Monday, October 13, 2014


How Far Along: Week 33 & 3 days.

I am Feeling: I have a lot of mixed feelings going on, and it is making me emotional more than usual. I'm trying to think positive, and put faith that things will work out the way it is meant to be, even if it's not quite what I had hoped for. 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a Durian fruit. There is not much going on developmentally wise this week aside from brain still being busy at work! Jellybean is practicing breathing by hiccuping, and blinking eyes open and close while wake hours.

Movements: Jellybean likes to stretch out, stick butt in the middle of my stomach, and head-bang my ribs. The little flutters are fun to feel at my hip (from his/her little feet kicking). Jellybean has moments of where he/she is quiet, then others, he/she goes crazy! 

Gender Prediction: Thinking that the baby could be a girl. Then again, the baby could be a boy. I don't have a very definitive feeling. It is hard with this pregnancy, because with Forrest, I just KNEW I was having a boy from the conception (I swear for real), and for Jellybean, I am unsure. I don't have a real strong preference toward either gender as long as Jellybean is healthy. Sometimes I do think it would be fun to have a girl, just to see how different it is from having a boy, then I also think it is a lot of fun to have 2 boys!

Symptoms: Heartburn is less bad this week. Thank goodness.

Labor Signs: Nothing this week aside from same old Braxton-Hicks.

Best Moments of the Week:  Seeing Forrest carry his little doll everywhere, and being nice to his doll--we had bought him a baby doll to help him prepare for a little brother, or sister! Getting the dresser in the mail for Jellybean's nursery room (thanks Grandma Tree), and had Stu build the drawer for me! The baby room got organized, and set up. The only thing left I needed to do is add You are My Only Sunshine posters! Prepping our garden for a long winter ahead, and harvesting a good 5 pounds of tomatoes! Seeing Forrest enjoying yard work with his Daddy. 

Looking Forward To: Prepping, and pureeing pumpkins for the pies, and other yummy pumpkin-based meals/desserts. Getting my order of Jamberry nail wraps from my recent hostess party with my wonderful sorority sister as a consultant (love those stuff, because there's no smell, it's latex free, and easy to remove unlike Sally Hansen wraps--those are HARD to get off).

Next Appointment: October 22--this may change though, and October 31st--I am excited about my appointment on Halloween, because I get to DRESS UP for the whole day as opposed to just for evening during trick n treating hours! I'm a big kid at the heart when it comes to holidays. 

Update from last appointment: My platelet count has dropped from 130 to 109. That drop did surprise me, because it never got that low with Forrest. When it drops below 100, I am no longer eligible for an epidural, and/or spinal block. Jellybean is still a breech baby! He/she has until 36 weeks to turn head down by himself/herself. I am thinking about contacting a prenatal chiropractor, since I've heard that sometimes tweaking hips, and back will assist the baby to enter into a right birthing position. I have been doing a lot of silly, idiotic exercises that makes Forrest laugh to try turn Jellybean! There will be an ultrasound for 36 weeks check up to determine the position of Jellybean, and there will be a discussion as in what will be done next since I am not an ideal candidate for a c-section.