Tuesday, December 23, 2014

FDR is 1 Month Old!

Dear Frankie,

You are a MONTH old today. A lot has happened in a month. It is hard to believe that you came into the world just a few weeks ago. Mama has discovered that, like with Forrest, it is an odd combination of joy, and sadness that you are growing so fast already.

You have been steadily gaining weight. At birth, you weighed 7 pounds even, and went down to 6 pounds, and 9 ounces. Nursing was a struggle for both of us in the beginning. Fortunately, it was not Mama's first rodeo with nursing, and she was as determined with you as she was with Forrest to make it work. Mama met with a wonderful lactation specialist, and gained tips how to keep you awake, to stay latched on, and to encourage you to eat. With many thanks to Pam, Mama was able to make it work with you, and you gained weight like a champ. You went up to 6 pounds, and 13 ounces!

You are definitely littler than Forrest as a newborn. Matter of fact, you are taking on after Mama for skin tone color, hair color, and size. However, Mama, and Daddy have noticed that you have inherited Daddy's long fingers, leggy legs, and possibly eye color! Your true eye color will be permanent when you are a bit older, seeing that many newborns are born with blue eyes, unless if they are already born with brown eyes. Then babies with brown eyes already have permanent eye color. It is what happened with Forrest.

At your 2 weeks check up, you had returned to your birth weight, and went up to 7 pounds, and 2 ounces. According to WHO chart, that put you in 9 percent of your peers, which meant you were pretty a small guy, and had a bit of growing to do yet! Your height put you in slightly bigger than average. Like Forrest, you were pretty tall for a newborn, measuring at 20 and half inches for 2 weeks old baby. Your head was measured to be at 35 CM, and that put you in 23% of your peer. Because of that, you were considered to be a petite guy.

Due to you being a breech from week 18 to week 37, just 2 weeks before you were born, an ultrasound was ordered for your 6 weeks wellness check to observe your hips, and to to rule out hip dysplasia. Dr. Karbon felt that your hips was in a good shape based off your physical exam, however, she wanted to be through with an ultrasound. Your left foot had finally relaxed, yet your right foot had not relaxed. As result, your foot also needed to be looked at by an orthopedic specialist to determine what has to be done.

Aside from this, you were given a clean bill of good health!

Oddly enough, Mama is not feeling sleep deprived with you as she did with Forrest. You are a wonderful sleeper, and gets up between 3 to 4 times in the night to nurse. It allows Mama to sleep longer stretches between the nursing sessions. You love to sleep quite a lot. Just like in the womb, you are most awake in the late evenings, and stay awake for 2-3 hours at time. You are not easily affected by coffee, which makes Mama very happy, because drinking coffee is what helps her get through days, especially the tough ones. However, you are sensitive to certain food in the breast milk. Both spicy, and high acidity in food causes you to projectile vomit. To avoid that from happening, Mama has drastically reduced both in her diet, and it appears to have helped you to keep milk inside your belly.

You've recently developed a baby acne. It is quite normal for some babies to have acne. The cause is usually the estrogen hormone found in the mother's breast milk. The acne should vanish by the third month.

You have an amazing head control right from birth. You are able to hold up your head for a few seconds time. It is quite amazing. With your doctor's permission, you have already been doing brief stints of supervised tummy time. Turkey enjoys watching you lay on your belly, and lays down nose to nose with you. She watches you quite diligently.

Forrest is enjoying you as his little brother. Forrest has been adjusting so well to having you in home. He has his moments of being a toddler, which is challenging, and testing boundaries, more rather than being envious of you. The only time Forrest has expressed his envy of you is when you are busy nursing, and Mama has to divide her attention from him to you. He dotes on you so much by kissing your head, and petting your silky hair. He claps his hands in excitement when he realizes that he is doing something wonderful with you. He has taken you out of your bassinet twice, much to Mama, and Daddy's dismay, and tries to so hard to be like them to carry you! Fortunately, you have not been harmed during the process. Thank goodness that babies are pretty resilient! Nonetheless, Mama, and Daddy have been reminding Forrest that he has to wait for either one of them for him to hold you.

More often than not, he is pretty content to sit next to Mama, and you while you are nursing. Once in while, Forrest likes to give his baby doll to Mama to be fed while you are nursing, and announces this: "baby eat, baby eat".

Mama, and Daddy are quite excited to watch you grow, develop a bond with Forrest, and become your own person.

We absolutely love you, little guy.