Sunday, May 21, 2017


How Far Along: 35 Weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Mini-Lop Rabbit (so cute)! Flash's testicles are descending into its rightful place. His skeletal development is nearly completed. He should be rotating into a head-down position itno a birth position into the pelvis. Because I've had previous pregnancies, Flash may not drop until I go into labor. Currently, he's piling on fat, and his lungs need a bit of touch extra work before completing. His height size is completed. 

I am Feeling: Tired, and big. I am finding it laborious to get dressed, and doing simple things. My belly is in the way of everything. I am getting anxious, and excited to meet baby Flash!! 

Movements: Sometimes, Flash like to chill on one side, which is usually on my right side, and all the weight pressing against the uterine muscle doesn't feel that great. I find it helpful to just gently nudge him back into the position. He likes to stretch out, causing an alien effect, and it can be quite fun to see. I also enjoy feeling his bum! His bum is easy to detect; unlike his head, he doesn't shy away, and just lay there to let people bop him on the butt! 

Symptoms: I really don't have much of appetite anymore. It's just too uncomfortable to want to eat. However, when I do eat, I find that I want to eat. It is just that the appetite part is lacking. I have heartburn, and a bit of water retention in my legs. 

Labor Signs: Still having BH contractions here and there, especially when I am very active, and not drinking enough water. Otherwise, Flash is content as a pill bug! It will be curious to see when cervical checks begin. I am not really expecting to be dilated at all. My body doesn't appear to get things going until two weeks before  my due date. 

Best Moments of the Week: Visiting my family. It's my last trip before Flash gets here! Boys having grand fun at the Milwaukee Public Museum! They really enjoyed the dinosaurs, and the history of the museum. Being on a date with Stu, and making our server's day. 

Looking Forward to: My appointment. I am curious to see how things are progressing, and being in month 9!!! Home stretch!!!!!!!!

Next Appointment: May 25th at 1 pm. No updates at this time. 


How Far Along: 34 weeks! Flash is as big as Quokka, which is a pretty cute Australia marsupial. A slippery coat, called Vernix, is beginning to dry out. He is about 18 inches tall, and weight around 5 pounds (it feels like 8 right now). His nervous system, as well as brain, and lungs are rapidly developing into a final stage before birth. Flash is peeing about a pint a day, and preparing his first poop! It makes sense why I am pissing like a race horse these days! 

I am Feeling: Very pregnant. Everything is driving me nuts lately; people who drive too fast, people who drive too slow, whining, constantly moving and not resting enough, and...well, I'm hormonal. I would like those comments to stop about my appearance too. I know I am big, and I can see it in the mirror. I do love being pregnant, and with that, I don't love those little remarks! I know this and that about how I look, feel, and act. 

Movements: The little guy isn't so careful about where he stretches his arms, or legs. He loves to favor on my right side, and it's morbidly fascinating to see an alien-like movements under my skin. Flash continues to be most active at the evening, even though he perks up a lot when he hears his brothers talking, and screaming at my belly (poor guy). Ha ha ha. 

Symptoms: I'm always thirsty, and as result, I am constantly peeing. If I have to go, then I have to go NOW. Otherwise I will pee in my underwear. My itching is gradually lessening, which makes me happy, and I think it's allergies, since I notice the same behavior in Forrest. We both have skin issues. Yay for that. Aside from that, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Labor Signs: Nothing. Nada. None. Just a little Braxton Hicks going on. It's not terrible though. 

Best Moments of the Week: Being with the boys, enjoying the warmer weather, and hanging out at the park with the boys. Getting a cute Mother's Day card from Forrest that he made in the class! It made my whole week! 

Looking Forward To: Just truckin' along. 

Next Appointment: May 25th at 1 pm. I will be tested for Group Strep B, and probably cervix check. I'm not sure about the latter, since I can't really remember, but here we go. Then we start weekly appointments!! Holy shit! 

Update: I am glad to report that my blood result came back clean. So no ICP! I don't have to be induced, and get to keep my natural birth plan in the stone. I'm just an itchy pregnant lady! It's probably seasonal allergies. 

Monday, May 8, 2017


How Far Along: 33 weeks. Baby Flash is as big as a Ferret. Flash is about 17-19 inches tall, and could weight between 4-6 pounds. He will continue to put on a half pound per week until he is born. He is nearly at his birth height! His bones are hardening, although he won't be quite ready to support himself once he's out of the womb! Flash continues to have a waking, and sleeping cycle. Soon, he will be ready to meet the world!

I am Feeling: Quite stuffed. With a baby, that is. It is getting difficult to dress myself, especially putting on pants, and socks. I'm quite glad for pregnancy yoga pants--just quickly slither them on, and be done. When I sit, I have to lean back, because all I feel is the baby when I bend forward. I don't think Baby Flash enjoy it either when he's being squished even more!

Movements: The movements are becoming different now that Flash is running out of space. He is no longer crazy little gymnastic. His movements are more lazy, and stronger. He is still most active in the evenings. He likes to stretch out, and it's crazy to see all the bulges out of my stomach!

Symptoms: I'm starting to feel itchy. Big. Uncomfortable. Tired. Less energy. Less motivated. Just feeling very pregnant. 

Labor Signs: Nope. All is well in the baby land! Just a month and half to go yet. 

Best Moments of the Week: Attending Forrest's concert! He did great. It was so much fun watching Forrest sing, and participate with his classmates. Working on Baby Flash's blanket. I try to do it with each of my baby; to cross stitch a crib quilt, and add a cute fabric on the back. 

Looking Forward to: I am eager to finish final touches in the baby room. I am planning on washing cloth diapers as a prep, and to be stored until it's time to cloth diaper the little guy! I plan on organizing, and tidying up our bedroom to put the bassinet in there! The countdown begins! 

Next Appointment: May 10th. It will be just a routine appointment of making sure all is well, and check on the baby. 

Updates: Because I've been feeling itchy, more than usual, I had to have my blood drawn to rule out a condition. I am pretty sure I do not have it, and am thankful that my doctor is at least looking into it to make sure everything is okay. I won't know the result for maybe 2-3 weeks. I think by my next appointment, not this upcoming one, but the next; I should know the result by then. 


How Far Along: 32 weeks! Baby Flash is now the size of a naked-tailed armadillo. He is about 4 pounds! He's busy gaining weight, and growing. He's currently around 16 and half inches tall! Flash's digestive system is all set to start working. The skin is now opaque, and no longer "see through". Flash is busy preparing for life outside the womb! Only a few more weeks to go yet! 

I am Feeling: I am doing pretty good for the most part. I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable, and I can tell baby Flash is running out of the room. I think he will be a tall baby. It is getting harder to dress myself, especially my lower half of the body, and I am hoping for warmer weather to roll around. So I can just slip into a dress, and wear flip flops--which is a lot easier than trying to put pants, and socks on! Emotionally, I am getting anxious at the idea of having 3 kids, and juggling them all. It's almost more like nervous-excited energy rather than actually nervous energy. 

Movements: Baby Flash's movements are getting a lot more constricted. He's no longer flipping, and kicking like crazy. He is quite budged in where he is. Flash is still the most active in late afternoons into late evenings. He likes to rock around, stretch out, and hiccup a lot. 

Symptoms: Sore belly, constipation, dizziness, and out of breath while walking up and down the stairs. I am moving much slower, and waddling more these days. I am thirsty a lot, and as result of that, I go to bathroom more frequently. 

Labor Signs: Aside from those contractions I had last week, all is quiet on the front, and I still deal with those pesky BH contractions. They're more annoying than painful. Flash still need to bake a bit more though!

Best Moments of the Week: Having a movie night with the boys; we had popcorn, and watched The Secret Life of Pets. It was a great movie! The boys had a blast! Enjoying warmer weather here, and there. 

Looking Forward To: Summer like weather. We've been having a taste of it, and ugh, I'm so ready for warmer days ahead! 

Next Appointment: May 10th and May 25th at 1 pm. Then after that, I am starting weekly appointments!!! 

Thursday, April 27, 2017


How Far Along: 31 weeks. Flash is the size of a Small-Clawed Otter, not including its tail! He is getting closer to his birth height, even though he is still working on gaining weight still! He probably has about 3-5 pounds left to go before his birthday! His neck control is now flexible so he's able to turn his head to either sides. His senses are intact. His immune system is ready to battle the germs on the outside. His brain and nerves, however, are still busy at development. His skull isn't quite fused yet so he can pass through the birth canal with an ease. His joints are getting flexible. Baby Flash is about 17 1/2 inches long at this point, and weighing at 3.5 pounds. 

I am Feeling: Pretty good, and at ease with everything in its place for the most part. I am able to relax until next month then we will have to do a couple more things to make sure all is in its place. 

Movements: Flash has changed his movements. He no longer really goes crazy with kicking, and punching. His movements feel softer, and I can feel his bum wiggling against my belly. He moves the most when he hears his brothers, and Bea play, or when something making noises. 

Symptoms: Not really much has changed. Things are still the same old. 

Labor Signs: I had contractions that lasted for 45 minutes the other night. It was a pretty painful deal; it was as if my body was reminding me that a big show was on its way in less than three months, and that I should be prepared for it! Thankfully, it faded away, and the intensity went down pretty fast. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing Flash's foot on the ultrasound, even though he didn't want to show off his face, and double confirming that he was indeed all boy. And that he is no longer a breech!! The boys came with me to the appointment, and they took turns holding the doppler. They LOVED hearing their brother's heartbeat. They were absolutely enthralled by the sound. 

Looking Forward to: Being in my 8th month of my pregnancy! 

Next Appointment: Tuesday April 25th at 2:45 pm! Just a regular check up. 

Update: I had a bit of scare with Flash that ended up an ultrasound to have him looked at. As it had turned out, all looked well. He got 8 out of 8, not sure what it was specifically for, but it was good to know that he was exactly where he should be at this point in the pregnancy. The best part was finding out that he was NO LONGER a breech! Yay!! 

Monday, April 17, 2017


How Far Along: 30 weeks! I can't believe it. Only 10 more weeks until we meet this little guy. Flash is now a size of a Platypus, a little critter that is oddly created yet fascinating to look at, and that means he's about 17 inches long! He's clocking at 3 and half pounds. From now on, I will be steadily gaining 1/2 to a pound a week until giving birth. It is a good thing that I don't even own a scale! By 34 weeks, Flash's eyes will be able to roam vertically, and horizontally. At this point, he *SHOULD* be departing from a breeched position into a proper birthing position. If he isn't, then I'm going to keep up with spinning babies exercises until he does. Flash is also shedding laungo, fine hair all over his body, but it is possible he can still be born a bit hairy (Forrest did--he reminded us of a baby monkey, and we mean it out of love).  

I am Feeling: Scared shitless! Ha ha ha. It's not in a bad way, but like O-M-G, our lives are going to change again in ten weeks. I am hoping that sleep deprivation will not kick my ass, because I have two little boys, and a baby to look after! I would love it if Flash is as easy as Frank was, but Flash is his own person, and we will find out what is his personality! Then Ugh a bit about postpartum recovery; that is not my favorite part of being done with a pregnancy, because my recovery always seem to take so long compared to other ladies, but it is worth the bundle of miracle in my arms though. I am relieved as well, because I have FINISHED all the things I needed to do on my baby list for the baby's room, and the boys' room. What a big accomplishment, and a load off my shoulders! 

Movements: The stretches can be a bit painful, especially when Baby Flash is trying to turn sideways. All I have to do is boop on his little head or butt, then he will revert back to whatever he is doing. He loves to kick up a storm every evening around 7 pm, and it is quite a fun entertainment to watch my belly move. Occasionally, Flash will have hiccups lasting up to a half hour at time, and it's a pretty neat sensation. I enjoy it, even at 2 am in the morning!

Symptoms: Sore hips is just a pain...literally. Only 10 more weeks. I can do this. The pain can be reduced somewhat by stuffing a pillow between my legs to alleviate the pressure. It  is probably my only major complaint with this pregnancy, to be honest. I am finding that constipation is coming back, because of organs being squished from the growing baby. I have not been sleeping well, because of my darned hips. I get up to pee a lot during the night. 

Labor Signs: BH contractions pops up here, and there. No big deal. Flash is still a breech. Naughty baby. He needs to flip! Hopefully, he will soon. Dr. Mbah says that I will probably need an ultrasound next month to determine Flash's position, and discuss our next step. 

Best Moments of the Week: Knowing that my list is all done! I love knowing that everything is just done. Spending time with Mom. Having Bobbie coming over to watch the boys with Ainsley so I can go shopping with Mom to stock up on summer clothes (which is something I am lacking for Baby Flash). Building the bassinet by all myself! Finding Frank sleeping in the hallway made me giggle. Of course, we put him back in the bed. Knowing that I can relax finally!

Next Appointment: Wednesday April 25th at 2:45 pm. Just a routine check up. 

Update: Frank is struggling a bit with transition to a big boy bed from the crib. I've read so many articles about how to ease the transition, and we have been doing all the right things (yay for being a veteran parents). It's just honestly a matter of time for Frank to feel comfortable to want fall asleep in his own bed. It can take up to a month for Frank to fully adjust to his new bed. Forrest is in the last few weeks of school, and it is hard to believe that he will be done with his first year of 4K! He has been accepted into a charter program, LEADS, for this upcoming fall for another year of 4K. We are quite excited to see how he will flourish in a different environment, and hopeful to see some of his weakness to improve.  I am very pleased to have the boys' room finally organized, and properly set up for the boys to room together. The nursery room is about 95 percent done. At this point, it's just decorating the nursery, and the boys' room. There are several things I need to do left, such as finally finishing up switching out light spring stuff into summer clothes (Wisconsin weather is so finicky yet) for the boys, packing hospital bags (which will be done in the last month of my pregnancy), finishing up my postpartum care kit, creating an instruction list regarding care for the pets and the boys, and installing car seats in our van.  


How Far Along: 29 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a New England Cottontail Rabbit (think Thumper from Bambi). He is about 16 inches long, and nearly clocking at THREE pounds. His muscles, and lungs are still hard at work maturing, and developing for the big day! Flash is still gaining fat. Fun fact: With each subsequent pregnancy, you will go on to have a bigger baby weight-wise. Will Flash be the biggest baby of them boys? We shall find out! 

I am Feeling: I am pretty good. I'm starting to slowly organize baby things, and unpacking baby clothes from the storage to be washed. I have a long list to go through next week while Mom is here to help, and complete the checklist. I am sure that once I have it taken care of, then I will feel all is at the rest. I can really relax then!

Movements: With Flash getting bigger, it means his home is getting smaller, and it is starting to limit his movements. Flash still enjoy kicking, hiccuping, punching, and stretching out. I suspect he's starting to run out of the room to flip around. When I feel his head, which is usually under my right rib, I can touch the bump without him trying to "run away", because he has no place left to go! 

Symptoms: Breathless, and heating up when I am overdoing things. Hips are really sore from laying in one spot all night long, which is usually remedied by me getting up, and walking around (usually when I have to pee, and go to the bathroom). I find that I am easily annoyed--it's how I know I am in the galore of third trimester--even though I try my hardest to be patient. My indigestion comes and goes still. It flares up really bad when I overdo it with spicy food, but I am stubborn, and won't stop eating spicy food. So I have to deal with the consequence, and because of that, I find that I have no reason to really complain. If it's truly too much, then I will just stop eating trigger food. 

Labor Signs: I have some braxton-hicks contraction here, and there. They are usually triggered by me overdoing things, which is hard to avoid these days, and easily remedied by a bit of rest, and drinking water. Flash is still a breech. I've started doing spinning babies exercise. Think downward dog in yoga. That's what I'm doing. It's supposed to "encourage" Flash to flip. If that fails, then I will have to entrust my old iron board once again. It has worked for Frank! 

Best Moments of the Week: Taking Forrest with me to a sibling class at Bellin Hospital, and having a mother-son date. Seeing Forrest, and Frank enjoying their new bedroom arrangement as roommates (especially when they are passing books to each other up and down the bunks to read), and seeing that Frank is adjusting well to sleeping in a big boy bed! I love being able to give Frank kisses, and hugs without my belly getting in the way! 

Looking Forward to: Setting up potted garden. We are holding off on doing an actual garden in our yard this summer, because we want to work on improving cosmetic issues for our yard. So our compromise to this issue is to set up potted garden. I'm excited. It will also be easier with the baby being here soon! Having Mom here to help me to set up nursery, and prepare for Flash. Getting things I've ordered in the mail--seriously, that's like my most favorite thing ever, aside from handwritten letters or cards from our loved ones, and be able to enjoy them. I am waiting for our 31 bags, take-home outfit for Flash, and lipstick that I've ordered--a new shade of bright red. For those who know me, I love red lipsticks. 

Next Appointment: Thursday April 13 at 1 pm. 

Monday, April 3, 2017


How Far Along: 28 Weeks!!!!! Baby Flash is as big as an Echidna. It's a spiky ant-eater that lays eggs, and keeps the eggs in its pouch until babies hatch. They're funny little creatures! Flash is 16 inches long, and weighs 2.5 pounds. His adernal glands are alerting my body to start producing milk (who knew; hormones is an amazing thing). The wrinkles are smoothing out, and the skin is tightening up. His lungs continue to produce sufactant, and he's packing on the fat! Flash is starting to experience REM cycles of dreaming, and waking. 

I am Feeling: It is hard to believe that we are finally in a home stretch!!! It's officially third trimester! Holy @#$@! I think we have about 11 weeks, give or take some, left. I'm definitely feeling a bit pressured to get the nursery room set up, pack up the hospital bags, organize the house, and prepare, prepare, and prepare for the baby. I am getting anxious to get this stuff started. I have never waited this long with my previous pregnancies to set up things, but with our history of loss, and Flash being our 4th child, I have kind of put it off...until now. It doesn't mean we are any less excited though!!

Movements: I have a lot of crazy activity going on inside my belly. It distorts, and stretches out. It reminds me of a scene out of an Alien movie with an alien popping out of the victim's chest! It's really fun to watch, but I can't say it is pain-less though. It can, and does hurt at times. Flash is most active at the night. I need to capture a video of him moving inside my belly one of these nights. Although, I have to say, Flash does move like crazy when he hears his brothers laugh, talk, and cause a ruckus, same when he hears Bea barking! He loves to snuggle on one side where the cats lay, because the cats purrs, and I think it comforts Flash to hear that.

Symptoms: Sore feet, sore hips, and sore legs. It's all from the increased pressure of having a growing baby inside my belly! I do have to get up quite often during the night just to walk the pain off. It helps to stretch my legs, and loosen up my hips a bit before heading back to bed. I use this opportunity to check on the boys to make sure they have blankets on them. Oddly enough, I don't feel exhausted when I wake up from not sleeping through the night. I'm so used to it! Other symptoms such as gas, heartburn, indigestion, and IBS comes and goes. So I can't complain.

Labor Signs: Baking. Baking. Baking. Fine with me. Flash is a breech. I have started looking at spinning babies exercises, and they recommend starting at 30 weeks. So I'm waiting until then to start those exercises to try flip Flash before he gets too big!

Best Moments of the Week: Transitioning Frank into a big boy bed (he has been doing great for the most part!), making cookies with royal icing, checking up on baby Flash, possibly having another presentation lined up for diversity awareness, and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having lately (is spring in the air??).

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery room set up, having Frank to be used to his new bed, and having Mom to visit soon! 

Next Appointment: Thursday April 13th at 1 pm. It's just a regular check-up, and follow up about the test results. 

Updates:  I can't believe that it is time for me to start visiting Dr. Mbah every 2 weeks! When I am told that it is time for me to start coming every two weeks, I am like, are you kidding me, already?! For some reason, I thought it doesn't start until much later. But nope, it is time for me to start going every two weeks, and this is what feeding into my anxiety to get stuff ready! I passed the diabetes test! Go me. I also got cleared for not having Gestational Throcombeyenia. I'm not sure if they will retest my platelets when I am closer to delivering.  

 Thankfully, Mom will be coming next week to help me out with preparing everything for the baby. The boys have finally started sharing a bedroom together, and they're loving it. There is not much of challenge in this transition, aside from getting Frank to be used to sleeping in a big boy bed (he likes to venture out quite often from his bed, totally normal though--imagine what is going through his head with all the freedom), and setting up new norm for both boys to be roommates. 


How Far Along: 27 weeks! Flash is as big as a Fennec Fox without its tail. He is practicing swallowing, and excreting amniotic fluid as practice for breathing on the outside. It means I need to make sure I keep up with my intake of drinking water! His brain is rapidly developing at a crazy pace to ready his body for control, and movements. His body is full of electrical activity, controlling lungs, and body temperature. He is measuring at 15 inches long! 

I am Feeling: Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm almost entering my third trimester, This has been bringing on a lot of emotions in a wide range from feeling excitement, to a "oh shit moment, I'm going to have 3 kids soon", to sadness about not being able to meet our 3rd, and it is just a wild ride of feelings. Starting to feel a bit pressured to start nursery room, especially when I realized that we have hit double digits in our countdown!

Movements: Oh you bet, a lot of stretching, kicking, punching, hiccuping, and flips. Flash's favorite spot is currently transverse, which is a fancy word for laying sideways, and it does cause a great deal of discomfort for me. What usually helps is I lay down, and nudge Flash into a better position.

Symptoms: Sore feet, sore hips, indigestion, gas, nausea, fatigue, and me standing there, sadly waving away the honeymoon phase of my pregnancy, and welcoming the throes of third trimester!

Labor Signs: Still cooking!! Flash likes to be in transverse position. I can tell, because I feel his head sticking out sideways out of my stomach. I have tried nudging him into head down position, but he's not feeling it. So, I'm going to start spinning babies exercises soon to see if it encourages him to enter a right position.

Best Moments of the Week: Giving presentation at Ripon College at Dr. Jody Roy's class about Deaf culture, and spending time with Stu on the road. Seeing Melanie, who was my interpreter from college, and catching up with her. It was really fun to catch up, and visit the campus, and also, to just hang out with Stu. Getting fox themed changing pad cover for the changing table. Ordering cute 31 bags for myself, and for Stu. I felt that Stu deserved a nice personalized gym duffel bag, because we PAID OFF all of his student loans from graduate school! Being debt free for student loans was a freeing feeling! 

Looking Forward to: Finishing up baby shopping. I only have rainbow onesie to track down, and order, and lavender essential oil for postpartum care. Finding out result for glocuse test this Friday. Getting stuff organized for the boys' rooms. 

Next Appointment/Updates: Friday March 31st. No updates at this time. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


How Far Along: 26 weeks! Flash is as big as a Slow Lori! Lori is apparently a little primate from Indonesia that has wide, large eyes, and has an expression of a constant surprise. I doubt Flash's look like that though, even though he may react in surprise when a light is shined into his dark home, because he is able to open his eyes! Flash is gaining fat in preparation for staying warm once he's evicted from his warm little world.. His bodily functions are now intact. At this point from now on, his development is geared around gaining weight, and height. Currently, Flash is 2 pounds! 

I am Feeling: Tired. We just came back from visiting my side of the family over Forrest's spring break, and I am doing like 10 loads of laundry on top of multi-tasking with other errands to be done today. I'm putting off cleaning until tomorrow! 

Movements: Flash is an active little boy. He sure likes to party a lot during the night while I am trying to sleep. He also moves when he hears his brothers, and Bea play. His movements are definitely strong, and at times, painful! Sometimes, I have to nudge him off one specific spot, because he's punching too hard! 

Symptoms: A lot of BH contractions. Unfortunately, those can't be really avoided. The best I can do is keep off my feet until they pass...which is saying easier than done! Aside from that, I am doing pretty good. 

Labor Signs: Nope, too early. Flash need to keep on baking! He is starting to flip around a lot, and it hurts when he does that. So I am hoping he decides to go head down, and stay head down!

Best Moments of the Week: Visiting my family! The boys had so much fun with their grandparents, and grandaunt. Shopping for myself, and for baby Flash, and knowing I'm nearly done with baby list! Visiting my niece, Izabelle, and watching how my boys interact with her (they were amazingly wonderful with her--very loving and protective). Seeing Stu after a long time being apart! Getting a package from my birth photographer; an onesie, and a thank you card. So sweet! 

Looking Forward to: For my crazy day to end! So I can sit back, and rest my feet! Setting up nursery room for baby Flash. Making loveys. Warmer weather ahead! It's the first day of Spring today! 

Next Appointment: March 31st. No updates at this time.

Monday, March 20, 2017


How Far Along: Flash is as big as a parrot! Flash is about 13 and half inches at this point. Flash's skin is starting to smooth out, and losing that wrinkle-like appearance. Flash is dexterous, and can touch his toes! The sleeping schedule is becoming very regular. Let's hope that it stays the same after he's born! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. Getting bigger though!

Movements: Flash is starting to get stronger! He packs a punch, especially when he feels a bit squished from me carrying Frank on top of my belly, and kicks as hard as he can to show his displeasure. Okay buddy, I got it. 

Symptoms: I am starting to feel better with managing what I eat. Gas is not much as an issue anymore. Thank goodness, those gas cramps aren't fun to deal with! My belly button has popped out!

Labor Signs: Lots and lots of BH contractions. They are both annoying, and uncomfortable. I can't really avoid from not having them, because I have so much to do, especially chasing after two active little boys! 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a lot of Flash's baby stuff in the mail from Amazon, and other sites! I love it!! However, they're taking up space in our living room. Ugh. Time to start organize the nursery room, and move Frank into a big boy room with his older brother! 

Looking Forward to: Visiting my family for a week during Forrest's spring break!

Next Appointment: March 31st.

Monday, March 6, 2017


How Far Along: 24 Weeks! Flash is as big as an Atlantic Puffin, which is also known as "Sea Parrot", or "Clown of the Sea" (how cute is that), and he's clocking at 1 and half pound! That explains my drastic weight gain, eek! He is stealing--erm--using up all the protein intake that I am taking into my body to rapidly develop his brain. His hair has finally retained color! Based on our two boys, it will be a toss up between light brown, blond, reddish colors! His body is absorbing antibodies from my body to fight off infections, and kick start his immune system. The best part is that Flash has reached to his first viability milestone, which is finally getting stronger lungs to be able to breath, once he enters the world! The surfactant, a hormone that produces a material which is very slick and slimy is helping his lungs to not stick together as his lungs expand and inflate, has kickstarted. His taste buds are developing, and it's good time as any for me to start sampling different food for him to taste. 

I am Feeling: My nausea is back. It's not bad. It's just more annoying. I haven't had to deal with nausea in my previous pregnancies (not counting my third) throughout my entire pregnancy, so this is a new thing for me to deal with. Eating more protein seem to help to curb nausea. I suppose it means I need to eat more protein, which is one of my struggles with this pregnancy, because I don't have very much interest in meat. Aside from that, I am feeling pretty good. Just cruising through my pregnancy like a boss! 

Movements: You bet. Flash loves to move like crazy when he hears his brothers, and Bea play, scream, bark (the dog that is), and cause a ruckus. He's pretty eager to join on the fun with them! He moves the most at the evenings, and early mornings. During the day, Flash tend to sleep a lot. Just the other day, I pretty sure I found his nose! Let me tell you something, he sure doesn't like having his nose booped--he gave me a pretty hard kick when I did that. 

Symptoms: Like I mentioned, nausea is back. IBS bothers me still. It's not anything major though. When I sneeze, I pee a little in my pants, and I feel like I should become a spokesperson for Depends underwear. 

Labor Signs: Baby Flash is still hanging out in a breech position. I feel his kicks all of the time in my lower half of my belly. Braxton Hick contractions kick in at the most random times, especially when I am carrying Frank too much, or I'm not drinking enough water, or if I am on my feet too much. I'm not very concerned--those contractions, while annoying, doesn't hurt. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finishing up the Dalek egg cosys for my friend, and sending it out for her to enjoy! Almost being done with Flash's fox cocoon set! They're actually really cute. Getting things for Flash in the mail like swaddling blankets, to name one. My aunt bought us a double stroller, which I am so, so thankful for, and I can't test it out as soon as the weather permits (which could be a while yet). Buying the boys cute bed sets. Frank is getting the one with different vehicles, and road construction bed set, and Forrest got the dinosaur bed set (of course, what else). My dad sending us a text picture of him sporting a shark mask, which made my boys laugh like crazy, and they just eat it up! Finally getting a list together of things to buy for Flash. 

Looking Forward To: Ordering a bunch of things for Baby Flash. It feels good to make decisions with what things to buy for Flash. I love Amazon. We are getting the boys' bunk beds on Tuesday instead of over the weekend (cheaper to deliver during weekday), and I can't wait to organize the boys' room. It will be fun! I ordered a bunch of great books for the boys from my book party, and I am excited for them to get the books. I'm saving the fun books for their Easter Baskets, and giving them educational books right away (especially the phonic, sound-out words, and hand grip control skill development books). I'm looking into buying a rainbow baby take-home outfit for Flash. Yay! 

Next Appointment: Friday March 31st at 12:30 pm. It's my Glucose test day! Basically I just drink a super sweet water, and wait an hour, then have my blood drawn to make sure I am not developing gestational diabetes. I don't have to do any diet restriction prior this, which is nice, and just eat like normal. I am told that I will be monitored for Gestational Thrombocytopenia starting in my 7th month. I *feel* like I may not be developing it, since my blood pressure has been fantastic throughout my whole pregnancy, BUT it can drop in my third trimester. We will see. 

Update: In the past month, I've gained a lot. EEK. It's always a bit hard to see your scale jump up in big numbers, but I remind myself that the baby is growing, and it's a normal thing. In my pregnancies, I tend to jump big numbers from time to time, then not gain much in the between. If Dr. Mbah is concerned about the weight gain, then I am sure she will discuss it with me. So far, she hasn't. Baby Flash is doing great, and nothing out of ordinary is happening. I'm planning on taking Forrest to a sibling class at Bellin Hospital next month. I think he will really enjoy learning, and talking about becoming a big brother AGAIN, and touring the maternity ward with me. I've been taking him with me out on one-to-one dates, assuring him that he's still number one boy, and encouraging him to talk to us about his feelings. He is still struggling a bit with sensitivity, and outbursts. We aren't overly concerned about it, because we know it's a big change coming for him, and we are keeping things consistent for him. Frank is just in la-la land, and doesn't seem very aware about my pregnancy.  He has been behaving in a way that a two-year old would act. They're great boys. 

Monday, February 27, 2017


How Far Along: 23 weeks! We've officially entered the 6th, and the last month of the second trimester! It blows my mind that we are a bit over half way to meeting Baby Flash. He is as big as a Chinchilla. Baby Flash's lungs are constructing blood vessels, and he's practicing sucking down amniotic fluid so he would be prepared to breath as soon as he is born! His inner eye components have developed. His sense of movements are finally coordinated! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. I am in the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy. I am starting to itching really bad to start shopping, and preparing for the baby's arrival. I've put my fox cocoon sack project aside to focus on making three egg cosy as requested by my friend, then I should be able to go back to my fox cocoon sack project! 

Movements: You bet that I've been feeling Baby Flash going crazy in my belly these days! He sure likes to kick at my bladder a lot, and I have to pee so much, because of that! Flash is still a breech, because I feel the majority of movements in the lower part of my belly as opposed to the top part of my belly. Forrest was, and still remains my only pregnancy without a breeched baby. I'm hoping Flash flips when I enter my 7th month. 

Symptoms: I am experiencing sore hips still. It is as to be expected. I find that I don't mind the pain, because it is usually only during the night while I am asleep in one position for too long. Getting up to walk around helps. During the day, it's barely an issue. My belly button HAS popped out! It's so weird. My nausea from aversions are disappearing. I find that I have a sweet tooth again. I think Baby Flash will be like Frank when it comes to sweet food. 

Labor Signs: Same old. Same old. Just keep on cooking, buddy!

Best Moments of the Week: Stacy sent me a photo of nearly completed Lego blanket that she has been making for the boys, and it looks amazing! I'm so excited about that. Mom sent us a care package filled with boys' clothes, including the outfits for Baby Flash, and they're adorable. I also got a care package from Aunt Rosalie for Girl Scout Cookies--which I have been coveting in secret, and eating them slowly a day at time! Buying bunk beds for the boys. 

Looking Forward to: The boys' bunk beds should arrive this weekend! Then I can really start nesting, and buy Baby Flash things to be put in Frank's old bedroom. I'm so anxious to start buying things for Baby Flash's arrival. Spending time with my boys by taking them out on a mommy-son dates. Finishing baby projects!

Next Appointment/Updates: Thursday March 2nd at 4 pm. I will be missing Frank's speech therapy session, but Stu will be there with the boys. It's a routine appointment--pee in the cup, check on the baby's heartrate, check on how big my belly has gotten (I feel like I'm huge), and make sure all is well. Then I won't have an appointment until my 7th month. Just a regular old same thing. 

Monday, February 20, 2017


How Far Along: 22 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Guinea Pig, clocking at 1 pound, and fattening up. He is hard at work developing his hearing, coordinating movements, and reacting to the outside stimuli. 

I am Feeling: A lot better; my cold symptoms finally started to abate some, and I find that my energy slowly returned. I did struggle a lot with being able to just do things while sick, and it is so nice to finally somewhat normal again. We are dealing with Forrest's jealousy regarding our pregnancy. He has been clingy, more than usual, to me while Frank is napping, and having a lot of anxiety about the new baby. Forrest has been really sweet toward baby Flash by kissing my belly, and talking to him, however, he worries about his role as a little boy, and whether he will still be valued when the baby arrives. I have decided I will take Forrest out for dates just two of us, and do fun things until Baby Flash is born. It will help Forrest to be assured that he will always be number one! 

Movements: Baby Flash likes to move a lot during specific times, especially at the evening time, when I am resting, and crocheting. I think I'm so busy moving during the day that it lulls him to sleep. He also goes through cyclical pattern of sleeping a lot for 2-3 days, then going crazy all day, then go back to sleeping. His movements are quite strong, yet he's stubborn to let people feel him on the outside. 

Symptoms: This is embarrassing, but man, I've been dealing with bad gas. Ugh. They're pretty painful too! So I've been cutting down on how much I take in the air while eating by chewing slower, drinking less from straws and using plain open cups, balancing how much fiber I eat, and not eating so much spicy food. My hips have been bothering me a lot at the night, and I usually find that walking around in the morning helps to loosen up the stiffening hips. Honestly, I think those two are my biggest symptoms right now, and everything else is peachy.

Labor Signs: Still experiencing BH contractions here, and there, especially when I over do it, and not drinking enough water. Otherwise, all is quiet on the front (thankfully). Baby Flash need to chill in the oven longer! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Having a normal digestive system?? It would be nice for my IBS to just not flare up so much. My IBS is far worst in this pregnancy out of all of my previous pregnancies. It's kind of odd, seeing my previous pregnancies, my IBS tend to go away, and stay away. No luck this time around! 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing a picture of baby Iz wearing an outfit I bought for her. Gosh, she's the most adorable thing ever!! I will have to see if it is okay for me to continue to buy her stuff like cute girl outfits (getting my girl fix in), and books. Watching Donkey Basketball game--that was fun--with the boys. Enjoying warm spring-like weather in February!! We have been taking a lot of walks! 

Looking Forward To: Starting shopping for Baby Flash. Finishing the fox cocoon bag for the pictures. Making a quilt. Buying boys bunk beds, setting up rooms, and prepare for Baby Flash. I'm really anxious to start! I'm also excited, because my brother's stepmom in law is making us crocheted blankets, and baby mobile, which is one of the most sweetest things ever. I am anxious to start looking at double strollers to make a decision which one I would like (I keep putting it off, because no time). Oh boy, I'm just ready to be able to check off my list!! 

Next Appointment/Updates: March 2nd at 4 pm. That is a correct date, and time. It is just a routine appointment. Nothing major. I'm still feeling Baby Flash is in a breech position, because I can feel his feet kicking at my bladder! 


How Far Along: 21 weeks. The little man is as big as a Least Weasel. It is possible that he weighs 1 pound, and is packing on fat so his skin is becoming less saggy. 

I am Feeling: I am feeling pretty good. I have finally hit the point in my pregnancy called, "honeymoon phase", and all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS. About the time!! 

Movements: The baby boy loves to WIGGLE. He is always on a move...especially at 4 am. I tell Stu that this guy is Forrest 2.0 in the making with how early he likes to wake up, and party. He moves at most random times during the day too. I feel like he's always on the move with an occasional nap here, and there. There is days when he just sleep a lot, then there's days when he parties a lot more! My friend, and I have jokingly dubbed him as Baby Flash, just because he's always on a flash! And no, that's not his name. 

Symptoms: I feel bigger with this pregnancy. My feet hurt a lot when I am on them for too long, and it is not something I can really avoid out of necessity, and want. I hate just sitting around. I need to be cooking, quilting, crocheting, standing, moving around, and not always staying off my feet. I do feel better with this pregnancy than I did with my other two boys in term of not getting so light-headed, and seeing star bursts. I'm hoping it means a good sign pointing to NOT having Gestational Thrombocytopenia, especially with baby Flash being a breech. I have stuffy nose, and feeling like I'm always out of breath sucks. Stupid cold. 

Labor signs: Ooh Lord no. This boy need to stay put in for a long while yet! I do have Braxton-Hicks here, and there, especially when I am not drinking enough water, and staying well hydrated. Sometimes, overdoing certain things can bring it on. I have been having them since week 18 or so? I am told that it is actually normal for subsequent pregnancies to have them earlier, and earlier. 

What Do I Miss the Most: I don't really miss anything at this point. I guess you could say that sometimes I miss the excitement, joy, and seeing pregnancy through the first time mom's eyes. I'm an experienced veteran at this, so nothing really excites me anymore about being pregnant, and having had a miscarriage also has robbed that feeling away from me. Having said this, I must say that with this, I do notice I am much more EXCITED to meet Baby Flash, and just be able to hold him. To be able to say, oh thank god, you're finally here. We have been waiting for you so long. Gah, I'm going to cry just thinking about that!! 

Best Moments of the Week: Well, I got the nicest offer from one of my aunts to buy us a double stroller! So sweet!! I have to decide on what I'd like, and let her know. I finally got Stu to feel Baby Flash on the outside on my belly! The boys were too impatient to wait for Flash to kick--and Flash was being a stubborn baby by not reacting right away. Grandma Bobbie got Flash's first baby clothes!! So adorable! I also finished a baby afghan blanket, and started a fox sleeping sack with a matching hat. 

Looking Forward to: Having the boys to feel Flash kick hopefully at some point, getting the boys a new bunk beds, getting the nursery room ready, and starting gather things to prepare Baby Flash's arrival. 

Next Appointment/Update: March 3rd, I think? I do have it written down though! No updates at this point. Just hoping that Flash will be head down in the next couple months. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017


How Far Along: 20 weeks!! It means I am HALF WAY to meeting our Rainbow. Rainbow is as big as an Axolotl; I swear I'm not misspelling the creature's name, or anything, and it is really how it is spelled. I guess it's an amphibian that has cute little crown around its head, and it is native to New Mexico. Rainbow is now able to be measured from head to feet instead of to the rump! He is practicing breathing, and having his little teeth buds forming in his gums. Hair is being developed on his eyebrows, eyelashes, and little body! Boy, our Rainbow is hard at work this week at growing!! 

I am Feeling: I am excited, and very emotional. It is bittersweet now that we finally know who Rainbow is, and we have a few names picked out for him. I imagine the day when he is born, and I cry. I get very emotional about his birthday, because it is a very bittersweet experience to be meeting a rainbow baby, and knowing that our angel isn't here to share the experience with us. It is also knowing that our angel has sent him to us that makes it so special for us. OMG--I'm going to be a bawling mess when we meet our rainbow for the very first time!! I'm excited, because I know who he is, and I have tons of projects to do for him.

Movements: Now I know that our little baby is in a Frank Breech position. I can sort of figure out what body part is bumping against my belly. I'm hoping he will flip quite often enough to decide that one point, he will want to go head down, and not stress me out like how someone else (FRANK) did. He really likes to move A LOT, and kick at one of his brothers if one of them lean in too hard against my belly. I still can't quite feel him on the outside yet, but I think that time is coming. 

Gender: A BOY!!!!!! I knew it! I had several dreams that our Rainbow is a boy, and I was right! I had the same dreams in the past about my other two boys, and they were right too! So having said this, I am THRILLED to be having another boy, and I won't lie, a little scared shitless. Ha ha ha! I am hopelessly outnumbered at this point. Nonetheless, I am very excited though--I really thought I'd be sad about the prospect of not having a girl, but I am not! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Regular clothes. My belly is like a basketball, so it sticks out all way in the front, and I feel like I'm starting to outgrow my regular shirts. I am walking around like a drunk with his belly exposed, oops. So it's time to transition over to my maternity shirts!! Most of my maternity clothes are kind of out of season, so I will have to make it work somehow. I hate buying so much of them, because I only get to wear them for such short while in my life. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finding out who our Rainbow is, coming up with the list of names, doing our gender reveal, and getting the boys' reaction on the video (I loved Forrest's response of oh a blue baby!), getting things ready for our Rainbow, and making lists--I have three or four of them already--to be done before Rainbow gets here. 

Looking Forward To: Finally preparing for our rainbow's arrival!!! Being able to feel him on the outside, so our boys, and Stu can also enjoy him! Right now,, he's being a stinker, and hiding every time when I try to find him on the outside. 

Next Appointment/Update: March 3rd at 4 pm. It's a routine appointment. No testing, or ultrasound. There won't be any ultrasounds from this point on until our rainbow is born, unless Dr. Mbah discovers that he has not flipped, and gone head down, then an ultrasound will be needed to confirm if that is true. 

Monday, January 30, 2017


How Far Along: Our Rainbow is as big as a hedgedog! The baby is hard at work sucking his/her thumb, and practicing breathing in the utero. The vitex covering is enveloping Rainbow so when the baby is born, he/she won't end up looking like a wrinkled raisin!  

I am Feeling: Really anxious to find out the baby's sex! I can't wait! I am SO ready to start doing projects, and getting ready for the baby's big day! Still dealing with nausea. It's far, and between these days, which is great, but it rears its head at most seemingly random times. 

Movements: Rainbow loves to jive around. The baby does have lazy days, but my favorite time is when the baby is crazy moving around! 

Gender: I am still adamant the baby is a boy. 

What Do I Miss the Most: My skinny blue jeans. I no longer fit in them!! SAD DAY. I need to find maternity skinny jeans! So far, I have not had any luck. I do have one cute pair of maternity pants, but they're not "skinny jeans". 

Cravings: Still the same. I've been eating a lot of Greek Style wraps lately! So good!!

Aversions: Unchanged. Like I had mentioned last week, it has become more of disinterest than anything else toward my aversions. 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a lipsense lipstick from my childhood dear friend, Jessica! I am really in love with those! I ended up buying 4 different shades, oops! So I am excited to be getting them in the mail too. It's a birthday gift to myself. I also had my hair cut!!! I ended up having 10 inches of my hair lopped off, and it felt GREAT. I have decided to donate it to Pantene Great Length, since it is an organization targeted to women battling Breast Cancer, and I feel it's appropriate with the fact that one of my dear friends is fighting Breast Cancer for the second time.  

Looking Forward To: Oh my gosh, the ultrasound on Tuesday! I am so excited to see how Rainbow is doing. I'm also a bit anxious (just a post-miscarriage thing) to make sure that the baby is well. 

Next Appointment/Updates: Tuesday January 31st at 9 am! 

Monday, January 23, 2017


How Far Along: 18 Weeks! The baby is as big as a Sugar Glider, and is currently hard at work developing nerve endings in the brain, and the bones in the ears to help build a sense of hearing. As for Mama, my belly has been sore these days, because everything is stretching, stretching, and stretching to accommodate the little rainbow! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. I think nausea is mostly gone! If I remember correctly, then it is around this time in my pregnancy with Franklin that I finally started feeling better. I still have my days when I feel queasy, and I'm not complaining since they are far and apart these days. Just dealing with a slightly sore stomach muscles from everything expanding. My uterus is about a size of a cantaloupe, and I sure feel it! I have been experiencing a lot of breathless sensation lately, and it is from increased blood volume in my body. Crazy fact: Mother's body volume has increased to 50 percent of blood to compensate the loss through labor, delivery, and postpartum. I am also feeling really frustrated these days. It seem that my pregnancy brain has gotten worse this time around. I could just cry sometimes at how disorganized I have been with my memory lately. 

Movements: I have been feeling rainbow a lot these days. I think the baby really wants to be in part of the fun with his/her older brothers. On some days, I feel the baby a lot, and on some others, I feel the baby less. It all depends on the baby's mood, and where the baby is positioned. The rainbow is most active baby of all pregnancies I've had. 

Gender: In two weeks, we should know rainbow's gender!!! I'm thinking a boy number 4. I'm just really excited to find out, because there's several cute projects I want to get started for his nursery. Now...if the baby is a girl, then I'll have to go back to the drawing board for the projects. 

What Do I Miss the Most: Not having sore stomach muscles. Honestly, it is not a HUGE issue, and I can deal with it. It is just fascinating how our bodies expand, and accommodate a baby. It's not always the most pleasant feeling! 

Cravings: I have been all about fresh food lately. I want wraps with ton load of cucumbers, vegetables, and chicken. I'm not so preoccupied on fruits like I am with fresh vegetables. I told Stu the other day that I absolutely cannot wait for summer, because then we can get a lot of fresh produce everywhere! I am planning on making home made egg rolls soon. I've been wanting that so bad, and I think it's much cheaper to make our own than buying a box. 

Aversions: I don't really have any that triggers me these days. I just don't find that I gravitate to darker meat, and garlicky smelling food. It is becoming more of a disinterest now, rather than making me sick. 

Best Moments of the Week: Having Forrest kiss my belly every night at bedtime. It just warms my heart so much how involved he has been with my pregnancy (he WANTED NOTHING to do with my pregnancy with Franklin...must be the age thing). Spending time with our cousin Sara and the family at her house for a Packers game (sorry boys, better luck next year, Go green and gold). Being successful with my bread recipe by using dutch oven. Finding a connection in a local group on Facebook to hook up with a hair stylist to get my hair cut and colored...can't wait! It has been 2 years since I did something with my hair. I feel like for the first time in forever, I finally KNOW what I want, and I'm excited as heck about it. Starting a new Afghan crochet blanket project! 

Looking Forward to: I am starting to itch to buy baby things. I really don't need A LOT things, because I have already accumulated so much from having Forrest, and Franklin. Nonetheless, I am making lists for the boys to room together, baby needs, postpartum care, hospital bags, and house necessities. I'm so TYPE A, and need to organize things in order to know what to do. Since I am pretty much set with a lot of baby things, I have decided to go for better brand name products, and make sure all of the necessities I already have are updated (such as butt paste, baby  medication, gripe water, etc). It is really mostly small things. I am looking into Arm Reach bassinet for the baby to co-sleep with us, and bed situation for the boys to room (bunk beds, separate twin beds, or trundle). I'm eager to start new crochet projects, and postpartum care kit for myself. 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am. I can't wait to see our Rainbow again. Just a week from tomorrow!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017


How Far Along: 17 weeks! The rainbow is as big as a chipmunk, about 5 inches long, and the bones are getting calcified. This only means that the baby's kicks will be getting stronger!

I am Feeling: Excited, because I got a gender reveal balloon kit in the mail, and it only makes it more real that we are finding out our rainbow's gender soon. I finally decided to secure a birth photographer, and it was exciting too! I had a professor contact me to set up a schedule for a presentation about Deaf culture (for anybody who knows me; I'm big into educating about Deaf Culture)!  Nauseous; I had a cup of hot chocolate milk, and it was not sitting on my stomach too well. When will I ever learn my lesson that this little one does not like sweet food (probably never will I learn this lesson, because I want Girl Scout Cookies). I just wish this nausea would go away, and I feel bad to even complain about feeling this way, because I know there are ladies who struggle with terrible, terrible morning sickness. 

Movements: I've been feeling a lot more movements in the past couple days. The baby is definitely being busy lately. I wonder what the baby is up to? I think the baby really wants to keep up with his/her older brothers! 

Gender: I'm thinking a boy. We will find out in a month. Why does it have to be so far away yet?! I have decided that I would really like to do our gender reveal on my birthday, which is a day after our anatomy scan, because I think it would be a really fun day to find out! It does mean more waiting for us, but that is okay, because I think the wait would be worth it! How special would it be to find out on my birthday? 

What Do I Miss the Most: Not feeling nauseous. I am just so tired of feeling this way, and I really want to be in the "honeymoon" phase of the pregnancy already. 

Cravings: I notice that I've been buying vegetable Chinese egg rolls here, and there. It is not like I HAVE to have it, but every time I go into a food store, I find myself wanting to pick up that, and eat it. It's a bit too salty for my liking, yet at the same time, I'm like I really like it. I may make home made egg rolls soon, because that way, I can manage the sodium level, and add more flavors in it that I like. 

Aversions: Too much sweet food. Garlic. Garlicky smell. The smell of raw meat. Alcohol. Anything that smell really overpowering makes me feel sick. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finalizing things with Andrea for her to photograph our birth. I am so pumped about it. It is something I really need to do for myself, and to get myself start bonding with the whole pregnancy experience. I need to be excited about this pregnancy. Andrea is the best fit for us, and I really like her out of all the photographers (10 of them, matter of fact, ha ha) that I've interviewed. Here's her work if you want to check it out: Getting ready to find out our baby's gender by getting the balloon reveal in the mail. I can't wait! Getting a free Rodgers Jersey with the washing and dryer set we bought recently (gotta love local business). Having Dad and Jess visit us! The boys always love it when Grandparents, doesn't matter who as long as they're grandparents, visit! 

Looking Forward To: The day I finally feel normal, enjoying being WEEK 17, starting a new crochet project, a quilt project (a small one that I plan on doing monthly calendar for the wall), and starting amassing things for the baby. We are looking into a small bunk bed (twin over full) for the boys for once when the baby's born. 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am for anatomy scan, and a follow up routine doctor appointment. I'm really excited to see our rainbow again! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


How Far Along: 16 weeks.  

I am Feeling: Tired, and nauseous. I wish the nausea would go away already, and it is frustrating, because every time I think I find a trigger, and have a plan to avoid it; something new triggers my nausea, and I have to start the sleuthing all over again. Slightly annoyed, because my big Tom Cat is sitting right in the middle of my lap, and not moving...which means I have to type over him!! But he's keeping me, I think I can disregard my annoyance. Besides, I think the baby is enjoying the sound of Mr. Jinxy purring. Determined; I am kind of in a research mode right now, because I'm intrigued by having a birth photographer, and I want to learn more about it before I make a serious decision about it. I've been wanting to do this ever since I had Forrest, but could not justify having both birth, and newborn sessions. Having a rainbow baby is convincing me to look into it at least. 

Movements: The baby is starting to move more regularly, especially at the evening time, which I think it is the Rainbow's favorite time to be most active. Or it is because I am most relaxed, and I can concentrate more. Rainbow baby also likes to pack a punch when I at least expect it! I go oof, that is definitely the baby kicking at me! It makes me a bit afraid of how the kicks will feel once the baby is bigger...

Gender: A boy. We will find out at the end of January if my guess is right. 

What Do I Miss the Most: Feeling normal as in not feeling nauseous. I miss that. I want to be able to enjoy food without suffering the consequence. Come on little baby, be kind to mama, and let her enjoy stuff! 

Cravings: I've been enjoying a spoonful of Biscoff cookie spread (even though I end up nauseous). 

Aversions: Excessive salty food. I don't mind a bit of salt, but too much of it, meh. For instance, I had two egg rolls, and I ended up regretting it, because it was so salty. Greasy food. It seems to set off negative reaction in my body. 

Best Moments of the Week: I ordered a dress that never came. It was supposed to be for my weekly blog pictures, and I was pretty bummed. That was until a friend of mine offered to give me a dress for free from her business! It further confirmed to me that Karma was always at the work here. Forrest giving my belly kisses, and asking me if the baby can come out already. His excitement, and eagerness warmed my heart so much. 

Looking Forward to: Getting the dress from a friend of mine, and gender reveal balloon in the mail. I'm excited about doing a gender reveal with both of my boys, and Stu. I think it will be a lot of fun! Maybe not feeling so nauseous anymore soon? 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


How Far Along: 15 weeks! It's hard to believe that I am in the second trimester, and January has finally rolled in around. I've popped! It's much earlier than when I popped out with the boys (20 something weeks with Forrest, and 18-19 weeks with Frank). I did start having a belly on me last week, and it's more noticeable now. It feels a bit weird to have popped out this early, but at the same time, I really don't mind, because I love having a preggo belly! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. My energy is back! I am able to function like a normal human being, and not feel like a slug. However, I still deal with nausea that comes and goes. It's a lot less terrible with not being on progesterone pills anymore. It peaks the most when I turn X week for a day to four days, then I feel better. It sure beats all day nausea, and wanting to throw up, and not being able to! I notice that I am starting to get sore hips. It has something to do with relaxin hormone loosening up the ligaments in my hips, which is a normal part of being pregnant. 

Movements: I swear that I felt a strong bump from the baby when I had Frank ride on my belly. I had to carry him from inside of the house to our van, because he didn't have boots on, and I did not feel like putting those on him (Frank has a tendency to throw them off once he is in the van anyway). I've had strong kicks every time I bend over. I still don't have regular movements, but I'm still early on in my pregnancy. The baby is only a size of lemon, and not quite strong enough to pack a punch just yet! Soon, though, soon! 

Gender: A boy. I'm getting excited about the possibility of having another boy. A boy mom is all what I really know. It will be crazy though...imagine that, but I figured if Mama Russ survived with three boys, then I can too. 

What do I Miss the Most: There is not much that I miss, other than feeling not nauseous all of the time. I've started drinking coffee again! I don't drink it regularly, because I notice if I drink too much of it, then I get nauseous. So a small cup of coffee is sufficient. I'm in a fun part of my pregnancy so I don't feel as sick, worn down, or tired. I'm going to take a full advantage of this though! 

Cravings: O..M..G. Cukes. I can't get enough of cukes. I also have been craving really bad for turkey sandwiches. Since I can't really eat them cold with the meat fresh off the deli machine, I have been making myself a turkey spinach pressed sandwiches lately, and it's so good! 

Aversions: The smell of raw or strong meat, and anything garlicky. Aside from that, not so much. 

Best Moments of the Week: Being home finally from the holiday travels, enjoying our gifts, and having our boys enjoy their presents. I can't wait to try out my new kitchen goodies! Getting an angel ornament from Stu; I was missing my angel baby pretty bad, and I felt nobody remembered him anymore, then Stu surprised me by giving me an angel ornament! He totally knew me. It was so touching, and made me so happy to have someone recognize our angel during Christmas holiday. Feeling the baby kick, and feeling heart beat on the doppler at the doctor office! Making it Facebook official! 

Looking Forward To: Anatomy scan to find out the baby's gender. We are not finding out immediately, but doing a gender reveal, and it should be fun for the boys to participate! It is really the reason why we are doing the gender reveal the way we are. Feeling the baby move more regularly. I am told that the baby is super active! Making it facebook official that we are expecting our rainbow! 

Next Appointment/Updates: The next appointment is on January 31st for the big ultrasound, and I'm excited, because it's a day before my birthday! The update with our rainbow is that the heart beat is clocked at 154! The baby is super, super active, and likes to kick at the doppler wand. I'm happy to know that our little rainbow is doing fantastic!