Thursday, August 21, 2014

You Are TWO!

Dear Forrest, 

You are TWO years old today!

Copyrighted to D.J. Steinke
Your baby face has been long ago replaced by a face of a little boy. Your legs no longer carries a certain softness of an infant. They are now covered in bruises, and dirt, which matches the dirt underneath your nails. Your dark brown hair is now light brown-blondish streaked by the sun. I see my eyes in yours looking back at me, and with every passing day, you look more, and more like Daddy. You burst in a big smile, and we see a nearly completed set of teeth. You squish your nose, and bear a grimace of a smile as you tighten your fists. 

You love Sesame Street, especially Elmo, and you're absolutely fascinated by Elmo. Your vocabulary has exploded in the past year. You are able to say so many words, and your favorite words are COW, and MOO. You say it to everybody you greet: COW, MOO! It's precious, and hilarious! I often have to explain to strangers that you've so proudly greeted by saying COW, MOO, that cows happen to be your favorite animal. You absolutely love animals, and are constantly learning new signs for them.

You also sign many words! You are able to communicate when you need your diaper changed, when you are hungry, and attempts to say I LOVE YOU. You are able to sign many names of the animals, mama, dada, more, eat, and so many more.

You now have almost all of your teeth except the dreaded 2-year old molars! Mama is dreading the molars, because with your past experience with a year old molars, you didn't feel well, and it had been tough on you. So Mama can imagine that with 2-year molars, the history may be repeating itself, but at least she is prepared for it this time around...but are you? 

You are fiercely independent, and stubborn. Mama can see it becoming a driving force in your life to get what you need, and want for yourself. It can be both a good, and bad thing. Trust Mama, she knows. You have inherited that from her. You are such a boy! You love house-roughing, and get your hands on what you should not have gotten into! Daddy loves playing rough with you. You have what we call, a stinky eye, when you are contemplating something you should get into. Matter of fact, it is not too long ago when you managed to scribble a black ink pen on our brand new recliner! Fortunately, mama is able to take the ink out, and laugh. Your uncle, Grant, and Grandma Bobbie definitely says that you inherited this from Daddy--seeing that Daddy did the same thing when he was your age!

It has definitely changed how Mama, and Daddy need to discipline you. You definitely do like to BITE when you are unhappy! Fortunately, the biting business is starting to wind down, much to relief to Mama, and Daddy! You are starting to throw more tantrums, because you are not a fan of the word, NO. Mama remains patient when you do this, because she knows that you are simply learning, and slowly understanding the importance of having rules. When you fall down to the ground, and scream on the top of your lungs; Mama, and Daddy just ignores you, even if it earns looks of strangers, and within an instant, you realize that your screaming is not achieving anything, you stop, and move on. It is how Mama, and Daddy rolls. 

With discipline in the place, you are thriving, and growing into a wonderful boy. You LOVE being able to walk everywhere on your own! Because of this, Grandma Tree has gotten you a monkey backpack with a leash. Boy, you are quite crazy about it. You eagerly hand it over to Mama when you want to go for a walk around the block! You are such a little Energizer Bunny! You are always on GO GO GO GO GO. People jokingly say that you will end up walking around the world by age of 3. You are not interested in sitting still. You want so badly to be a part of the world, and be an active participant of what is going on. It is amazing to watch you absorb so much, and learn from the world. 

When it comes to food, you prefer meat, and potatoes type of meal. Mama, and Daddy have been trying to convince you to eat raw vegetables, yet you turn up your nose to them. Mama often have to sneak vegetable into your food by grounding them up, or adding it to the sauce. You do quite enjoy eating a whole banana, watermelon, and sliced apples, but when it comes to other things, you are a bit iffy about them.

You had an allergy test recently, and it had shown that you outgrew several of your allergies. Yay! However, your allergies to dairy, and peanuts remained. The peanut allergy was expected to be a lifelong allergy, and that did not come as a great surprise. Mama, and Daddy were told that you would have to be tested again in a year to determine if you had outgrown dairy allergy. If not, then it was not a big deal. It didn't change who you are! The exciting news was that you were tested negative for any of tree nut allergy. 

Since we have moved, you switched from seeing Dr. Johnson to Dr. Karbon for pediatrician care, and Dr. Karbon has been fantastic with you. You are 35 inches tall, which surprised your parents, because at your last appointment, you were at 0% for height. You must have had a growth spurt since! The nurse could not believe that you are almost 2, because you are so tall for your age. You are 27 pounds, which is a bit less than average for your height, and you are still in a great health regardless. Your head is crazy big like always. Your head is measured at 50 and half inches, and that puts you in top of your peers for head measurement. It makes your parents laugh, because this is nothing new!

As for your allergist, you are now seeing Dr. Warpinski, and Mama have heard of great things about him working with kids. Hopefully, the things Mama have heard comes true! 

There has been a few changes happening in your short life. 

You have been recently weaned from your Nuks (our name for your pacifiers). Mama was not planning on weaning you until after the move, however, she had discovered one night that you chewed through both of your Nuks! It was when Mama told you that you were a big boy now, and no longer needed them to go to sleep with. You didn't like the idea not having a Nuk in your mouth that night, however, you did go to sleep with a little of grumbling. The following day, you had no problem napping without your Nuk. You continued to do great at bedtime. Eventually, you just forgot about them. It confirmed Mama's decision to completely wean you off them. You continued to do great once we moved into a new house, and never did you ask for your Nuk. 

For the second time in your life, Mama, Daddy, the pets, and you have moved! 

With the move, and unpacking going on, you have been such a trooper. On the day we moved out, and moved into a new house, you kept yourself entertained with your toys, and later, one of your grandmas, and cousin! Your bedroom has been toddler-proof in advance for when you are ready to have your crib converted into a toddler bed! You are in an absolute fascination of your new house. Everything is on one floor, and you are able to run from one end of the house to another end. You did have a hard time sleeping in your new bedroom the first night, but after that night, you were back to your regular sleeping schedule (sleeping all night long). You are able to keep yourself busy while Mama, and Daddy are busy with unpacking. 

There will be a birthday bash for you over Labor Day weekend. It's a bit late, but better than never, right? It is easier to throw you a birthday party after everything has been settled in with the new house.

There will be yet another big life changing event for you soon. You will no longer be the only child this come November/December. Your little brother, or sister will be joining the family! As Mama's belly swell, she has been teaching you to sign BABY, and while you do grasp the sign of BABY, you insist that you are THE baby! Soon, you will learn that you are not a baby, and that you are a BIG brother, which is even better! By your third birthday, you will be an old pro at being a big brother, Mama, and Daddy knows it. Then you can teach your brother, or sister how to be a big brother or sister when a third baby comes along down the road! 

It is hard to accept that you are a 2-year old boy running around with a big smile on his face, because the memory of you being a newborn is still so fresh in Mama, and Daddy's mind, and watching you grow up is a reminder that kids grow up way too fast. The past 2 years has flown by within a blink of an eye, and it is only going to get faster as you get older. It is also exciting to watch you bloom into a little guy with a big personality. Mama, and Daddy loves you so much, little dear Stinker-Roo.

Mama & Daddy