Monday, June 5, 2017


How Far Along: 37 Weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Striped Skunk! He is nearly maxed out at weight, and height. Flash is practicing breathing by sucking, and expelling amniotic fluid. His digestive system is waiting for the start-kick button to be pressed, which will happen as soon as he nurses after being born. His reflexes are quite strong (I can asset to that). 

I am Feeling: I am anxious, excited, and apprehensive all at once. I've been busy at work at preparing everything for the baby's arrival. I've changed the sheets on all of the beds (going from winter to summer bed set), finished up switching all early spring to summer clothes in boys' room, packed the baby's diaper bag with some necessities that I think we might need (just in case if Bellin doesn't provide), toiletries for our hospital bags, made a list for both of us parents to put in our bags at the last minute, wrote up care instruction sheet for pets and the boys, organized a lot of last minute things, and took care of the postpartum kit for myself. If this is not nesting, then I don't know what this is! I also feel a bit apprehensive about how my older boys will react to this change, especially Frank, who has no idea what he's in for! 

Movements: Flash is running out of the space. He really has nowhere to go except to contort my belly when he stretches out. It's fun to watch! He is also in a steady cycle of resting, and playing. He is most active in the evenings. Flash has hiccups from time to time!

Symptoms: Just feeling very, very pregnant. I have been experiencing a sore hip from sleeping in one spot for too long. I notice that I have a burst of energy these days, and it propels me to get through the days. It's probably why I'm able to get a lot of things done without feeling like I'm going to die! I'm doing fairly well, and staying active. So it's all good. 

Labor Signs: All is unchanged. I'm fingernail dilated, which is very common for women who have had babies because their cervix don't really close all way, and no change in effacement. I'm not disappointed, or in a hurry. Things will change real quick! I'm not honestly expecting to see any progress until after 38 or maybe even 39 weeks. I'm planning on waiting it out--I have no desire to evict the baby out until he's good and ready! 

Best Moments of the Week: The boys hearing Baby Flash's heart rate, and using doppler to pick up on his heart rate. Loving how my boys are so involved with my pregnancy. Getting things done for the baby's arrival. Finding out that a 31 bag I've been wanting for so long is available through a network of connections of consultants, and it has been offered to me! I can't wait to purchase it, and have it in my hands! It may not be here in time for the hospital bag as I had originally planned, but that's okay! Karma is always good to you when you are good to others. 

Looking Forward to: My next doctor appointment, finishing up my postpatrum kit, finishing up last minute things, and being WEEK 38! 

Next Appointment: Wednesday June 7th at 1:45 pm. Dr. Mbah wants to do a cervical check, and see how things are progressing. I'm not expecting any change; a part of this is because I've been telling this little one to stay put in until AFTER June 17th, and a part of this is due to my past experiences in having my boys (they did not arrive until after 39 weeks). I'm pretty laid-back in when the labor will start.