Sunday, June 11, 2017


How Far Along: 38 weeks. Flash's eyes and hair both have pigments to them, even though they may change repeatedly throughout the first two years (I can vouch for this; Frank's hair went from red to blonde, then brown in his first two years of his life)! The melanin will continually change. Flash is now in 7-pound range, and is as big as a Pomeranian dog!

I am Feeling: Emotional, excited, anxious, apprehensive, and on my toes all at once! It's interesting, with my first baby; I remember feeling very apprehensive about the birthing experience, and becoming a mom for the first time, and with my second, I was also a bit worried about labor aspect, because I was not sure what to expect from having a natural birth. With this one, I'm like well, this ain't my first rodeo. I know what to expect, know what to look for from a natural labor process, when to go in, and a general estimate of how long my labor will be (barring any complications). I'm more anxious about the dynamic of our family changing once again, and how our boys will adjust to their new brother. I am a bit nervous about dealing with sleep deprivation, and dealing with TWO boys on top of it (who happens to like wake up at butt crack of dawn). I am also very emotional, because this is our rainbow baby, and it has been stirring up a lot of raw feelings about our loss. It is not a bad thing. It is just what it is. Honestly, I can't really explain what exactly it is, and why I am experiencing this emotion. It's a jumble of feelings...

Movements: Alien-like. Flash doesn't have very much space left. When he does stretch out, my whole belly rolls, distorts, and contorts itself. It's a crazy sight! I can tell that he is pretty cramped inside his little home. 

Symptoms: BH contractions are increasing. I feel very uncomfortable, not necessarily because I am very pregnant, but because there are subtle changes. I have a lightning crotch frequently (feels like shooting nerve pain but in your crotch), and my hips are loosening up even more. I can't really eat much either--if I do, then I feel nauseous, because there is not so much space left. I have heartburn quite often. It's when I know I am in home stretch, and that it's nearly over. I'm determined to ride this out though. 

Labor Signs: Very subtle signs...not really promising, or a guarantee that anything is starting. Like I had mentioned, I have lightning crotch, which may point to dilation and effacement. It may not either! I have been noticing more pressure in my bum, so maybe Flash is slowly making his way down. Again, it also could not be it. I'm not analyzing anything at this point. I will make an observation, and pay attention, and if nothing happens, then I just move on, which is usually the case these days. I have an increase of BH contractions. They are very painless. It just makes my belly rock hard, and it can be uncomfortable. They last very briefly. 

Best Moments of the Week: Knowing that all is done with the nesting! Everything is in its place, and set to go. The van is set up the way we want it to be. The boys are now sitting in the back row, and the baby car seat is installed. Getting a notification from my baby app that the "bun is DONE cooking", and counting down the days! All we have left is to finish packing the hospital bags with the last minute things, such as phone charger, and very basic necessities that can't be packed just yet. Cuddling with our boys. Frank telling people that there is a baby in my belly. How sweet is that boy? 

Looking Forward to: Enjoying these final few days to weeks before Flash makes his debut! Getting my 31 bag in the mail that I've been wanting (I thought this particular design was out of the stock, and one of the wonderful consultants were able to hunt it down to find it for me), and a case for my kindle fire! 

Next Appointment: Wednesday June 14th at 1 pm. I will be requesting a pelvis check, since I declined the check from my recent appointment, because I want to be prepared. I have a lot of things to do next week, and I am hoping the baby stays put in until after the 17th!