Monday, September 8, 2014


How Far Along: 28 weeks & 3 days. We are officially in third trimester!

I am Feeling: Pretty good to be in third trimester. I remember what it is like to be in a third trimester with Forrest, and how hard it is physically. It is hard to get comfortable, and sleep restfully with all the weight in my belly. So far, this pregnancy has been fairly easy with sleeping. This baby doesn't feel as quite heavy, or as tall as Forrest was. Jellybean is pretty easy to move out of the way when his/her foot is up in my rib, and all I have to do is nudge the baby. Then Jellybean will move down. Thanks, baby! 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as Eggplant! Jellybean's brain is busy at work. It is changing from a consistency of being soft like jell-o with smooth surface to becoming firm with groves, and indentations. Hair is still sprouting on top of Jellybean's head, and the studies have shown that if mother suffers from heartburn, then the more hair the baby will end up with! I am not sure if Jellybean is going to have a lot of hair, or end up bald, because my heartburn has been almost nonexistent these days. However, I am predicting that Jellybean will have some hair like Forrest did. 

Movements: Jellybean likes to make his/her presence known. My belly shakes, and jump around quite often, especially if the baby hears Forrest, Stu, or anyone the baby recognizes. There has been days when J.B. is quiet as well. 

Cravings: Sweet food, carbs, and fruits.

Aversions: Not anything much so. It's more of disinterest in particular food than an actual aversion.  

Gender Prediction: Team Blue. I had another dream that Jellybean is a boy. Is my dreams trying to tell me something? 

Best Moments of the Week: Finally ordering  things for Jellybean, and getting them in the mail! It was great to finally start setting up J.B.'s nursery. Stu setting up a crib! Also, we just set up my sewing machine so I should be able to start sewing projects soon! This is more for Stu's best moment than it is mine, we recently got a basic cable TV, and now we are  back to having Packers games in our household once again! PSL drink after today's appointment. Yum yum. 

Looking Forward to: Finding out how Jellybean is doing. I want to see if Jellybean is in a correct position (head-down), and finding out the result of my test. 

Next Appointment: My appointment is today! I wonder if I am going to start 2-weeks appointments from now on, or still meeting up every month until 8th month (next month)?