Monday, April 3, 2017


How Far Along: 27 weeks! Flash is as big as a Fennec Fox without its tail. He is practicing swallowing, and excreting amniotic fluid as practice for breathing on the outside. It means I need to make sure I keep up with my intake of drinking water! His brain is rapidly developing at a crazy pace to ready his body for control, and movements. His body is full of electrical activity, controlling lungs, and body temperature. He is measuring at 15 inches long! 

I am Feeling: Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm almost entering my third trimester, This has been bringing on a lot of emotions in a wide range from feeling excitement, to a "oh shit moment, I'm going to have 3 kids soon", to sadness about not being able to meet our 3rd, and it is just a wild ride of feelings. Starting to feel a bit pressured to start nursery room, especially when I realized that we have hit double digits in our countdown!

Movements: Oh you bet, a lot of stretching, kicking, punching, hiccuping, and flips. Flash's favorite spot is currently transverse, which is a fancy word for laying sideways, and it does cause a great deal of discomfort for me. What usually helps is I lay down, and nudge Flash into a better position.

Symptoms: Sore feet, sore hips, indigestion, gas, nausea, fatigue, and me standing there, sadly waving away the honeymoon phase of my pregnancy, and welcoming the throes of third trimester!

Labor Signs: Still cooking!! Flash likes to be in transverse position. I can tell, because I feel his head sticking out sideways out of my stomach. I have tried nudging him into head down position, but he's not feeling it. So, I'm going to start spinning babies exercises soon to see if it encourages him to enter a right position.

Best Moments of the Week: Giving presentation at Ripon College at Dr. Jody Roy's class about Deaf culture, and spending time with Stu on the road. Seeing Melanie, who was my interpreter from college, and catching up with her. It was really fun to catch up, and visit the campus, and also, to just hang out with Stu. Getting fox themed changing pad cover for the changing table. Ordering cute 31 bags for myself, and for Stu. I felt that Stu deserved a nice personalized gym duffel bag, because we PAID OFF all of his student loans from graduate school! Being debt free for student loans was a freeing feeling! 

Looking Forward to: Finishing up baby shopping. I only have rainbow onesie to track down, and order, and lavender essential oil for postpartum care. Finding out result for glocuse test this Friday. Getting stuff organized for the boys' rooms. 

Next Appointment/Updates: Friday March 31st. No updates at this time.