Monday, February 20, 2017


How Far Along: 22 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Guinea Pig, clocking at 1 pound, and fattening up. He is hard at work developing his hearing, coordinating movements, and reacting to the outside stimuli. 

I am Feeling: A lot better; my cold symptoms finally started to abate some, and I find that my energy slowly returned. I did struggle a lot with being able to just do things while sick, and it is so nice to finally somewhat normal again. We are dealing with Forrest's jealousy regarding our pregnancy. He has been clingy, more than usual, to me while Frank is napping, and having a lot of anxiety about the new baby. Forrest has been really sweet toward baby Flash by kissing my belly, and talking to him, however, he worries about his role as a little boy, and whether he will still be valued when the baby arrives. I have decided I will take Forrest out for dates just two of us, and do fun things until Baby Flash is born. It will help Forrest to be assured that he will always be number one! 

Movements: Baby Flash likes to move a lot during specific times, especially at the evening time, when I am resting, and crocheting. I think I'm so busy moving during the day that it lulls him to sleep. He also goes through cyclical pattern of sleeping a lot for 2-3 days, then going crazy all day, then go back to sleeping. His movements are quite strong, yet he's stubborn to let people feel him on the outside. 

Symptoms: This is embarrassing, but man, I've been dealing with bad gas. Ugh. They're pretty painful too! So I've been cutting down on how much I take in the air while eating by chewing slower, drinking less from straws and using plain open cups, balancing how much fiber I eat, and not eating so much spicy food. My hips have been bothering me a lot at the night, and I usually find that walking around in the morning helps to loosen up the stiffening hips. Honestly, I think those two are my biggest symptoms right now, and everything else is peachy.

Labor Signs: Still experiencing BH contractions here, and there, especially when I over do it, and not drinking enough water. Otherwise, all is quiet on the front (thankfully). Baby Flash need to chill in the oven longer! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Having a normal digestive system?? It would be nice for my IBS to just not flare up so much. My IBS is far worst in this pregnancy out of all of my previous pregnancies. It's kind of odd, seeing my previous pregnancies, my IBS tend to go away, and stay away. No luck this time around! 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing a picture of baby Iz wearing an outfit I bought for her. Gosh, she's the most adorable thing ever!! I will have to see if it is okay for me to continue to buy her stuff like cute girl outfits (getting my girl fix in), and books. Watching Donkey Basketball game--that was fun--with the boys. Enjoying warm spring-like weather in February!! We have been taking a lot of walks! 

Looking Forward To: Starting shopping for Baby Flash. Finishing the fox cocoon bag for the pictures. Making a quilt. Buying boys bunk beds, setting up rooms, and prepare for Baby Flash. I'm really anxious to start! I'm also excited, because my brother's stepmom in law is making us crocheted blankets, and baby mobile, which is one of the most sweetest things ever. I am anxious to start looking at double strollers to make a decision which one I would like (I keep putting it off, because no time). Oh boy, I'm just ready to be able to check off my list!! 

Next Appointment/Updates: March 2nd at 4 pm. That is a correct date, and time. It is just a routine appointment. Nothing major. I'm still feeling Baby Flash is in a breech position, because I can feel his feet kicking at my bladder!