Friday, January 23, 2015

FDR is TWO Months Old!

Dear Frankie,

You are two months old today! Oh boy, oh boy. It has been a really busy month for you, my dear little boy. It is amazing how much of a whirlwind ride it has been in your short life.

About a week before 2015 made its grand entrance; Mama noticed that you had a flat area on the side of your head, and that one of your ears were bigger than other, but did not think anything of it until Daddy also noticed this, and Mama decided to do some of research. Based on the finding she did, it appeared to be normal for babies to have flat heads, and it was usually corrected as the baby grew.

Nonetheless, Mama tried to make an appointment for you, and was unable to schedule one before your 6 weeks wellness check. It was not until Mama's 6 weeks postpartum check when her interpreter, C, noticed that you were favoring greatly on your left side of head, and mentioned that she had seen this with other Mama's baby. C was able to get you in to see a different pediatrician  on that same day since Dr. K was out that day. 

It led to a diagnosis of you having a Congenital Torticollis. It was just a fancy term to say that you had a stiff neck. It was also known as WRY neck,  which meant literally twisted neck, and it led to an appointment with a physical therapist next day. Left untreated, it can lead to a lot of foreseeable problems, such as learning disability, perception, and balance problems. Mama took you to meet with a physical therapist, Dave, to learn how to do manipulative exercises to help you with your neck. The exercises had to be done between 5-6 times a day with repetition of 10 times per stretching exercise. You received those exercises right after your feedings. You were not so crazy about those exercises, but it had to be done, my little boy. Then Mama was lucky to be introduced by a friend to join a support group on Facebook, and learned so much how to further help you.

The second time you and Mama met with Dave, it was apparent that you were making a progress with your neck range of movement, and it was a good news found in a small feat that you made. Dave explained that you will be meeting with him for every 2 weeks until you show more improvement, and once that happens, you will be meeting him every month instead of every 2 weeks.

You also had a hip ultrasound. Mama got the result in the email, and it had a lot of fancy medical jumbo mumbo. At first, it sounded like you had an issue with your hip based on the report in the email. Fortunately, Mama was able to get a clarification on phone with an ultrasound tech specialist, and learned that your result came back gleaming clean! You go, Frankie, you go. Even though it came back clean, you still had to go back in 3 months for a follow up appointment to ensure that your hips were stable with your growing body.

Then there was an appointment with Hanger for Plagiocephaly, which indicated that you had a flat head. It went hand in hand with Tort (short for Toricollis). Since all babies' skull was made up of soft, free floating plates separated by open sutures to expand, and grow with their brain; it causes their skull to be very soft, and easily compressed by any form of pressure. Therefore, restricted movement can lead to flatness on the head, and often had to be medically fixed to correct head abnormality.

You met with Stacy, an Orthotist specialist, and she took measurements of your head. You were officially diagnosed with Plagicocephaly, which meant your head was oblique shaped, and it was recommended that you should have a helmet fitted in early March.

Mama has been talking with a woman named Paula, and she was an artist who painted orthopedic helmets. Paula told Mama that she will paint the helmet for you! After all, you will be in the helmet for a good year so why not have a bad-ass helmet? However, giving Paula a final answer had to wait until Mama got more information from insurance about your helmet, and how much Mama, and Daddy will have to pay for deductible, because Paula's fee was understandably pricey. Nonetheless, Mama has been really hoping to get good news from insurance so she can get this done for you.

It may take a long time for you to get this condition corrected, however, all of this hard work will pay off! Apparently, being a breech can lead to foot, hip, and neck complications. Who would have thought that being a breech would cause you to have so much problem? Nonetheless, it makes up for an interesting tale to tell you someday!

You met with Dr. Karbon for your 2 months wellness check. You came at 10 and nearly half pounds! It put you in 25 percentile of your peers for weight. It was funny, because your brother, Forrest clocked at nearly 14 pounds at this age. So you were definitely skinnier than your brother. Odd how you, and Forrest came from the same parents, yet you both still turned out so different weight-wise with being breast-fed. As for height, you were measured at nearly 24 inches tall! Of course, you were one of the tallest among other babies according to WHO (World Health Organization) chart. It didn't surprise Mama at all. Mama suspected you were tall based on how rapidly you were outgrowing your clothes, just like how Forrest did, and sure enough, she was proved right. Also, Daddy, Mama, and Forest all were tall. It only came natural that you were also tall. Your head measurement was at 39 CM, which put you in average among your peers, and Mama wondered if your head shape abnormality had anything to do with it as well. It was going to be interesting to see if your head measurement will remain the same, or change once you complete helmet therapy. Your feet finally managed to relax themselves, and were no longer flexed backwards so rigidly. Whew!

You were also said to have Eczema. Big surprise there. Nonetheless, Mama knew how to treat your dry skin condition. After all, Forrest was an experiment baby (sorry, Forrest), and Mama perfected a treatment course for him. So by the time you came along, she knew what to do for you, and sure enough, your eczema was drastically reduced.

Because you finally turned 2 months old, you had to be vaccinated, and that was not so fun for you. You received three shots for DTap (Diphteria, Tetanus, and Pertussis), HiB (Bacterial Meningitis), and Polio. You also had a syrup drink of Rotavirus. So, you sure had a lot of punches rolling around in your system for a couple days. You wanted a lot of cuddles, and kisses. You definitely did not want to be put down. Thank goodness for Solly Wrap that enabled you to stay on Mama, and for her to have her arms free to cook, and look after Forrest.

Your little personality has started to emerge. You are a mellow baby that loves to SLEEP! You sleep easily 3 to 4 hours between nursing sessions in the night, which makes Mama very happy!! However, you are a night owl. You like to stay awake between 6 pm to 8-11 pm, depending, then you sleep the night away between the nursing sessions. You aren't afraid to show your disapproval of something you do not like. You are not a fan of water. You scream your head off during bath time. You also scream your head off when your diaper is changed. Mama thinks it is because you don't like feeling Mama's cold hands on your bum! You grunt, and protest when you have your PT stretches done. Sometimes, you spit up during your exercises. You've recently begun smiling, and love to smile at Forrest, or Mama, or Daddy.

Before you were born, Mama worried about how family dynamics will change, and what adjustment it was going to be to have you around. Clearly, she had nothing to worry about. It was as if you were always a part of family. You did make our family richer, and fuller of love.

We love you, little Frankie.

Mama, Daddy, & Forrest