Monday, September 15, 2014


How Far Along: Week 29 & 3 days. It is nerve-racking to think that as soon as I hit 30 weeks, it means that Jellybean will be here in 10 to 12 weeks!!! 

I am Feeling: Forrest, and I...and Stu are all dealing with a cold. Fortunately, Forrest is pretty much back to himself whereas I'm still slowly recovering, even after a week of dealing with it. Stu just started his cold, and he's doing just fine despite it.

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as an acorn squash. How appropriate, especially with fall's arrival these days! Jellybean's lungs, while the organs are fully developed, are still working on increasing more branches to gather oxygen for the pending birth. It will take Jellybean, and Forrest 8 years for the lungs to reach an adult capacity. Jellybean's movements will decrease around week 30 due to the fact that the home is becoming more cramped. Along with this, Jellybean is plumping up! 

Movements: Jellybean is starting to hiccup more now. It's funny, because Forrest did the same thing while I carried him.

Cravings: The same old, even though I've been wanting a big plate of Nachos.

Aversions: I've noticed that my sense of smell has gotten stronger. I can't stand anything that smells funky. The other day I walked past Subway, and thought I would puke. I usually enjoy the wafting odors from the shop...well not this time. I've noticed that turkey, and chicken tastes gamey to me for some reason! No interest in beef, or any red meat. 

Gender Prediction: Team Blue. 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a big pot of Mumm flowers--they are my favorite fall flowers, and a shout out of thank you to Bobbie for getting me that! Knowing that Jellybean checked out great. Getting a package from Mom with Care bears socks (there's a story behind that), and $50 Amazon Prime card for the baby expense. Awesome! Packer's game at the stadium was a blast!

Looking Forward To: Fall soups, getting to check in on Jellybean more often, and knowing that I am getting closer to meeting him/her.

Next Appointment: Monday September 22nd. I start every 2 weeks appointments now! I love that, because I get to check in more frequently with Jellybean. It's also a bold reminder that Jellybean is due very soon!

Update from my appointment last week: Jellybean's heart-rate was at 138-140, and it felt really quick on the doppler. Still measuring a bit off--not that it warranted any concern, and it continued to confirm my feeling that Jellybean was going to come into the world past his/her due date. I had a Glucose test, and T-Dap shot. As it turned out, it was a fairly new thing to vaccinate pregnant women, instead of waiting until after they deliver their babies, to pass on antibiotics, and protection to the babies against whooping cough. I passed my Glucose test! So no diabetes! Yay. However, the test result showed that my platelets are once again low at 130 when it should be between 140 to 440. It looked like GT with Forrest was not my last rodeo, and I fell into the lucky 25% of women developing GT with their subsequent pregnancies.