Monday, November 10, 2014


This was taken right before a stomach bug hit all of us! 

How Far Along: Week 37 & 3 days.

I Am Feeling: Very pregnant. I'm ready to have this baby, but I'm really determine to keep the baby inside for as long as possible. It is easier to take care of the baby when the baby is inside, ha ha. I also want an early DEC. baby. I think that would be cool, but JB will come when JB comes either for a medical reason, or natural. I'm anxious to find out about the fluid level is at the next appointment, and to meet JB soon! We are also battling an awful stomach virus that is making its round in our household. Thankfully, I'm feeling a lot better, and hydrated so I can take care of Stu, and Forrest.

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a winter melon (looks like an overgrown cucumber). Jellybean is now considered full-term! The baby is starting to pack on 1/2 pound per week, which means I am also gaining weight! Jellybean is now very restricted with the movements, and if Jellybean is uncomfortable with the position I am laying or sitting in, Jellybean will will jab, or poke at me until I move, and Jellybean can settle into a comfortable spot. Interesting fact: Laungo, fine hair that has been covering Jellybean for almost the whole pregnancy is now absorbed into the guts, and it will end up in the baby's waste at birth. The white greasy substance covering Jellybean is also absorbed into the skin! Crazy, huh? 

Movements: Jellybean is not moving as much these days. When JB does move, it is to stretch out, and palpate around. 

Gender Prediction: Most people are claiming that JB is a girl. 

Symptoms: My hips are starting to bother me at the night. I often toss, and turn to try be comfortable. My lower back aches when I get up to walk around. Yoga ball is my saving grace for my hips, and back.  I've been feeling a bit nauseous again; not sure if it's related to indigestion seeing that I ran out of Prevacid recently, or it's related to last few weeks of pregnancy thing. 

Labor Signs: I had a few contractions here, and there that really took my breath away.  Those were real contractions since they were painful, and made me stop in my track from whatever I was doing at that moment. However, they were inconsistent, and did nothing pretty much. I was found to be 50% effaced; this is the membrane that thins out to allow dilation to happen, and dilation is to open the cervix for the baby to pass through the birth canal. I was only at 1 CM. While all this was exciting to hear, I also realized that I may be sitting on that exact same numbers until either induction, or when the baby is ready to come out. 

Best Moments of the Week: Installing the carseat in my Jeep for JB with the help from my Aunt Ro. It is becoming more real that JB will be home soon! Getting my new purse that I got from 31-Bag party. Mom, and aunts visit was really lovely, and I enjoyed having them here. Buying Forrest a present; we got him a counting beads thing, and he loved it. Cold Stone Birthday cake ice cream--yummy!!! As early as it was, I had Stu help me set up Christmas tree, and some decorations, because I wanted to make sure that it got done before the baby came. Seeing JB on the big screen; he/she looked so precious!!

Looking Forward To: Seeing JB once again on the big screen. I loved seeing that kid! I think the baby looked somewhat like Forrest. 

Update: The ultrasound appointment turned out a lot better than we anticipated. Jellybean was found to be in a head-down position, and to be 6 pounds even. Everything looked great with the baby's heart, and head. However, of course, there was a but, the amniotic fluid was found to be on the lower side of a normal range. The lowest was allowed to be acceptable was 7, and I was at that. Mbah wanted to be through with the prenatal care, so she ordered yet another ultrasound for the 14th. If the fluid level dropped to 5-5.5, then induction was most likely going to happen over the weekend, or the following week. I was ordered to drink, drink, and drink a lot of fluid (around 6-8 pints a day) to see if that was going to help with the fluid level. If that did the trick, then everything was going to be cleared to let the baby come on his/her own. I also had my blood taken, and to my great surprise, my platelet level went up from 109 to 130! Mbah decided she was not going to have me give blood from now on since I was most likely not going to drop below 100. Yay! I also had Group Strep B swab done--that was not a fun part of the appointment.

Next Appointment: November 14th for an ultrasound appointment to determine fluid level.