Monday, February 27, 2017


How Far Along: 23 weeks! We've officially entered the 6th, and the last month of the second trimester! It blows my mind that we are a bit over half way to meeting Baby Flash. He is as big as a Chinchilla. Baby Flash's lungs are constructing blood vessels, and he's practicing sucking down amniotic fluid so he would be prepared to breath as soon as he is born! His inner eye components have developed. His sense of movements are finally coordinated! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. I am in the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy. I am starting to itching really bad to start shopping, and preparing for the baby's arrival. I've put my fox cocoon sack project aside to focus on making three egg cosy as requested by my friend, then I should be able to go back to my fox cocoon sack project! 

Movements: You bet that I've been feeling Baby Flash going crazy in my belly these days! He sure likes to kick at my bladder a lot, and I have to pee so much, because of that! Flash is still a breech, because I feel the majority of movements in the lower part of my belly as opposed to the top part of my belly. Forrest was, and still remains my only pregnancy without a breeched baby. I'm hoping Flash flips when I enter my 7th month. 

Symptoms: I am experiencing sore hips still. It is as to be expected. I find that I don't mind the pain, because it is usually only during the night while I am asleep in one position for too long. Getting up to walk around helps. During the day, it's barely an issue. My belly button HAS popped out! It's so weird. My nausea from aversions are disappearing. I find that I have a sweet tooth again. I think Baby Flash will be like Frank when it comes to sweet food. 

Labor Signs: Same old. Same old. Just keep on cooking, buddy!

Best Moments of the Week: Stacy sent me a photo of nearly completed Lego blanket that she has been making for the boys, and it looks amazing! I'm so excited about that. Mom sent us a care package filled with boys' clothes, including the outfits for Baby Flash, and they're adorable. I also got a care package from Aunt Rosalie for Girl Scout Cookies--which I have been coveting in secret, and eating them slowly a day at time! Buying bunk beds for the boys. 

Looking Forward to: The boys' bunk beds should arrive this weekend! Then I can really start nesting, and buy Baby Flash things to be put in Frank's old bedroom. I'm so anxious to start buying things for Baby Flash's arrival. Spending time with my boys by taking them out on a mommy-son dates. Finishing baby projects!

Next Appointment/Updates: Thursday March 2nd at 4 pm. I will be missing Frank's speech therapy session, but Stu will be there with the boys. It's a routine appointment--pee in the cup, check on the baby's heartrate, check on how big my belly has gotten (I feel like I'm huge), and make sure all is well. Then I won't have an appointment until my 7th month. Just a regular old same thing.