Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Dear Frankie,

The tradition carries on with you as I did with Forrest for his yearly birthday letters. Because of this, you do need a first birthday letter to kick off the next 17 years. 

You are ONE year old. How is this possible that a whole year has flown by? 

A year ago, Daddy told Mama that you were going to come on this very day of the 24th, and Mama didn't believe him. She was pretty sure you would go overdue! As the day drew into the night with snow falling harder, and harder; it was quite apparent that you were coming, so Daddy took Mama to the hospital to have you, and Mama cried on the way to the hospital, because she was not sure how much life was going to change with going from a family of three to a family of four! Once you were born, everything fell into the place perfectly, and you continued to prove that love had no bounds. You were a  piece of puzzle fitting neatly into our lives, and it was beautiful.

While Mama was pregnant with you, she decided to come up with a theme for your nursery, and the theme was My Only Sunshine. Little did she know that the theme was going to be perfect, because it fit your personality, especially through the many storms in the first year of your life!

You have had a wild first year of your life. You were born with both Torticillis, and Plagiocephaly, because you were a breech baby from week 18 up to two weeks before you were born! It was crazy how being a breech led to so many health conditions that needed to be worked on. On the following day after you were born, you had a crazy foot; the top part of your foot was touching your shin, and Daddy took a picture of your foot, because he thought it was crazy how that happened! Apparently, your feet molded to the womb as you grew, and that caused one of your feet to develop an abnormal shape. Dr. Karbon, your pediatrician, assured your parents that it was something that would resolve on its own as you grew a bit more. Sure enough, by the end of your second or third month, your foot returned to a normal state, and did not affect you ever since.

By your 6th week, Mama had a whirlwind of a day of you getting diagnosed with Torticillis, and Plagiocephaly. It set off nearly a year long of treatment to resolve several of your health conditions that impacted your developmental milestones. You did not let the conditions stop you from being a happy, wonderful baby boy. You loved to be lavished on, to be cuddled, and to share your smiles with people. You lacked any misgivings about so many appointments, and treatments. You went in with a big smile, and giggles. You always got complimented about how happy you were!

You adjusted with little problems to wearing a helmet, paid no mind to PT exercises, and enjoyed being massaged at chiropractor office. You continued to blow away everybody with how well you were progressing! With each visit, you proved how resilient, awesome, and stubborn you were at getting better! After many months of treatments for your conditions, you were released, and declared to be in a good health. Everybody were so, so proud of you!!

The only tell tale sign of you overcoming your conditions is a slightly bump on the back of your head. Only Mama notice this little bump. Everybody else remarks on how amazing your head shape is, and it is as if you never had a flat spot to begin with. It is a testimony of how successful cranial doc band treatment worked for you!

Throughout all this, you remained to be a happy, jovial, sweet, and loving boy. Your personality began to emerge more, and more every passing day to continue reinforce your sweet-natured traits. You often loved to share food with the dogs, and family. You preferred to be comforted in someone's arms instead of trying to calm down on your own. You laughed, smiled, and babbled when spoke to. You rarely went without a smile. You were always so content to be held, and talked to. You loved to lay against Bea's body, and softly pat her fur. You pored over the pages of your favorite books for seemingly long time before moving on. You squeeze your fists, and shake when you began to lose patience, especially waiting for food! Your many facial expressions cracked up Mama and Daddy! You always had a big smile on your face when you saw someone familiar, and throw your arms out at them to be picked up.

You are a wonderful teacher. You've taught so many of us to remain happy, and loving, even though hardships. Mama has learned how to become a stronger person, because of Forrest, and especially you. You don't allow anything to bog you down, and you continue to preserve through the storms. You are always smiling. You're a perfect balance to Forrest's spirited nature of calm, and wisdom.  Mama and Daddy, as well as many others, are looking forward to see your personality to emerge more as you age.

We love you to the moon, and back.


Mama, Daddy, & Forrest