Monday, February 20, 2017


How Far Along: 21 weeks. The little man is as big as a Least Weasel. It is possible that he weighs 1 pound, and is packing on fat so his skin is becoming less saggy. 

I am Feeling: I am feeling pretty good. I have finally hit the point in my pregnancy called, "honeymoon phase", and all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS. About the time!! 

Movements: The baby boy loves to WIGGLE. He is always on a move...especially at 4 am. I tell Stu that this guy is Forrest 2.0 in the making with how early he likes to wake up, and party. He moves at most random times during the day too. I feel like he's always on the move with an occasional nap here, and there. There is days when he just sleep a lot, then there's days when he parties a lot more! My friend, and I have jokingly dubbed him as Baby Flash, just because he's always on a flash! And no, that's not his name. 

Symptoms: I feel bigger with this pregnancy. My feet hurt a lot when I am on them for too long, and it is not something I can really avoid out of necessity, and want. I hate just sitting around. I need to be cooking, quilting, crocheting, standing, moving around, and not always staying off my feet. I do feel better with this pregnancy than I did with my other two boys in term of not getting so light-headed, and seeing star bursts. I'm hoping it means a good sign pointing to NOT having Gestational Thrombocytopenia, especially with baby Flash being a breech. I have stuffy nose, and feeling like I'm always out of breath sucks. Stupid cold. 

Labor signs: Ooh Lord no. This boy need to stay put in for a long while yet! I do have Braxton-Hicks here, and there, especially when I am not drinking enough water, and staying well hydrated. Sometimes, overdoing certain things can bring it on. I have been having them since week 18 or so? I am told that it is actually normal for subsequent pregnancies to have them earlier, and earlier. 

What Do I Miss the Most: I don't really miss anything at this point. I guess you could say that sometimes I miss the excitement, joy, and seeing pregnancy through the first time mom's eyes. I'm an experienced veteran at this, so nothing really excites me anymore about being pregnant, and having had a miscarriage also has robbed that feeling away from me. Having said this, I must say that with this, I do notice I am much more EXCITED to meet Baby Flash, and just be able to hold him. To be able to say, oh thank god, you're finally here. We have been waiting for you so long. Gah, I'm going to cry just thinking about that!! 

Best Moments of the Week: Well, I got the nicest offer from one of my aunts to buy us a double stroller! So sweet!! I have to decide on what I'd like, and let her know. I finally got Stu to feel Baby Flash on the outside on my belly! The boys were too impatient to wait for Flash to kick--and Flash was being a stubborn baby by not reacting right away. Grandma Bobbie got Flash's first baby clothes!! So adorable! I also finished a baby afghan blanket, and started a fox sleeping sack with a matching hat. 

Looking Forward to: Having the boys to feel Flash kick hopefully at some point, getting the boys a new bunk beds, getting the nursery room ready, and starting gather things to prepare Baby Flash's arrival. 

Next Appointment/Update: March 3rd, I think? I do have it written down though! No updates at this point. Just hoping that Flash will be head down in the next couple months.