Monday, January 23, 2017


How Far Along: 18 Weeks! The baby is as big as a Sugar Glider, and is currently hard at work developing nerve endings in the brain, and the bones in the ears to help build a sense of hearing. As for Mama, my belly has been sore these days, because everything is stretching, stretching, and stretching to accommodate the little rainbow! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. I think nausea is mostly gone! If I remember correctly, then it is around this time in my pregnancy with Franklin that I finally started feeling better. I still have my days when I feel queasy, and I'm not complaining since they are far and apart these days. Just dealing with a slightly sore stomach muscles from everything expanding. My uterus is about a size of a cantaloupe, and I sure feel it! I have been experiencing a lot of breathless sensation lately, and it is from increased blood volume in my body. Crazy fact: Mother's body volume has increased to 50 percent of blood to compensate the loss through labor, delivery, and postpartum. I am also feeling really frustrated these days. It seem that my pregnancy brain has gotten worse this time around. I could just cry sometimes at how disorganized I have been with my memory lately. 

Movements: I have been feeling rainbow a lot these days. I think the baby really wants to be in part of the fun with his/her older brothers. On some days, I feel the baby a lot, and on some others, I feel the baby less. It all depends on the baby's mood, and where the baby is positioned. The rainbow is most active baby of all pregnancies I've had. 

Gender: In two weeks, we should know rainbow's gender!!! I'm thinking a boy number 4. I'm just really excited to find out, because there's several cute projects I want to get started for his nursery. Now...if the baby is a girl, then I'll have to go back to the drawing board for the projects. 

What Do I Miss the Most: Not having sore stomach muscles. Honestly, it is not a HUGE issue, and I can deal with it. It is just fascinating how our bodies expand, and accommodate a baby. It's not always the most pleasant feeling! 

Cravings: I have been all about fresh food lately. I want wraps with ton load of cucumbers, vegetables, and chicken. I'm not so preoccupied on fruits like I am with fresh vegetables. I told Stu the other day that I absolutely cannot wait for summer, because then we can get a lot of fresh produce everywhere! I am planning on making home made egg rolls soon. I've been wanting that so bad, and I think it's much cheaper to make our own than buying a box. 

Aversions: I don't really have any that triggers me these days. I just don't find that I gravitate to darker meat, and garlicky smelling food. It is becoming more of a disinterest now, rather than making me sick. 

Best Moments of the Week: Having Forrest kiss my belly every night at bedtime. It just warms my heart so much how involved he has been with my pregnancy (he WANTED NOTHING to do with my pregnancy with Franklin...must be the age thing). Spending time with our cousin Sara and the family at her house for a Packers game (sorry boys, better luck next year, Go green and gold). Being successful with my bread recipe by using dutch oven. Finding a connection in a local group on Facebook to hook up with a hair stylist to get my hair cut and colored...can't wait! It has been 2 years since I did something with my hair. I feel like for the first time in forever, I finally KNOW what I want, and I'm excited as heck about it. Starting a new Afghan crochet blanket project! 

Looking Forward to: I am starting to itch to buy baby things. I really don't need A LOT things, because I have already accumulated so much from having Forrest, and Franklin. Nonetheless, I am making lists for the boys to room together, baby needs, postpartum care, hospital bags, and house necessities. I'm so TYPE A, and need to organize things in order to know what to do. Since I am pretty much set with a lot of baby things, I have decided to go for better brand name products, and make sure all of the necessities I already have are updated (such as butt paste, baby  medication, gripe water, etc). It is really mostly small things. I am looking into Arm Reach bassinet for the baby to co-sleep with us, and bed situation for the boys to room (bunk beds, separate twin beds, or trundle). I'm eager to start new crochet projects, and postpartum care kit for myself. 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am. I can't wait to see our Rainbow again. Just a week from tomorrow!!