Thursday, April 27, 2017


How Far Along: 31 weeks. Flash is the size of a Small-Clawed Otter, not including its tail! He is getting closer to his birth height, even though he is still working on gaining weight still! He probably has about 3-5 pounds left to go before his birthday! His neck control is now flexible so he's able to turn his head to either sides. His senses are intact. His immune system is ready to battle the germs on the outside. His brain and nerves, however, are still busy at development. His skull isn't quite fused yet so he can pass through the birth canal with an ease. His joints are getting flexible. Baby Flash is about 17 1/2 inches long at this point, and weighing at 3.5 pounds. 

I am Feeling: Pretty good, and at ease with everything in its place for the most part. I am able to relax until next month then we will have to do a couple more things to make sure all is in its place. 

Movements: Flash has changed his movements. He no longer really goes crazy with kicking, and punching. His movements feel softer, and I can feel his bum wiggling against my belly. He moves the most when he hears his brothers, and Bea play, or when something making noises. 

Symptoms: Not really much has changed. Things are still the same old. 

Labor Signs: I had contractions that lasted for 45 minutes the other night. It was a pretty painful deal; it was as if my body was reminding me that a big show was on its way in less than three months, and that I should be prepared for it! Thankfully, it faded away, and the intensity went down pretty fast. 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing Flash's foot on the ultrasound, even though he didn't want to show off his face, and double confirming that he was indeed all boy. And that he is no longer a breech!! The boys came with me to the appointment, and they took turns holding the doppler. They LOVED hearing their brother's heartbeat. They were absolutely enthralled by the sound. 

Looking Forward to: Being in my 8th month of my pregnancy! 

Next Appointment: Tuesday April 25th at 2:45 pm! Just a regular check up. 

Update: I had a bit of scare with Flash that ended up an ultrasound to have him looked at. As it had turned out, all looked well. He got 8 out of 8, not sure what it was specifically for, but it was good to know that he was exactly where he should be at this point in the pregnancy. The best part was finding out that he was NO LONGER a breech! Yay!!