Friday, April 24, 2015

FDR is FIVE Months Old

Dear Frankie,

You are FIVE months old. You are becoming heavier, and heavier these days. Mama thinks you are in 15-20 pounds range. You are wearing 6 months clothes. The clothes are a bit big on you yet, however, length-wise, they fit you just fine. Baby clothes are funny like that. You are still being exclusively breast-fed. Mama isn't planning on giving you solids until month 6; once you have hit 6th month mark, then Mama will see if you are ready for baby-led weaning. It basically means you will be introduced to normal solid food rather than pureed food. However, if your neck strength is still weak, and you're having a hard time sitting up, then it's home made pureed food. It's wait, and see at this point, and a decision will be made by then. 

You celebrated your first Easter! You looked quite sharp in your little bow tie, and outfit, even though you were quite intent on expressing your disapproval by having three blow-outs in it. Mama managed to save it, then dry it, and put you in three times before she gave up. Silly baby, you. Soon, there will be more holidays for you to enjoy. 

You are in your cranial doc band full time now, which consists of 23 hours day cycle, and you have a one hour break from the helmet wear daily. During that break, Mama spends the time cleaning your helmet really well to get the stink out, and to wash your hair to get sweat, along with hair mats, out. Then she savors the time kissing all over your head, and holding you against her chest without the helmet being in the way until bedtime.

Much to your parents' surprise, you have adjusted pretty well to wearing your helmet. You rarely fuss with it on. Mama has been making sure you remain comfortable, and cool by putting you in light outfits. At the night, you sleep in a light cotton sleeper, and there has not been any trouble with you staying cool at night with the helmet on. 

You have been sleeping your crib for a month now. It has been a relatively easy transition for you, and it surprised Mama how easy it is for you to make the switch. This is where all the stuff Mama has learned from Forrest comes in so handy for your transition. Once you hear the music going in the background, and your belly is quite full from nursing, you are out like light, and stay asleep until your 3 AM feeding. You are usually up between 6:30-7:00 am with Forrest every morning.

Wearing a helmet to bed was a bit of an adjustment for you. The first night was rough on you, and you had a hard time finding your sweet spot to get cozy until you found that sleeping on your side was much more comfortable than sleeping on your back. Forrest started sleeping on his side around five months old, and he turned out to be just fine. Because of this, Mama, and Daddy weren't worried about you sleeping off your back as long as you were comfortable.

You don't miss being swaddled, and find your blankets very comfortable to sleep with. Mama is using the same trick with you that she did with Forrest. The blanket is tucked onto the edge of the mattress on the sides, which prevents you from pulling it out, and getting tangled with your blanket. With the blanket being tucked securely into the sides of the mattress, it feels almost like you being swaddled, and it helps your wiggly legs to be safely tucked underneath. You prefer sleeping on your side ever since you learned how to roll over to your right! Mama has yet seen you rolling to your left, which is your "bad" side.

You take between two to three naps a day. Out of three naps, you usually have one very long nap, and you don't have a predictable nap schedule down just quite yet. Once your nap schedule is more predictable, you will start sleeping in your crib instead of your glider. It is funny how as how you are becoming more consistent with your naps, Forrest is becoming more inconsistent with his naps, and Mama can't seem to win with having both of you to nap at the same time! 

You had a small regression with the helmet on. You tilted your head a bit more, and had difficulty with tummy time. However, with each passing day, you built your strength to hold up your head straight, and to lift your upper body off the floor during tummy time. Mama continued to find different ways to promote your neck, and upper body strength.

You had your second hip scan. It came back showing that you had some immaturity in your hip. The information was faxed over to orthopedic pediatrician to look over the result regarding your hip. Mama was told that if there was something warranted to be seen, then the orthopedic pediatrician was going to call your parents. Otherwise, this was something that has to be waited until your third scan around six months old. Because of a long time frame from this result to your next scan result, Mama, and Daddy decided not to worry about this until they had more answers about your hip.

Your next appointment with Dr. Karbon is not until end of May, which is your sixth month wellness check, and in the meanwhile; you are still visiting Dr. Katie for chiropractic care, along with doing physical therapy sessions with Dave, and you are doing great at both. You continue to receive PT at home by stretching, and doing tons of tummy time.

Your infant car seat carrier has gone into a retirement. Mama is not sure if that car seat, which had seated both you, and Forrest, will be used again for a third baby. So it is a bit bittersweet to pack up the infant car seat, and say so long to it. You are now riding in a style, and comfort! Your new car seat is Britax Marathon Cowmooflague Clickfit  car seat. You seem to be so much more comfortable, and less squashed in it. The challenge is since you are still unable to sit up, Mama has to figure out how to "transport" you from the car, and into places. This is where Ergo carrier comes in so handy! You are put in the Ergo carrier, and problem solved, Mama doesn't have to worry about figuring out how to sit you up in shopping cart, or having her arms get tired while holding you.

You continue to be such a sunshine in our lives. This is where your theme of nursery room, You are My Sunshine by Johnny Cash, come in so fitting. It is a metaphor to what is going on in your life. The grey skies represent your health issues, such as Torticillis, doctor appointments, PT sessions, and all the medical jumbo mumbo that you are overcoming like a BOSS, and you are the sunshine that shines through a storm of problems. You are always cooing, laughing, and smiling. It is not very often that you are unhappy. Even during your appointments, doctors, and PT coach are always commenting on how happy you are.

Yes, you are such sunshine in our lives. Please always be such a happy little baby that you are.

Mama, Daddy, & Forrest