Monday, June 5, 2017


How Far Along: 36 weeks. Here we are; the 9th month!! Flash  is as big as a chihuahua. He is currently producing meconium, a tarry poo, to be expelled shortly after he is born. His digestive system is the last major system to kick start, which won't be completely operational, until he starts eating on the outside! Currently, Flash is near-term, and is done cooking for the most part! It is approaching the time for Flash to be welcomed into the world!

I am Feeling: Cranky, big, and tired. It is getting to the point where it is no longer enjoyable to be pregnant, because everything winds me out. I find that I am impatient to reclaim my body back, because now all I can fit is in the loose clothes. I am having a harder time with my stamina, and patience. Gods know that I need a lot of patience to deal with two rowdy boys, especially with Stu working so much in the past month, and half, due to the end of year school responsibilities. 

Movements: Flash likes to go through cycles of being super active to resting for hours at the end. When he does move, it is an uncomfortable feeling, and despite not feeling comfortable, I really DO love this part, and will miss this a lot once Flash is on the outside. There is nothing like having a baby move around inside. One of the life's coolest sensations, I tell you, and makes all the crankiness worth it. 

Symptoms: BH contractions are continuing in the waves. They are super inconsistent, and doesn't do anything to help hurry along the labor. So I'm not overly concerned. If anything else, then it is just my little alarm to let me know that I need to slow down, and rest. I still have IBS issues, and it's a pain...literally. Aside from those two, I am feeling pretty good for being 9 months pregnant. 

Labor Signs: All is quiet. I had a cervical check, and it sucked. When it sucked, it usually meant there was no change, and I was right. I didn't anticipate to find any changes at this point, because it was still early. I figured I had until between 38-40 weeks. My boys didn't come until after 38 weeks, and I had no reason to think that Flash would be any different. 

Best Moments of the Week: Feeling Flash's heart rate (152) on the doppler, watching Finding Dory movie with the boys and Stu in our bed--just enjoying life of four, planning the end of year gift for Forrest's teacher, Memorial Day weekend activities, and having Bea smell CLEAN (check on the nesting list). 

Looking Forward to: Getting our van cleaned. Stu promised me that he would get our van cleaned, and I am really pumped about it. I want to move around the boys' carseats, and install Flash's carseat. I am also anxious to start packing our hospital bags. I don't plan on putting every thing in the bags right away, but to slowly add things over the weeks. I also need to clean cloth diapers, and prep them, but the problem is, with all the rain, it is making it impossible to be able to do this. I'm hoping for a sunny day this upcoming week!! So sick of the rain. 

Next Appointment: Thursday June 1st at 1 pm. 

Update: I had Group Strep B swap done. That was not very fun (I'll spare you the details of how it was done), and I also had my blood drawn for CBC (comprehensive Blood count). I had a feeling that CBC may return back normal with my platelets, but we shall see next week when I get my result. I also had a cervical check. No dilation. No effacement. Flash's head was down. All was well with Flash! 

I'm thinking that I won't request for other check until 39 weeks, because I have a lot of events on June 17th, and I am hoping that Flash will stay put in until past June 17th. Then he's welcome to join us!