Monday, September 1, 2014


How Far Along:  27 weeks & 3 days. I'm drawing to the very end of the second trimester! By this time next week, I will be officially in 3rd trimester. EEK. It doesn't feel like that, but here we go...the last 3 months! It's a crunch time to start freezing food, and prepping Jellybean's nursery room! 

I am Feeling: While I am still having an easy time with this pregnancy, I find that I struggle a lot with catching my breath, and feeling short of breath along with dizziness. I just can't seem to get a refreshing deep breath that I want. Fortunately, I know this is a very normal part of the pregnancy, and the baby is getting plenty of oxygen. I am also dealing with an itchy skin these days! Nothing that an anti-itch lotion, and using Vitamin E lotion can't help so far. 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as Rutabaga, which is a vegetable in the cabbage family, and it just means that Jellybean is about 13.6 to 14.8 inches long! From this point on, Jellybean can be measured from heels to the head, even though I am not sure how this is possible seeing that I won't be having another ultrasound, and this shows that Jellybean is no longer curved in, but rather stretched out. Jellybean continues to fill out with fat. Retinas in Jellybean's eyes are matured, breathing reflexes are continued being worked on, which can lead to hiccups, and Jellybean is able to self-soothe by sucking on thumb or patting on the head. My bellybutton is now all way out. It can get irritated by my shirts, which is annoying.

Movements: Jellybeans move like crazy when J.B. hears Forrest babble, and speak words. I find it somewhat neat how the baby is already responding, and recognizing his/her brother's voice! Sometimes, Jellybean likes to move so much that my whole belly shakes. It is a party going on in there!

Cravings: Pumpkin anything! 

Aversions: Strong-scented lotions. It sends me into a itching fiend. I have no idea why my body reacts so strongly. The weird thing is that if it's on my body, then I'm okay, but if it's on someone else, then I get really itchy. Weird body hormones! 

Gender prediction: The feeling of having a girl is more of knowing that I WILL have a girl at some point. Like I mentioned last week, I am just uncertain if this baby is a girl. So I am still leaning to team blue.

What I Miss the Most: Being able to breath. Having an itch free skin. 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting wool dryer balls in the mail. I love ordering things online, because then it is almost like I am getting a present for myself in the mail! Forrest's birthday party/housewarming party. Loved having my family over, and having Forrest be happy. Accomplishing Elmo cake! Forrest learning signs to all animals in his animal vocabulary book. The look of accomplishment, and pride on his face is just so rewarding, and especially so, when he makes connection between real life animals to animals in the books. 

Looking Forward To: Pumpkin patches! I found at least 3 within a half hour to 45 minutes driving distance. I am thinking about going on an impromptu trips with Forrest to check some of them out to see which is the best for family outing. I also want to buy some pumpkin pies (actual pumpkins named pumpkin pies, not food pie) so I can start pureeing the pumpkin for storage, and some for baking pies in October/November months. I also am anxious to start shopping for Jellybean's nursery room, and I finally can start this month! I am planning on making a quilt for Jellybean. A pumpkin latte drink! 

Next Appointment: September 8th. I am looking forward to finding out the result of the test, and hoping for a healthy remainder of my pregnancy!