Wednesday, January 4, 2017


How Far Along: 12 Weeks! It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the first trimester! 

I am Feeling: Pretty emotional. This pregnancy has been tough emotionally. I finally feel like I am out of the woods for a threatened miscarriage. I've been so guarded throughout the first trimester, and it has prevented me from bonding with the whole pregnancy experience. It is so comforting to feel sick, and all the symptoms that comes with being pregnant, because it is my security blanket in knowing that the baby is thriving. With this pregnancy, I've been super weepy, and cried quite a lot. With our 12 weeks scan coming back in clear, I finally feel like, AH, I can relax. 

Movement: Believe it or not, I have been feeling quivering since week 7! It is quite normal with subsequent pregnancies to feel the baby sooner! This baby is an evidently dancer, kicker, and shaker according to our 12 week scan. Dr. J, our ultrasound specialist, said that with my placenta positioned in the back (about the time, it was anterior with both of my boys), I should be able to feel the baby move more strongly sooner!

Gender: It is too early to say. However, I think we are having another boy! I can't say that I am too surprised. I think Stu, and I both only emit blue in our bodies; seeing that we have had two boys, an angel boy, and possibly this a boy rainbow baby. Based on fun theories; according to skull theory, babies with flat forehead (think caveman, arrgh) tend to be boys, and babies with smooth rounded forehead tend to be girls, and this baby is definitely looking like a caveman! The nub theory indicates that a baby could be a boy or a girl based on how a nub lies (raised, or parallel, and stacked or not). My scan is done a bit too early to determine accurately--it is best done between 12 weeks 4 day to 14 weeks, and my scan is done at 11 weeks and 6 days. However, the baby's nub looks kind of raised, and stacked. So this points to a boy! We shall see if the theories are accurate for this baby, and I may be staying in a Boy Mom Club after all! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Coffee. I've been so paranoid about drinking coffee during my pregnancy, because excessive consumption of caffeine can potentially lead to a miscarriage. Once I read that, I'm like forget it, and I'm going to wait! I have not had a regular every day cup of coffee in over a year; counting all those times when we were trying for our 3rd, being pregnant, then ultimately our loss of 3rd baby, TTC for our rainbow, and getting through the first trimester with our rainbow. I haven't had a cup of coffee since right before I got pregnant with our rainbow (I HAD TO DRINK A CUP OF PUMPKIN SPICE, OKAY, THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS PASSING UP ON THAT). I am almost out of the first trimester, I am starting to warm up to the idea of having a cup of coffee here, and there. 

Cravings: I don't really feel like I have any true cravings. I eat food what I can tolerate the most, which are usually bland food like white meat, pasta, and vegetables. 

Aversions: Just like my previous pregnancies, I can't stand the smell of cooking oil in the skillet, and the smell of raw meat being cooked. Yuck. I don't really like a lot of salt on food--it makes me feel so thirsty. I still eat sweet food, even though this baby isn't a fan of sweet food, and I get sick from it. Oh well! Suck it up, baby. Mama wants it. 

Best Moments of the Week: Having our boys come with us to our ultrasound. Forrest was so excited to see the baby! I think he was just surprised that we could see a baby in my belly. Frank was more unsure, and I didn't worry, because of the age thing, and he will come to figure it out in time. However, recently, Forrest came up to me, and patted my belly, then said, BABY! Frank saw that, and started to pet my belly, and kiss my belly. It melted my heart. What sweet boys I have. Just seeing our rainbow waving at us, and knowing that the baby was doing great. My brother, and my sister in law had their daughter, Izabelle, recently!!! How exciting!!! I totally cried, because I was so excited to be an aunt again! 

Looking Forward to: Wrapping all the Christmas presents that we ordered, and bought. I started doing that last night, and it was so much fun! Just one of my favorite activities. I can't wait for our loved ones to see what they've received, and enjoy them! The snow that we are getting, and turning our little world into a winter wonderland! Being week 13!

Weekly Wisdom: It's time to break free from my fears, worries, and sadness, and ENJOY this pregnancy! 

Next Appointment/Updates:
Tuesday January 3rd! It is just a routine check up with Dr. Mbah.