Sunday, November 30, 2014

Welcome to the World, Franklin Dexter!

We welcomed another beautiful boy, Franklin Dexter, into the world on Monday November 24th at 10:25 pm. Frankie, as customary throughout my whole pregnancy with him, chose to surprise us, because I was so sure I'd go overdue with him. 

I started having contractions a few nights prior, and it only lasted half hour. Then the same thing happened on early Monday morning around 3 am, and the contractions lasted for quite some time. I managed to sleep through most of it, and was surprised to see that it did not go away when we got up for the day. I informed Stu that he should keep phone close to him when he went to work...just in case. The contractions did stop, and didn't start up again. I shrugged, and brushed it off as my body going into pre-game mode. Forrest had his lunch, and napped. I relaxed and started sewing. The contractions started again. They were inconsistent. Stu checked on me throughout the day. Around 3 pm, the contractions were getting more crampy, and stronger. Of course, mother nature had to throw a wrench in our plans by dumping a snow storm, promising 5 to 7 inches of snow that night, and Stu worried a bit about me having contractions. After all, our hospital was 35 minutes away. Stu called Dr. Mbah, and Dr. Mbah said not to come in until my contractions are 10 minutes apart, or if my water breaks. I assured Stu it was not the night we were going to have our baby.

It was mainly because with Forrest, I had labored the whole time in a hospital, and the contractions I had with piction was very painful. I kept expecting to be in that kind of pain in order for me to go into labor. As it was my goal to labor naturally, I had no idea what to expect, and what I was experiencing was not very painful compared to piction contractions. Despite having to walk through my contractions, I was feeling great during the breaks, and continued to wait for that "OMG I'm going to die" contractions to start. 

At 5 pm, the contractions were getting stronger, and frequent. I decided to start timing them very closely. Stu went outside to snow blow the sidewalk, and driveway. I fed Forrest dinner, and started walking through my contractions, because they were not pleasant enough for me to sit it out. By 6 pm, I continued to walk through my contractions, and saw that they were getting closer together by 15 minutes. Stu, and I decided to wait until 7 pm, then leave to the hospital just to be monitored. I contacted C, my interpreter, for the birth, and informed her. I packed Stu's bag and finished my hospital bag. C cautioned us about the road condition being poor. Stu bathed Forrest, and got him ready for bed, then we waited for his brother's fiancee to come to watch Forrest. By 7 pm, my contractions were 10 minutes apart. It was time to go. Spencer came over quickly to watch Forrest. I kissed Forrest good bye, told him I loved him, and shed a few tears over the fact that he was not going to be my only baby anymore. That was a bit hard on me emotionally to leave Forrest, even though he was in a very good hands with Spencer, and Wally. 

Wally came in when we were about to leave, and we were on our way. Stu had to drive carefully on HWY 29, because the snow was coming down hard, and the road visibility was bad. I cried a bit over leaving Forrest, and knowing our lives were going to change. I continued to time my contractions. They were now 7 minutes apart. I found it was a bit trickier to sit through my contractions, because I had been walking through them earlier. My pelvis was hurting bad, which was worse than my contractions, and once a contraction was over, I felt fine. I felt good. It took us an hour, and ten minutes at most to finally arrive at the hospital! By that point, my contractions were 5 minutes apart. 

Stu pulled up in the front of the hospital in the valet parking section. I got out of the car, and got hit by a painful contraction. There were a bunch of people waiting in the lobby entrance for their cars to be brought back from the parking lot by valet guys, and they had their eyes on me. It was probably obvious to them that I was having a baby soon! The valet came up to us, and grabbed a wheelchair for me. I sat in it, and the guy literally ran to the elevator with me in the wheelchair! It was funny.  I was surprised at how I found humor while laboring! We went to the maternity floor, and got checked in, then met with C. We were brought to the triage room to be monitored. I was changed into an ugly poorly made gown. Poor Stu had a hard time figuring out how to button it up on me! Then I was strapped with contraction monitor, and put on the bed. 

The nurse we had was really sweet, and her name was Lara. She saw that I was having consistent contractions, and checked me. To our shock, I was 6 CM, almost 100 percent effaced, plus 2 station (plus 4 meant pushing time), and the water bag was about to be ruptured. It was GO time, based on the history of fast labor, and delivery I had with Forrest. Lara paged the nurses to let them know to set up my room immediately. I was going to have a baby SOON. Lara also paged doctors on the call, and Dr. Temp responded (my doctor, Mbah was not on call that night). She wanted to break my water if my body had not broken it before then. I opted out for an epidural, knowing that my body was going to deliver this baby fast, and went completely unmedicated. 

By 9:00 pm or 9:10 pm at latest, Dr. Temp came in, and broke my water. We all waited for Jellybean to make debut. We were laughing, joking around, and having jolly good time between my contractions. Lara said that I was making labor seem so easy, and that I was made for birthing many babies! C asked us what we thought we were going to have. Matter of fact, he had to use farm analogy (can't get rid of inner farm boy inside of him) by saying I was going to have a heifer, meaning a girl. I said a boy. 

It was not until last few contractions that I got really serious. I had a game face on. It started to really hurt all over. My pelvis was what killed me the most. I held--okay, I destroyed--Stu's hand, and griped on the bar with my other hand throughout those contractions. The last contraction I had lasted for good 5 minutes without stopping. C went to get Lara to see if that was normal to have a contraction that long. Lara came in to check on me, and waited for me to finish that contraction. I finally got a brief break, and told Stu that the baby was ready to come. Unlike Forrest's birth, there was time to prep my bed into delivery bed, to prop me up, and have Dr. Temp come in without rushing. It was pushing time! 

Pushing was very different this time. Franklin was born face up instead of face down with his hand on his face. They didn't call it "labor" for nothing. It was a work! Someone suggested a mirror to watch the baby to be born. I said yes, sure, and hoping it would motivate me to push harder. It did! It really helped to see that I was bringing a baby into the world, and that I was doing something incredible. Later, I was really happy I did. Dr. Temp coached me through it all by counting to ten for each push. Suddenly,  Jellybean was born into the world. As soon as Dr. Temp lifted Jellybean up, I saw that he was a boy! My mommy intuition was right! He was placed on my chest right away, and everything else was taken care of (I don't need to go into details here, and gross people out about after birth procedure)! After that was taken care of, Franklin was weighed, measured, and looked over. Frankie was announced to be between 7-8 for APGAR score, which was pretty good, for a little baby like him. 

Franklin Dexter weighed 7 pounds even, 20 inches long, and perfect in every literal sense. He was beautiful, and looked just exactly like his big brother, Forrest, at the birth! We were amazed by how alike they looked like!! On top of my amazement at how beautiful Frankie was, I was also proud of myself for getting through my labor like a champ, and to get a natural birth I have had always wanted. I was up, and walking around shortly after giving birth. I surprised myself by being able to do this, because I had a harder recovery with Forrest, and expected the same with Frankie. However, it was not the case at all. 

Franklin was born into the world very calm. He was tested to be at risk of Jaundice, and had trouble with nursing since he was so sleepy.  I had to coax Franklin quite often to latch on, and nurse. He continued to improve, despite his trouble, and I was quite glad that this was not my first rodeo with nursing. Otherwise, I would have been overwhelmed. However, I had nursed before, and it gave me a lot of patience with Franklin. This was when our amazing lactation nurse came in, and taught me how to get Frankie to nurse. For that, I was grateful to gain more knowledge how to feed Frankie, and allow my body to nourish him (a very hippie statement, I know, ha ha). 

Upon asking by a few people, absolutely no, I am not disappointed that I did not have a girl. I had an inkling I was going to have another boy, and I've always wanted two boys. Franklin is an awesome gift that I am so blessed to be bestowed with, and it is not just me, but our family as well.  We are pretty content with family of 4, even though we yet to feel completed as a family, and in a few years, we may be welcoming another little boy, or girl.  As for right now, let the craziness begin!! 


  1. Finally got a chance to sit down and read you're whole story. So glad you had an 'easier' labor this time around (sans pitocin). Frankie is adorable!

  2. congratulations!! so happy for you and your growing family :)