Monday, January 30, 2017


How Far Along: Our Rainbow is as big as a hedgedog! The baby is hard at work sucking his/her thumb, and practicing breathing in the utero. The vitex covering is enveloping Rainbow so when the baby is born, he/she won't end up looking like a wrinkled raisin!  

I am Feeling: Really anxious to find out the baby's sex! I can't wait! I am SO ready to start doing projects, and getting ready for the baby's big day! Still dealing with nausea. It's far, and between these days, which is great, but it rears its head at most seemingly random times. 

Movements: Rainbow loves to jive around. The baby does have lazy days, but my favorite time is when the baby is crazy moving around! 

Gender: I am still adamant the baby is a boy. 

What Do I Miss the Most: My skinny blue jeans. I no longer fit in them!! SAD DAY. I need to find maternity skinny jeans! So far, I have not had any luck. I do have one cute pair of maternity pants, but they're not "skinny jeans". 

Cravings: Still the same. I've been eating a lot of Greek Style wraps lately! So good!!

Aversions: Unchanged. Like I had mentioned last week, it has become more of disinterest than anything else toward my aversions. 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a lipsense lipstick from my childhood dear friend, Jessica! I am really in love with those! I ended up buying 4 different shades, oops! So I am excited to be getting them in the mail too. It's a birthday gift to myself. I also had my hair cut!!! I ended up having 10 inches of my hair lopped off, and it felt GREAT. I have decided to donate it to Pantene Great Length, since it is an organization targeted to women battling Breast Cancer, and I feel it's appropriate with the fact that one of my dear friends is fighting Breast Cancer for the second time.  

Looking Forward To: Oh my gosh, the ultrasound on Tuesday! I am so excited to see how Rainbow is doing. I'm also a bit anxious (just a post-miscarriage thing) to make sure that the baby is well. 

Next Appointment/Updates: Tuesday January 31st at 9 am!