Monday, May 8, 2017


How Far Along: 32 weeks! Baby Flash is now the size of a naked-tailed armadillo. He is about 4 pounds! He's busy gaining weight, and growing. He's currently around 16 and half inches tall! Flash's digestive system is all set to start working. The skin is now opaque, and no longer "see through". Flash is busy preparing for life outside the womb! Only a few more weeks to go yet! 

I am Feeling: I am doing pretty good for the most part. I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable, and I can tell baby Flash is running out of the room. I think he will be a tall baby. It is getting harder to dress myself, especially my lower half of the body, and I am hoping for warmer weather to roll around. So I can just slip into a dress, and wear flip flops--which is a lot easier than trying to put pants, and socks on! Emotionally, I am getting anxious at the idea of having 3 kids, and juggling them all. It's almost more like nervous-excited energy rather than actually nervous energy. 

Movements: Baby Flash's movements are getting a lot more constricted. He's no longer flipping, and kicking like crazy. He is quite budged in where he is. Flash is still the most active in late afternoons into late evenings. He likes to rock around, stretch out, and hiccup a lot. 

Symptoms: Sore belly, constipation, dizziness, and out of breath while walking up and down the stairs. I am moving much slower, and waddling more these days. I am thirsty a lot, and as result of that, I go to bathroom more frequently. 

Labor Signs: Aside from those contractions I had last week, all is quiet on the front, and I still deal with those pesky BH contractions. They're more annoying than painful. Flash still need to bake a bit more though!

Best Moments of the Week: Having a movie night with the boys; we had popcorn, and watched The Secret Life of Pets. It was a great movie! The boys had a blast! Enjoying warmer weather here, and there. 

Looking Forward To: Summer like weather. We've been having a taste of it, and ugh, I'm so ready for warmer days ahead! 

Next Appointment: May 10th and May 25th at 1 pm. Then after that, I am starting weekly appointments!!!