Wednesday, March 22, 2017


How Far Along: 26 weeks! Flash is as big as a Slow Lori! Lori is apparently a little primate from Indonesia that has wide, large eyes, and has an expression of a constant surprise. I doubt Flash's look like that though, even though he may react in surprise when a light is shined into his dark home, because he is able to open his eyes! Flash is gaining fat in preparation for staying warm once he's evicted from his warm little world.. His bodily functions are now intact. At this point from now on, his development is geared around gaining weight, and height. Currently, Flash is 2 pounds! 

I am Feeling: Tired. We just came back from visiting my side of the family over Forrest's spring break, and I am doing like 10 loads of laundry on top of multi-tasking with other errands to be done today. I'm putting off cleaning until tomorrow! 

Movements: Flash is an active little boy. He sure likes to party a lot during the night while I am trying to sleep. He also moves when he hears his brothers, and Bea play. His movements are definitely strong, and at times, painful! Sometimes, I have to nudge him off one specific spot, because he's punching too hard! 

Symptoms: A lot of BH contractions. Unfortunately, those can't be really avoided. The best I can do is keep off my feet until they pass...which is saying easier than done! Aside from that, I am doing pretty good. 

Labor Signs: Nope, too early. Flash need to keep on baking! He is starting to flip around a lot, and it hurts when he does that. So I am hoping he decides to go head down, and stay head down!

Best Moments of the Week: Visiting my family! The boys had so much fun with their grandparents, and grandaunt. Shopping for myself, and for baby Flash, and knowing I'm nearly done with baby list! Visiting my niece, Izabelle, and watching how my boys interact with her (they were amazingly wonderful with her--very loving and protective). Seeing Stu after a long time being apart! Getting a package from my birth photographer; an onesie, and a thank you card. So sweet! 

Looking Forward to: For my crazy day to end! So I can sit back, and rest my feet! Setting up nursery room for baby Flash. Making loveys. Warmer weather ahead! It's the first day of Spring today! 

Next Appointment: March 31st. No updates at this time.