Monday, April 3, 2017


How Far Along: 28 Weeks!!!!! Baby Flash is as big as an Echidna. It's a spiky ant-eater that lays eggs, and keeps the eggs in its pouch until babies hatch. They're funny little creatures! Flash is 16 inches long, and weighs 2.5 pounds. His adernal glands are alerting my body to start producing milk (who knew; hormones is an amazing thing). The wrinkles are smoothing out, and the skin is tightening up. His lungs continue to produce sufactant, and he's packing on the fat! Flash is starting to experience REM cycles of dreaming, and waking. 

I am Feeling: It is hard to believe that we are finally in a home stretch!!! It's officially third trimester! Holy @#$@! I think we have about 11 weeks, give or take some, left. I'm definitely feeling a bit pressured to get the nursery room set up, pack up the hospital bags, organize the house, and prepare, prepare, and prepare for the baby. I am getting anxious to get this stuff started. I have never waited this long with my previous pregnancies to set up things, but with our history of loss, and Flash being our 4th child, I have kind of put it off...until now. It doesn't mean we are any less excited though!!

Movements: I have a lot of crazy activity going on inside my belly. It distorts, and stretches out. It reminds me of a scene out of an Alien movie with an alien popping out of the victim's chest! It's really fun to watch, but I can't say it is pain-less though. It can, and does hurt at times. Flash is most active at the night. I need to capture a video of him moving inside my belly one of these nights. Although, I have to say, Flash does move like crazy when he hears his brothers laugh, talk, and cause a ruckus, same when he hears Bea barking! He loves to snuggle on one side where the cats lay, because the cats purrs, and I think it comforts Flash to hear that.

Symptoms: Sore feet, sore hips, and sore legs. It's all from the increased pressure of having a growing baby inside my belly! I do have to get up quite often during the night just to walk the pain off. It helps to stretch my legs, and loosen up my hips a bit before heading back to bed. I use this opportunity to check on the boys to make sure they have blankets on them. Oddly enough, I don't feel exhausted when I wake up from not sleeping through the night. I'm so used to it! Other symptoms such as gas, heartburn, indigestion, and IBS comes and goes. So I can't complain.

Labor Signs: Baking. Baking. Baking. Fine with me. Flash is a breech. I have started looking at spinning babies exercises, and they recommend starting at 30 weeks. So I'm waiting until then to start those exercises to try flip Flash before he gets too big!

Best Moments of the Week: Transitioning Frank into a big boy bed (he has been doing great for the most part!), making cookies with royal icing, checking up on baby Flash, possibly having another presentation lined up for diversity awareness, and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having lately (is spring in the air??).

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery room set up, having Frank to be used to his new bed, and having Mom to visit soon! 

Next Appointment: Thursday April 13th at 1 pm. It's just a regular check-up, and follow up about the test results. 

Updates:  I can't believe that it is time for me to start visiting Dr. Mbah every 2 weeks! When I am told that it is time for me to start coming every two weeks, I am like, are you kidding me, already?! For some reason, I thought it doesn't start until much later. But nope, it is time for me to start going every two weeks, and this is what feeding into my anxiety to get stuff ready! I passed the diabetes test! Go me. I also got cleared for not having Gestational Throcombeyenia. I'm not sure if they will retest my platelets when I am closer to delivering.  

 Thankfully, Mom will be coming next week to help me out with preparing everything for the baby. The boys have finally started sharing a bedroom together, and they're loving it. There is not much of challenge in this transition, aside from getting Frank to be used to sleeping in a big boy bed (he likes to venture out quite often from his bed, totally normal though--imagine what is going through his head with all the freedom), and setting up new norm for both boys to be roommates.