moving this week! I've had a few moments where I felt really weepy from being so tired. Happy to get see my family, and to have Joey become an official member of our family! Excited for Lauren, and Joey for becoming husband, and wife! I have been getting a lot more Charlie Horse cramps in my leg. Ouch! It is a good thing that I remembered what Stu taught me from my pregnancy with Forrest by always pointing my feet up in the air instead of forward. It always solve the problem quickly for me. A bit anxious about the move; hoping that everything will go well with our pets, and the movers moving our stuff! While I am ready to move on, I am also a bit sad to be leaving Ripon, and that has been contributing some to my anxiety too. 

Weekly Milestone Growth: Jellybean is as big as a cantaloupe. Holy batman! It is no wonder why I have been feeling achy lately. Jellybean's all senses are completed, and at this point, Jellybean is simply learning how to use, and control the five senses. By the time Jellybean is born, Jellybean should be able to utilize all the senses. At 24 weeks, Jellybean can safely be bought into the world if something has happened to him or her with a lot of advance in medical technology in Neonatal care, but it is better for Jellybean to stay in put until 40 weeks or plus. I'm willing to carry this bub overdue by a week or two if I have to...

Movements: Jellybean is a crazy little baby that loves to move, stretch out, and kick. I've been experiencing more round ligament pain with this little one. Jellybean doesn't have a quite set time where he or she is more active than other. The activity is random, and crazy. It's fun to feel Jellybean busy at work! For some reason, pineapple juice sends Jellybean into an overdrive, and go nuts! 

Cravings: Nothing new. I still find that I have a sweet tooth. I do worry that it will be bad for me, and I try to eat it in moderation though! I find that I prefer fresh, crispy food over junk. If I do go with "junk food", then it's usually my favorite vegetable chips or sweet potato chips with dill dip! I enjoy an occasional drink of pineapple, or pomegranate juice!

Aversions: I definitely notice that with all the wedding festivities we have had that I can't handle the smell of alcohol whether by itself, on people's breath, or whatever. Bleech. It is the same thing that had happened to me while pregnant with Forrest. 

Gender Prediction: A lot of people are guessing that the baby is a girl based on my belly shape, and the pains I have now (even though I can debunk that one--chasing after a toddler, being active, and being on my feet a lot rather than the sex of the baby influencing my physical pains). I am still thinking that Jellybean is a boy, even though I don't have a real strong inkling of who Jellybean may be, and I am just going off based on my dream I had. 

What I Miss the Most: Coffee, especially with pumpkin spice season coming up with the fall. I may cheat, and have a small cup of pumpkin spice latte coffee (after my doctor's approval, of course).

Best Moments of the Week: Lauren, and Joey's wedding! It was so much fun being a matron of honor for my sister, and being a part of their special day. It was really great. I can't wait to see the pictures. My good friend, KT, knitted me a beautiful blanket for Jellybean! I need to post a picture of it soon! Having fun with Stu, and Forrest! Knowing that Forrest had a blast with Gramps Dave, and Gramma Jess while I went out for a pedicure. I bought 2 going home outfits for Jellybean; one for a girl outfit, and one for a boy outfit. The girl outfit has birds on it, because Forrest is really into birds, and loves them. The boy outfit has sailor boats on it. I thought it is just cute! It will be fun to see which outfit Jellybean will go home in! Whatever that is not used will be kept for our future baby, or someone else who gets pregnant in our family.

Looking Forward To: We are moving this Friday, and I am so happy to have everybody back together under one roof. I know I've been harping on, on, and on about this for almost a month, and I am sure some of you are sick of hearing/reading that, but gosh, I am excited. I have a comprehensive list completed for what we need to get for Jellybean, and myself for my recovery from giving birth. I'm just anxious to start shopping to buy what is on the list, and to prepare the nursery room for the baby. I feel good to have that list done, and I just need to finalize it once I am done going through all of Forrest's old baby stuff. I am excited to start working on Jellybean's nursery room. I have a TONS sewing projects that I am ready to dive into by end of this month after all the cleaning, and unpacking is over.

I also look forward to Forrest's second birthday. I'm thinking about having his birthday party to be hosted over Labor Day weekend, and to sort of consolidate birthday party/housewarming party together, and that would be a good motivation for me to unpack, and organize everything by then. I am going to be sad about Forrest turning 2 (it's a good sad though), but I am so incredibly blessed to have a beautiful healthy boy.