Tuesday, October 28, 2014


How Far Along: 35 weeks & 4 days! We are gearing to enter 9th month of my pregnancy. It is crazy, because it doesn't feel like I am almost 9 months pregnant, but I am! Surprisingly, I feel comfortable for being almost 9 months pregnant. 

I am Feeling: Doing good despite feeling very pregnant. I am surprised with how far I've gotten with this pregnancy without feeling dragged down. Aside from feeling dizzy from time to time, I'm doing good. 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a Coconut! The crazy thing is that my uterus has grown 1,000x its size by this week. It does sound like a pure exaggeration, but it is not, and it is to accommodate a baby inside me. If Jellybean is a boy, then his testes have already been descended by this point. If Jellybean is a girl, then she has been just hanging out all along since her reproductive health has already been taken care of for several weeks now! The amniotic fluid is at its peak this week, and will start to diminish in the upcoming few weeks to prepare the baby for the labor. DHA, and Omega are critical at this time, because Jellybean's brain is hardest at work right now with mapping, building, and connecting everything. From now on, Jellybean might be moving less strongly, and more prone to stretch out due to the cramped nature of the home that Jellybean has been living in for the past 8 months. 

Movements: Jellybean's movements has changed, due to the space running out, and my belly still shakes like crazy (especially if I eat a lot of sweet food). Jellybean now likes to jab as hard as possible out of my stomach. It sure smarts. This kid is trying to bust out already. 

Gender Prediction: A human. People have been guessing gender of the baby based on variety of old wives' tales, and the shape of my belly. I just smile, and shake my head. We will see who prevails in the end; team blue, or team pink! That's the fun part. 

Symptoms: Feeling really dizzy from time to time. Lack of appetite--as much as I want to eat, I just don't have a room in my belly to stuff myself, which is a good thing I guess because we won't be able to go anywhere for Thanksgiving, and I can't enjoy Thanksgiving food with how limited space my body has for my stomach. I find it easier to eat a bit at time. Just feeling very pregnant. 

Labor Signs: Braxton Hick contractions are still happening. It is happening more regularly on a daily basis. I remember having those a lot about a month to a month, and half before Forrest is born as well. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing my side of the family, and spending time with them. My aunt's 31 Bag party; I got a really nice purse for myself, and a tote storage box for Jellybean's room. I had so much fun learning how to juice, and can our tomatoes with Dad. We made about 6 quarts of juice out of 20 pounds of tomatoes! Dad, and Jess got me a really awesome canning starter kit, which I am so thrilled about, and can't wait to use them! Eating out at Red Lobster to celebrate our 10-year dating anniversary (we don't really celebrate dating anniversary every year--just big ones), and to continue our tradition of eating there before the baby is born.

front view of my bump! 

Looking Forward to: Trick n Treating with Forrest, and Stu! Dressing up. I LOVE Halloween. We are doing TEAL project--do google it, and find out how you can make Halloween safe for kids with allergies! Making pumpkin pies for my loved ones, and friends! One of the best thing about pies is giving them away, and spreading happiness to others. Carving our pumpkins, and harvesting pumpkin seeds!

Update from the Last Appointment: The appointment from yesterday, 10/27, was an interesting one. Dr. Mbah was unable to find Jellybean's head, or the position that Jellybean was exactly in. So, we all had no idea where exactly  Jellybean was at. His/her heart rate came up quick on doppler, and it was strong at 140! My belly was measuring a week off once again--instead of being at 35 weeks--almost 36 weeks, I was measuring at 34 weeks. I talked with Mbah about what to expect from our November 7th ultrasound. She said that it was to determine how well JB  has been growing because my fundal height measurement (how big my belly is) has been off during my whole pregnancy, and to determine where exactly Jellybean is positioned in. I will be tested for Group Strep B, and platelet count--all that yada stuff you get during 36th week of your pregnancy. Then we will discuss about what is our next step; whether manual flipping Jellybean is possible, and when we should schedule for that to be done at our local hospital (apparently, you have to be in a hospital for this procedure in case if you end up having a baby that day), or to discuss a possible c-section.

Next Appointment: November 7th for an ultrasound to determine what position Jellybean is in. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he/she is in a correct position, and that all the crazy stuff I've been doing is paying off.