Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Doldrums

Why hello! I am sorry for a brief hiatus from blogging. The boys, and I took an impromptu trip down to my hometown for a week long visitation. It was a good trip; the boys behaved themselves extremely well in the car, and I could not be any prouder of them than I already was! I had anticipated them to act out a bit from being stuck in a moving vehicle for more than 2 hours. Nope. They did great both ways. 

I must admit that a part of reason why I didn't blog for awhile there was because I grew bored of same old around my home. Winter started to drag itself on. We all grew anxious to get out of the house, especially Forrest, who loved being outside all of the time. Unfortunately due to extreme cold, Forrest had to resign to staying inside, because I was unable to bring Frankie outside with us for a long period of time. 

My book challenge was going well. I finished 2 books out of the list...SLOW, I know, and it was just hard to be able to keep up with my favorite daily activities with fussy baby constantly wanting to be on me, along with Forrest acting up quite terribly. I can't blame them for being cranky, and bored. 

Spring cannot come any quicker, can it? 

February and March always seem to drag on. 

I am so anxious to start gardening. I am thinking about planting tomatoes once again, both Roma, and big fat tomatoes on the vine for canning. I also want to plant garlic bulbs, herbs, zucchini, and peppers. I look forward to farm market. It is usually hosted only a few blocks from our home! I can't wait to start wearing long flowy skirts, and baby wear Frankie as I take Forrest on for long walks around the neighborhood. 

Frankie is doing okay, in term of his wry neck, and we are still working on it. I feel like we are constantly taking a step forward only to take two steps backward. Frankie is doing well with the stretches, but I am not really seeing any progression. Perhaps I need to be patient, and ride it out. Stu, and I are discussing about taking Frankie to a chiropractor to straighten out his neck. We haven't made a final decision, though. 

Frankie will have his helmet fitting on March 2nd. I am not sure what to expect from that appointment? We will find out next week. 

Forrest is doing great. I won't lie though. He has been challenging. Forrest is my strong-willed child, and he has been testing me far more these days to elicit a reaction. I do my best not to fail by him, and guide him to properly channel his strong-willed nature. I recently read an amazing book called "Setting Limits for your Strong Willed Child", and it has been doing WONDERS in term of disciplining Forrest. I strongly suggest that book if you have a free-spirited child. However, there has been days when I anxiously count down to Forrest's bed time, and drink a glass of wine after he has gone to bed! This is other reason why I am so ready for bearable temperatures to return so we can tire out Forrest, and have him act out less! 

Life is definitely not boring with Forrest. 

I recently rejoined Post Crossing site. It is a FUN site where you send postcards to random selected people, and have people send you their postcards from all over in the world. The reason I joined again is because I want Forrest to learn about different countries! I stopped doing this a long time ago, because I got too busy with graduate school, work, and having kids. You should check it out--it's a fun site, and it's free to sign up. The only thing you have to buy is postcards, and stamps. Then you're off to send them! 

I promise that I will get better with blogging. I've been itching to do 7 on 7 photos again. So I will be doing that!! 

Hope all of you are doing well!!