Sunday, May 21, 2017


How Far Along: 34 weeks! Flash is as big as Quokka, which is a pretty cute Australia marsupial. A slippery coat, called Vernix, is beginning to dry out. He is about 18 inches tall, and weight around 5 pounds (it feels like 8 right now). His nervous system, as well as brain, and lungs are rapidly developing into a final stage before birth. Flash is peeing about a pint a day, and preparing his first poop! It makes sense why I am pissing like a race horse these days! 

I am Feeling: Very pregnant. Everything is driving me nuts lately; people who drive too fast, people who drive too slow, whining, constantly moving and not resting enough, and...well, I'm hormonal. I would like those comments to stop about my appearance too. I know I am big, and I can see it in the mirror. I do love being pregnant, and with that, I don't love those little remarks! I know this and that about how I look, feel, and act. 

Movements: The little guy isn't so careful about where he stretches his arms, or legs. He loves to favor on my right side, and it's morbidly fascinating to see an alien-like movements under my skin. Flash continues to be most active at the evening, even though he perks up a lot when he hears his brothers talking, and screaming at my belly (poor guy). Ha ha ha. 

Symptoms: I'm always thirsty, and as result, I am constantly peeing. If I have to go, then I have to go NOW. Otherwise I will pee in my underwear. My itching is gradually lessening, which makes me happy, and I think it's allergies, since I notice the same behavior in Forrest. We both have skin issues. Yay for that. Aside from that, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Labor Signs: Nothing. Nada. None. Just a little Braxton Hicks going on. It's not terrible though. 

Best Moments of the Week: Being with the boys, enjoying the warmer weather, and hanging out at the park with the boys. Getting a cute Mother's Day card from Forrest that he made in the class! It made my whole week! 

Looking Forward To: Just truckin' along. 

Next Appointment: May 25th at 1 pm. I will be tested for Group Strep B, and probably cervix check. I'm not sure about the latter, since I can't really remember, but here we go. Then we start weekly appointments!! Holy shit! 

Update: I am glad to report that my blood result came back clean. So no ICP! I don't have to be induced, and get to keep my natural birth plan in the stone. I'm just an itchy pregnant lady! It's probably seasonal allergies.