Tuesday, October 7, 2014


How Far Along: 32 weeks & 3 days.

I am Feeling: Pretty good, aside from the awful heartburn I've been having all week. I think Jellybean is going to be born with head full of hair! I had a little of heartburn, nowhere as bad as this pregnancy, with Forrest, and he did have a head full of hair when he was born. So I can only imagine how Jellybean's head looks like!

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a squash. Jellybean is gaining weight...which means Mama is also gaining weight! Hopefully, Jellybean should be head down seeing that he/she is now filling out inside the cramped space. It explains why my whole belly shakes like crazy these days. This week, Jellybean's bones are calcifying, which means the bones are hardening, and it is critical that I eat all the good stuff to make sure the bones are good and strong!  

Movements: Jellybean likes to make his/her presence known. My whole belly hiccups, shakes, and bugles out. Jellybean moves so hard that he/she wakes me up in the middle of the night, and keeps me up for good half hour to forty minutes. 

Gender Prediction: Everybody seem to think I am having a girl based on varying old wives' tales. The check-out clerk even told me that she thought I was having a girl based on how low I have been carrying this baby (she had all 3 boys herself, and said she carried them all high--and I carried Forrest high as well). It is kind of funny when you don't know the gender of your baby, because so many people will offer insights, opinions, and thoughts about the gender of your baby! I've also recently learned that many moms who have opposite genders end up with similar heart rates. So now I can fully debunk the heart rate myth, and I'm back on fence whether I'm having a boy or a girl. Well, we all have 50% chance of getting our guess right, right?! 

Symptoms: Sore lower back. My hips are getting sore from being in one position for too long when I am sleeping. I find that I toss, and turn a lot. I get up frequently in the night to pee. Stu jokingly says that I am like an old man with a lousy bladder, and a bad prostate. Very funny, dude, it may come back to bite him in the bum someday! Heartburn has been kicking my butt again lately. I've been relying on Prevacid, and Tums to get through them.

Labor Signs: Braxton-Hicks are still happening.

Best Moments of the Week: Getting things completed for Jellybean's room. Shopping, and spending time with Mom. She has been kind enough to purchase some baby things for us, such as dresser, and some items. I guess this goes to show you no matter how old you get to be, you will always be your Mom's baby! I have a few things left, such as Solly wrap, a few new nursing tanks, diapers, wipes, and a laundry basket, then I'm all set for the baby's room! I'm pretty excited for the quilt clips I ordered from Etsy.com; it's a hand made yellow clouds, and it should go with the quilt pretty well. Forrest got his favorite book in the mail! He had destroyed one of his favorite books in the process of wear, and tear. So we had to replace it with a new one, and also purchased a farm themed book. He has carried it everywhere with him since. Forrest cracked me up the other day by insisting that I am having a pig, instead of a baby, because according to a toddler logistic, Forrest can be the ONLY baby of the family. Therefore, the baby inside me is a pig (it's a compliment, my dear Jellybean, seeing that Forrest reserves his best kind of love for family, and farm animals). Also, I've learned that Dad, and Jess are bestowing me a beginner canning supply, an early Christmas gift, and I am absolutely geeked about it! 

Looking Forward To: Setting up Jellybean's nursery, and organizing everything at last once the dresser gets here. Completing my DIY teething rail guard once the fabric gets here in the mail, which should be today. Making one last trip out to my hometown to visit my family, because after that, I won't be able to go anywhere long-distance for awhile! 

Next Appointment/Updates: Next appointment is on October 22nd.