Sunday, February 5, 2017


How Far Along: 20 weeks!! It means I am HALF WAY to meeting our Rainbow. Rainbow is as big as an Axolotl; I swear I'm not misspelling the creature's name, or anything, and it is really how it is spelled. I guess it's an amphibian that has cute little crown around its head, and it is native to New Mexico. Rainbow is now able to be measured from head to feet instead of to the rump! He is practicing breathing, and having his little teeth buds forming in his gums. Hair is being developed on his eyebrows, eyelashes, and little body! Boy, our Rainbow is hard at work this week at growing!! 

I am Feeling: I am excited, and very emotional. It is bittersweet now that we finally know who Rainbow is, and we have a few names picked out for him. I imagine the day when he is born, and I cry. I get very emotional about his birthday, because it is a very bittersweet experience to be meeting a rainbow baby, and knowing that our angel isn't here to share the experience with us. It is also knowing that our angel has sent him to us that makes it so special for us. OMG--I'm going to be a bawling mess when we meet our rainbow for the very first time!! I'm excited, because I know who he is, and I have tons of projects to do for him.

Movements: Now I know that our little baby is in a Frank Breech position. I can sort of figure out what body part is bumping against my belly. I'm hoping he will flip quite often enough to decide that one point, he will want to go head down, and not stress me out like how someone else (FRANK) did. He really likes to move A LOT, and kick at one of his brothers if one of them lean in too hard against my belly. I still can't quite feel him on the outside yet, but I think that time is coming. 

Gender: A BOY!!!!!! I knew it! I had several dreams that our Rainbow is a boy, and I was right! I had the same dreams in the past about my other two boys, and they were right too! So having said this, I am THRILLED to be having another boy, and I won't lie, a little scared shitless. Ha ha ha! I am hopelessly outnumbered at this point. Nonetheless, I am very excited though--I really thought I'd be sad about the prospect of not having a girl, but I am not! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Regular clothes. My belly is like a basketball, so it sticks out all way in the front, and I feel like I'm starting to outgrow my regular shirts. I am walking around like a drunk with his belly exposed, oops. So it's time to transition over to my maternity shirts!! Most of my maternity clothes are kind of out of season, so I will have to make it work somehow. I hate buying so much of them, because I only get to wear them for such short while in my life. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finding out who our Rainbow is, coming up with the list of names, doing our gender reveal, and getting the boys' reaction on the video (I loved Forrest's response of oh a blue baby!), getting things ready for our Rainbow, and making lists--I have three or four of them already--to be done before Rainbow gets here. 

Looking Forward To: Finally preparing for our rainbow's arrival!!! Being able to feel him on the outside, so our boys, and Stu can also enjoy him! Right now,, he's being a stinker, and hiding every time when I try to find him on the outside. 

Next Appointment/Update: March 3rd at 4 pm. It's a routine appointment. No testing, or ultrasound. There won't be any ultrasounds from this point on until our rainbow is born, unless Dr. Mbah discovers that he has not flipped, and gone head down, then an ultrasound will be needed to confirm if that is true.