Wednesday, January 4, 2017


How Far Along: 14 weeks

I am Feeling: Excited, because we have told our families about YOU! They are quite over the moon to meet you. It feels great to finally share the news with our families. We decided that we aren't going to make it Facebook official until after New Year's, because we want to enjoy this news a bit more with just ourselves before publicizing our pregnancy. I'm relieved that I'm finally DONE with the progesterone pills. 

Movement: All is quiet on the front. I've been so busy with the traveling, socializing, and celebrating the holidays that I haven't really concentrated on finding you. Have no fear, I know you're perfectly fine. 

Gender: A boy. I have a name picked out for you! It's a name we have picked for some time now, and we really love the name. It's different, like Forrest's name, and because of that, we need a traditional middle name to balance it out. 

What Do I Miss the Most: My energy. Where is it? Why isn't it coming back yet? I'm thankful that we are spending time with our families, because that means I get to rest more, and the boys get to play with their uncles, aunts, and cousins!

Cravings: I don't really have any. I have been pigging out, because well, I can. It's the best time to be pregnant...during the holidays, and I don't feel as quite as sick as I used to be. I still have nausea that peaks once or twice a week, and even so, it's nowhere like it was!

Aversions: Strong tasting meat. Too much sweet food. 

Best Moments of the Week: Our families know! I'm quite happy to have the news to be let out, and now we are able to really share our pregnancy with them. Meeting Baby Iz. She was so BEAUTIFUL. I loved holding her, and gosh, it made me just want to eat her up (not literally, mind you). What a beautiful baby. I was amazed at how tiny she was though--my boys were a beast as babies. 

Looking Forward to: Being Week 15! 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 3rd at 1 pm.