Sunday, January 8, 2017


How Far Along: 16 weeks.  

I am Feeling: Tired, and nauseous. I wish the nausea would go away already, and it is frustrating, because every time I think I find a trigger, and have a plan to avoid it; something new triggers my nausea, and I have to start the sleuthing all over again. Slightly annoyed, because my big Tom Cat is sitting right in the middle of my lap, and not moving...which means I have to type over him!! But he's keeping me, I think I can disregard my annoyance. Besides, I think the baby is enjoying the sound of Mr. Jinxy purring. Determined; I am kind of in a research mode right now, because I'm intrigued by having a birth photographer, and I want to learn more about it before I make a serious decision about it. I've been wanting to do this ever since I had Forrest, but could not justify having both birth, and newborn sessions. Having a rainbow baby is convincing me to look into it at least. 

Movements: The baby is starting to move more regularly, especially at the evening time, which I think it is the Rainbow's favorite time to be most active. Or it is because I am most relaxed, and I can concentrate more. Rainbow baby also likes to pack a punch when I at least expect it! I go oof, that is definitely the baby kicking at me! It makes me a bit afraid of how the kicks will feel once the baby is bigger...

Gender: A boy. We will find out at the end of January if my guess is right. 

What Do I Miss the Most: Feeling normal as in not feeling nauseous. I miss that. I want to be able to enjoy food without suffering the consequence. Come on little baby, be kind to mama, and let her enjoy stuff! 

Cravings: I've been enjoying a spoonful of Biscoff cookie spread (even though I end up nauseous). 

Aversions: Excessive salty food. I don't mind a bit of salt, but too much of it, meh. For instance, I had two egg rolls, and I ended up regretting it, because it was so salty. Greasy food. It seems to set off negative reaction in my body. 

Best Moments of the Week: I ordered a dress that never came. It was supposed to be for my weekly blog pictures, and I was pretty bummed. That was until a friend of mine offered to give me a dress for free from her business! It further confirmed to me that Karma was always at the work here. Forrest giving my belly kisses, and asking me if the baby can come out already. His excitement, and eagerness warmed my heart so much. 

Looking Forward to: Getting the dress from a friend of mine, and gender reveal balloon in the mail. I'm excited about doing a gender reveal with both of my boys, and Stu. I think it will be a lot of fun! Maybe not feeling so nauseous anymore soon? 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am.