Monday, March 20, 2017


How Far Along: Flash is as big as a parrot! Flash is about 13 and half inches at this point. Flash's skin is starting to smooth out, and losing that wrinkle-like appearance. Flash is dexterous, and can touch his toes! The sleeping schedule is becoming very regular. Let's hope that it stays the same after he's born! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. Getting bigger though!

Movements: Flash is starting to get stronger! He packs a punch, especially when he feels a bit squished from me carrying Frank on top of my belly, and kicks as hard as he can to show his displeasure. Okay buddy, I got it. 

Symptoms: I am starting to feel better with managing what I eat. Gas is not much as an issue anymore. Thank goodness, those gas cramps aren't fun to deal with! My belly button has popped out!

Labor Signs: Lots and lots of BH contractions. They are both annoying, and uncomfortable. I can't really avoid from not having them, because I have so much to do, especially chasing after two active little boys! 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a lot of Flash's baby stuff in the mail from Amazon, and other sites! I love it!! However, they're taking up space in our living room. Ugh. Time to start organize the nursery room, and move Frank into a big boy room with his older brother! 

Looking Forward to: Visiting my family for a week during Forrest's spring break!

Next Appointment: March 31st.