Wednesday, January 4, 2017


How Far Along: 13 weeks! I'm starting to sport a bump! Of course, we liken my bump as a "vanishing bump", because by the end of the day, my belly is rounded out, then by the morning, it's back to being smaller, not as visible bump! I blame it on the food! It is crazy that I'm finally in the second trimester. If we do the math, then 13 weeks and 3 days means I'm officially in the second trimester. Finally! I'm glad to have first trimester to be put behind of me, and be able to look forward to all the fun in the second trimester. 

I am Feeling: I am feeling better compared to last week. Last week has been a tough one with not feeling so well. In the past couple days, I've been feeling better, because of my mom visiting, and helping out with the kids. So I'm able to rest more than I normally do! I am getting anxious about announcing our pregnancy to our families soon. It doesn't help that I had a nightmare about my pregnancy, and not quite feeling the baby move yet. From what I understand, it's pretty normal for a lot of my anxieties to show up as nightmares, especially after experiencing a loss, and it has been so helpful to be a part of Rainbow Pregnancy group to get a lot of support! I am slowly getting my energy back. I have had some good days where I have a great burst of energy, and be able to do things. On some days, I just want to sit, and be unmotivated, which is kind of impossible with two wild boys running around! I relish their rest time, because then I get to sit, and do nothing for an hour, or sometimes two! 

Movement: All is quiet on the front. I've had a quivering here, and there. I'm anxious to get around to finally feeling the baby move. My placenta is not anterior (in front), so I should be feeling the baby soon! Right now, the baby is about the size of a lemon. 

Gender: I'm rolling the dice, and calling it a boy! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Feeling normal energy-wise. I want my old self back. I have tons of projects I want to complete, and I have a huge cookie baking project coming up. Come on, energy! Come to me! 

Cravings: I don't really have any at this moment. 

Aversions: Anything sweet in a huge amount makes me feel nauseous. Still not crazy about the smell of cooking meat. I'm just looking forward to being able to eat food like a normal person. If I don't eat, then I feel nauseous, and if I eat, then I feel nauseous. I can't win. 

Best Moments of the Week: Having my mom visit! It was hard to hide my pregnancy from her, because I've had a few moments of wanting to tell her something about pregnancy, or baby related, then I remembered that we had not announced yet. But, I pulled it off, and she still had no idea. Anyway, it was great having Mom visit, and help out with the boys! Getting a decent snowfall from a snow storm over the weekend! Wrapping Christmas gifts, getting packages in the mail, and making Pasties with Stu. I have always loved cooking, and baking with Stu. Those moments have become far, and rare these days! So, I really cherish this time when we do have a chance to do that!

Looking Forward To: Temperature to get above sub-freezing temperatures. I always worry about slipping on the ice, because I'm a huge klutz like that. I'm excited to be able to announce to our families next week, and no longer keeping our pregnancy a secret! I'm also excited for Christmas. It's one of my favorite holidays, and I love having our families come together to celebrate. Being able to go off Progesterone medication, because that means my placenta is finally formed, and able to support the baby on its own. I am a bit nervous about stopping progesterone, but it is honestly not needed anymore. So it's become almost like a security blanket, and it's time to cut it off. 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 3rd. Stopping progesterone medication this week as soon as I turn 14 weeks! Yay!