Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What to Expect from my Blog in the Upcoming Months

 I hope this finds you all doing well. We are doing wonderfully. Stu is back to work after two weeks of vacation for Christmas, and I am at home with our boys. Forrest is at this age where he has to climb on everything, get into things, cause mischief, and run amok around the house. I am quite glad that we have a tunnel for him to wiggle through, and spend all of his intense energy that way. I often have to come up with creative ways to utilize the tunnel; winding through chairs under the table, bending it around the ottoman, covering the openings at the ends with blankets, or putting it in our long hallway. Forrest loves it. He is also at this age where he is starting to express his frustrations in a physical way of hitting, throwing, and pushing. So, I've been working on this with him, and teaching Forrest how to express his frustration in words, or to outlet his energy safely. It is definitely interesting to be a mama of a very active little boy. 

Forrest cracks me up a lot. He's such a clown. For instance, not even two minutes ago; I caught Forrest ripping up Kleenex tissues, and I took away the mess from him, while explaining to Forrest that it was not a nice thing to do. Suddenly, Forrest clasped his hands on his cheeks, with his eyes wide open, and gasped, oh no, oh no, oh no! He definitely knew he was being naughty. I tried my best not to laugh, and appeared to be stern. I probably failed. 

Life is rarely boring with Forrest. 

Frankie is doing well. I don't want to go into too much of how he is doing, because then I have nothing left to write for his second month letter. However, I can go into a bit about how Frankie is doing these days. I suspect he has a reflux, and it sucks to see him so uncomfortable especially during the peak hours at night. Frankie projectile vomits what seems like 2-3 feedings in one sitting! It's crazy. Aside from that, Frankie is growing fat, and happy. He is content to be held, and doted on. Already I am seeing a huge difference between Forrest, and Frankie. I have a feeling that Frankie is going to be my sensitive boy, whereas Forrest is rough 'n tumble child. We will see if I end up being correct with my guess basing on their temperaments. After all, Frankie is only almost 2 months old, and still has a lot of growing left to do before we can determine accurately what he will be like! 

I am brainstorming ideas to keep my blog going this year now that I am done with my weekly pregnancy updates. I am thinking about doing 7 on 7 photos for every month. I enjoyed doing this on my blog before I got pregnant with Frankie, and would like to revive this idea. It's fun to take a glimpse of what we do in our everyday life.

It would also be nice to have more pictures on my blog too. 

I also am thinking about doing a vlog, and see if it can be added to my blog. Vlog is a slang for video blogging. I recently did this to show Frankie's sign name, and it is such a hit. So it got me thinking that I should try to do one video per month to talk about Deaf culture, sign language, and all that. It's kind of like my "It's a Deaf Thing" posts, but with video instead of blogging. This decision is further reinforced by the fact that I can add captioning to it! Youtube rocks for adding this feature, but they need to include auto-save so I can go back to it anytime without losing my work.

Here's my video that I made! Enjoy! 

There you go. Think I should invest with my idea of Vlogging maybe once or twice a month, depending on what is going on that month? I am not sure if it should be STRICTLY about Deaf topics, or just anything in random, ha ha. For now, I would stick with the themes with Deaf issues, then see where it will evolve over the time, yes? I may have my friends make a vlog, and add it to my blog as well? You see how I am brainstorming here!

I may be blogging about the progress I am making with a few goals that I have set up for this year. I don't want to call them new year resolutions, because it is not really about resolutions, and I tend to fail at those. Anyway, here's my goals for the year:

1) Incorporate more veggies in the meals. We suck at this lately, because it's winter, and I've been bad with my pregnancy--had way too much sweet food, and carbs. With spring, and summer coming long ahead; I am already planning on ideas what to plant in our garden, and am looking forward to Farmer's Market. It is literally only one block or two from our house!

I'm determined to be healthier. I have lost almost all of my baby weight already, which is nice, but I want to feel good about myself energy-wise. I notice when I work out, I feel happier, and more energetic. I need that to keep up with wild man Forrest, and soon, Frankie!

2) Set up a budget where we can set aside between $200 to $400 for a van, and down payment for our home. I am thinking about getting a membership through Costco to get a few things in bulk, and to ultimately save money in a longer run with necessities. I am not a big spender, but I notice I tend to spend a lot on smaller things. It is one of those hidden costs that just blow up in your face, and add up to our spending. So I am really determined to stick with our budget, cut things out that we don't need, and adjust how we spend our money.

3) Reading challenge! C'mon, I need a fun goal, especially now I have Kindle Fire HDX tablet, and can download books quickly at my fingers. I do prefer my traditional books I can hold, smell, and feel in my hands. I tend to buy books I fall in love with, and want to read over, and over again. For this book challenge, I don't want to buy paperback book, and never read it again. It just eats up the space in our home. This is where my tablet will come in handy.

Any recommendations I can read basing off the challenge list I have above? Share with me, please! If you want to join me with my challenge, then let me know! I think it will be fun!

What is your goals that you have created for yourself to keep yourself busy during winter, or for some of you, summer months?

Anyway, I need to get ready for my doctor appointment (it's a post-partrum check to see how I'm doing 6 weeks after giving birth...wow, it has been 6 weeks already...holy batman), and eat something! :) Have a happy Tuesday!