Monday, April 17, 2017


How Far Along: 29 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a New England Cottontail Rabbit (think Thumper from Bambi). He is about 16 inches long, and nearly clocking at THREE pounds. His muscles, and lungs are still hard at work maturing, and developing for the big day! Flash is still gaining fat. Fun fact: With each subsequent pregnancy, you will go on to have a bigger baby weight-wise. Will Flash be the biggest baby of them boys? We shall find out! 

I am Feeling: I am pretty good. I'm starting to slowly organize baby things, and unpacking baby clothes from the storage to be washed. I have a long list to go through next week while Mom is here to help, and complete the checklist. I am sure that once I have it taken care of, then I will feel all is at the rest. I can really relax then!

Movements: With Flash getting bigger, it means his home is getting smaller, and it is starting to limit his movements. Flash still enjoy kicking, hiccuping, punching, and stretching out. I suspect he's starting to run out of the room to flip around. When I feel his head, which is usually under my right rib, I can touch the bump without him trying to "run away", because he has no place left to go! 

Symptoms: Breathless, and heating up when I am overdoing things. Hips are really sore from laying in one spot all night long, which is usually remedied by me getting up, and walking around (usually when I have to pee, and go to the bathroom). I find that I am easily annoyed--it's how I know I am in the galore of third trimester--even though I try my hardest to be patient. My indigestion comes and goes still. It flares up really bad when I overdo it with spicy food, but I am stubborn, and won't stop eating spicy food. So I have to deal with the consequence, and because of that, I find that I have no reason to really complain. If it's truly too much, then I will just stop eating trigger food. 

Labor Signs: I have some braxton-hicks contraction here, and there. They are usually triggered by me overdoing things, which is hard to avoid these days, and easily remedied by a bit of rest, and drinking water. Flash is still a breech. I've started doing spinning babies exercise. Think downward dog in yoga. That's what I'm doing. It's supposed to "encourage" Flash to flip. If that fails, then I will have to entrust my old iron board once again. It has worked for Frank! 

Best Moments of the Week: Taking Forrest with me to a sibling class at Bellin Hospital, and having a mother-son date. Seeing Forrest, and Frank enjoying their new bedroom arrangement as roommates (especially when they are passing books to each other up and down the bunks to read), and seeing that Frank is adjusting well to sleeping in a big boy bed! I love being able to give Frank kisses, and hugs without my belly getting in the way! 

Looking Forward to: Setting up potted garden. We are holding off on doing an actual garden in our yard this summer, because we want to work on improving cosmetic issues for our yard. So our compromise to this issue is to set up potted garden. I'm excited. It will also be easier with the baby being here soon! Having Mom here to help me to set up nursery, and prepare for Flash. Getting things I've ordered in the mail--seriously, that's like my most favorite thing ever, aside from handwritten letters or cards from our loved ones, and be able to enjoy them. I am waiting for our 31 bags, take-home outfit for Flash, and lipstick that I've ordered--a new shade of bright red. For those who know me, I love red lipsticks. 

Next Appointment: Thursday April 13 at 1 pm.