Monday, November 17, 2014


How Far Along: 38 weeks & 3 days. We are gunning down to D-Day (Due day). Only 12 more days! Again, I'm determined to keep this baby in for as long as possible until JB is ready to come out, even if that means carrying him/her until 42 weeks (let's hope it won't come to that point because I'd be SO SICK of being pregnant by then).

I am Feeling: Excited, tired, and anxious. I'm tired, because I've been getting up frequently at the night to pee. I'm both excited, and anxious about the birth, especially now with things finally falling into its place for a natural birth I wanted all along. I have no idea what to expect seeing that I had been induced with Forrest. I'm not eager about the pain aspect of the birth, but am really excited to meet JB. I'm also bored, because I forgot how HARD it is to wait in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and I have literally everything done. So, I don't know what I should do in the next couple weeks. I'm a bit sad, because I have to take my wedding ring off! I never had to do that with Forrest, and I weighed more with him than I do with this baby. I learned that it is more common in colder months to need take rings off than it is in the summer months. Kind of weird, because you'd think it would be more likely in summer, not winter! Anyway, I've been sans without my wedding ring, and it feels weird. 

Weekly Milestone: Jellybean is as big as a pumpkin. His/her head is also as big as his/her abdomen. Jellybean's skin is now smooth, and fattened up. At this point, there is not much Jellybean is doing developmentally wise. The biggest job Jellybean has now is to gain weight. 

Movements: Jellybean is not moving as much. That poor kid just has no room to move. It's usually fingers palpating, or wiggling into more comfortable spot. 

Gender Prediction: People still are saying a girl, and I had a dream that JB was a girl. I'm open to possibility of having another boy, and even so, I think having a girl would be fun as well. It's the best part of being surprised...finding out who Jellybean is! 

Symptoms: Our latest bout with stomach virus triggered me to go into an overdrive to ensure that everything.was.clean! So things did end up being very clean, and disinfected, which made me feel tons better. I had a full day of intense nesting. In the days that followed my intense episode of nesting, I made a bunch of freezer meals, stocked up on snacks, and bought a small turkey breast for Thanksgiving.  I also started packing my hospital bag, and figured I would add more later when it's a go time. People claimed that nesting meant the baby was on its way soon. 

Labor Signs: I have been having more contractions inconsistently. I had been checked once again at my recent appointment, and no change. I did expect that, and decided I would rather not to be checked again until 40-41 weeks--no reason to, really! 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing JB on the big screen. Getting the house clean, and prepared for JB's arrival. Spending time with Forrest, and Stu. Made a bunch of delicious snacks, and stocked up for when the baby gets here. 

Looking Forward To: Meeting JB in a few weeks! 

Update: Jellybean was still in the head down position. The fluid level went up from 7 to 13.1!! So all the drinking water, and Gatorade helped! I loved this shot so much--JB's first duckface!

Next Appointment: Thursday November 20th for a regular check up. No ultrasound from this point on since everything checked out great.