Monday, August 25, 2014


Forgive my frumpy look, it was late last night when I asked Stu to take a picture of me, and I just didn't really care how I looked! 

How Far Along: 26 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: A bit sore in the back. I pulled something in my back from lifting Forrest yesterday, and it has been tender ever since. A bit emotional from Forrest's allergist appointment this morning; he had a tough morning with being prodded for skin test, and pricked several times for blood draw. Poor kid!! 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a lettuce head! Jellybean is able to blink eyes, and distinguish between darkness, and light. The movements are gradually getting stronger due to the baby's growth, and size. Sometimes, I can see my belly shake! Jellybean is gaining fat on the bones to keep warm, and is beginning to go into a regular periods of activity. While Jellybean is able to stretch out, and roll around, the space is starting to run out, and soon, in a few weeks, Jellybean will have to resign to stay in one position until birth. 

Movements: Jellybean likes to move quite a lot, especially now he/she is getting bigger, and the movements are stronger than before. Jellybean reacts strongly to noises, especially people talking to my belly, and seem to prefer the voices that Jellybean recognizes. It's crazy. 

Cravings: Anything pumpkin. I am looking forward to pie pumpkins (not food, but actual pumpkins that you use to make pumpkin pie fillings...I think I'm on my last 2 frozen pumpkin puree bags so I'm due to make more puree as soon as the pumpkins are ripe to be picked). I want pumpkin spice latte, and am planning on picking up a small cup in a couple weeks when I visit G.B. for my appointment! 

Aversions: Nothing new. 

Gender Prediction: I think Jellybean is a boy. I look forward to the idea of having 2 boys run amok around the house! It will be really crazy, but fun, and also, interesting to see how the boys' personalities differ. Forrest is such a boy, and likes to house rough. He likes all that boy stuff. So if Jellybean is a boy, then it will be fun to see how Jellybean is like to Forrest, and how different from Forrest. Besides, I'm prepared if Jellybean is a boy, from having Forrest, and I would be really surprised if Jellybean turns out to be a girl! I have a gut feeling I will eventually have a girl, but I am uncertain if Jellybean is going to be THE girl in our family. While people are asking me if I would end up disappointed if I end up having another boy, here is my answer...NO WAY. We've been trying for Jellybean for so long that it doesn't matter to me as long as Jellybean is healthy. Also, I think it helps that I know this is not my last pregnancy (think I'm crazy, right? But I LOVE being pregnant, and having a newborn despite sleep deprivation craziness..and Stu is trying to convince me to have 4 kids...but I am leaning to just 3 unless if we end up with a 3rd boy, then we may try for a 4th for a girl...and if I end up with 4 boys, then I'm going to TAP OUT, ha ha). 

What I Miss the Most: Nothing. I'm in a good part of my pregnancy, and remembering how hard it is at the end of pregnancy with Forrest, I'm taking advantage of the "honeymoon" part of my pregnancy!! 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting the house organized, and cleaned! Celebrating Forrest's second birthday. Meeting our new neighbors. Having Spencer, and Wally over for dinner--it's nice to have family live in the same town as you do (Spencer is Stuart's brother, and Wally is his fiancee). 

Looking Forward To: Our house-warming/Forrest's birthday party on the 30th over Labor Day weekend! It will be nice to see family over, and hang out with them! 

Next Appointment: September 8th.