Wednesday, January 4, 2017


How Far Along: 15 weeks! It's hard to believe that I am in the second trimester, and January has finally rolled in around. I've popped! It's much earlier than when I popped out with the boys (20 something weeks with Forrest, and 18-19 weeks with Frank). I did start having a belly on me last week, and it's more noticeable now. It feels a bit weird to have popped out this early, but at the same time, I really don't mind, because I love having a preggo belly! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. My energy is back! I am able to function like a normal human being, and not feel like a slug. However, I still deal with nausea that comes and goes. It's a lot less terrible with not being on progesterone pills anymore. It peaks the most when I turn X week for a day to four days, then I feel better. It sure beats all day nausea, and wanting to throw up, and not being able to! I notice that I am starting to get sore hips. It has something to do with relaxin hormone loosening up the ligaments in my hips, which is a normal part of being pregnant. 

Movements: I swear that I felt a strong bump from the baby when I had Frank ride on my belly. I had to carry him from inside of the house to our van, because he didn't have boots on, and I did not feel like putting those on him (Frank has a tendency to throw them off once he is in the van anyway). I've had strong kicks every time I bend over. I still don't have regular movements, but I'm still early on in my pregnancy. The baby is only a size of lemon, and not quite strong enough to pack a punch just yet! Soon, though, soon! 

Gender: A boy. I'm getting excited about the possibility of having another boy. A boy mom is all what I really know. It will be crazy though...imagine that, but I figured if Mama Russ survived with three boys, then I can too. 

What do I Miss the Most: There is not much that I miss, other than feeling not nauseous all of the time. I've started drinking coffee again! I don't drink it regularly, because I notice if I drink too much of it, then I get nauseous. So a small cup of coffee is sufficient. I'm in a fun part of my pregnancy so I don't feel as sick, worn down, or tired. I'm going to take a full advantage of this though! 

Cravings: O..M..G. Cukes. I can't get enough of cukes. I also have been craving really bad for turkey sandwiches. Since I can't really eat them cold with the meat fresh off the deli machine, I have been making myself a turkey spinach pressed sandwiches lately, and it's so good! 

Aversions: The smell of raw or strong meat, and anything garlicky. Aside from that, not so much. 

Best Moments of the Week: Being home finally from the holiday travels, enjoying our gifts, and having our boys enjoy their presents. I can't wait to try out my new kitchen goodies! Getting an angel ornament from Stu; I was missing my angel baby pretty bad, and I felt nobody remembered him anymore, then Stu surprised me by giving me an angel ornament! He totally knew me. It was so touching, and made me so happy to have someone recognize our angel during Christmas holiday. Feeling the baby kick, and feeling heart beat on the doppler at the doctor office! Making it Facebook official! 

Looking Forward To: Anatomy scan to find out the baby's gender. We are not finding out immediately, but doing a gender reveal, and it should be fun for the boys to participate! It is really the reason why we are doing the gender reveal the way we are. Feeling the baby move more regularly. I am told that the baby is super active! Making it facebook official that we are expecting our rainbow! 

Next Appointment/Updates: The next appointment is on January 31st for the big ultrasound, and I'm excited, because it's a day before my birthday! The update with our rainbow is that the heart beat is clocked at 154! The baby is super, super active, and likes to kick at the doppler wand. I'm happy to know that our little rainbow is doing fantastic!