Sunday, May 21, 2017


How Far Along: 35 Weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Mini-Lop Rabbit (so cute)! Flash's testicles are descending into its rightful place. His skeletal development is nearly completed. He should be rotating into a head-down position itno a birth position into the pelvis. Because I've had previous pregnancies, Flash may not drop until I go into labor. Currently, he's piling on fat, and his lungs need a bit of touch extra work before completing. His height size is completed. 

I am Feeling: Tired, and big. I am finding it laborious to get dressed, and doing simple things. My belly is in the way of everything. I am getting anxious, and excited to meet baby Flash!! 

Movements: Sometimes, Flash like to chill on one side, which is usually on my right side, and all the weight pressing against the uterine muscle doesn't feel that great. I find it helpful to just gently nudge him back into the position. He likes to stretch out, causing an alien effect, and it can be quite fun to see. I also enjoy feeling his bum! His bum is easy to detect; unlike his head, he doesn't shy away, and just lay there to let people bop him on the butt! 

Symptoms: I really don't have much of appetite anymore. It's just too uncomfortable to want to eat. However, when I do eat, I find that I want to eat. It is just that the appetite part is lacking. I have heartburn, and a bit of water retention in my legs. 

Labor Signs: Still having BH contractions here and there, especially when I am very active, and not drinking enough water. Otherwise, Flash is content as a pill bug! It will be curious to see when cervical checks begin. I am not really expecting to be dilated at all. My body doesn't appear to get things going until two weeks before  my due date. 

Best Moments of the Week: Visiting my family. It's my last trip before Flash gets here! Boys having grand fun at the Milwaukee Public Museum! They really enjoyed the dinosaurs, and the history of the museum. Being on a date with Stu, and making our server's day. 

Looking Forward to: My appointment. I am curious to see how things are progressing, and being in month 9!!! Home stretch!!!!!!!!

Next Appointment: May 25th at 1 pm. No updates at this time.