Sunday, June 18, 2017


How Far Along: 39 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as an American shorthair cat! His old fetal skin is shedding off, and the soft baby skin is coming in underneath. He is about 19-21 inches tall, and falls within 7-8 pounds range. Flash is now able to recognize my voice, and his fingernails are possibly long enough to be clipped when he is born! Flash is more than ready to be welcomed into the world. 

I am Feeling: Excited, apprehensive, impatient, tired, and more than ready to meet our baby. I've been feeling a lot more emotional than usual lately, because the end is so, so close. I find that I am also anxious to make sure that the baby is doing well, and worry about getting him into the world safely. It looks like this little guy will not be early like Frank was; Frank came into the world at 39 weeks 4 days, and well, I'm currently 39 weeks and 3 days!

Movements: The movements are getting very limited. The peak of the activity remains the same so I am able to keep track of how Flash is doing that way. Sorry, little buddy, you are about to be evicted very soon.

Symptoms: A lot of heartburn. I wonder if this guy will be born with a head full of hair? My other two boys are born with some good amount of hair, but not crazy amount. So I'm curious! I feel big. I now have cankles instead of ankles. My poor feet! Aside from that, I am feeling pretty good. 

Labor Signs: I am 50 percent effaced, but no dilation, according to the last check. I can't say that I am surprised. I don't think Flash will be here before week 40. My belly appear to have gotten even lower, but I'm not entirely sure if he has dropped, because I don't have an increased pressure yet. It is usually common for subsequent babies to drop while the mom is in labor, so I may be one of them. No loss of mucus plug. Increased braxton hicks contractions. Things are progressing. I suspect we should be able to meet Flash within the next two weeks!

Best Moments of the Week: Walking with the family, having Mom and RO visit us (they were doing Quilt Hop and stopped by to visit for a bit), finding out that my body is progressing closer to having Flash, cuddling with my boys, and enjoying the final few days or weeks as a family of four! I got the hospital bag that I've been wanting all along; an anchors colored in rainbow that I had given up on finding, but with karmic blessing, I am able to get it! I also got a glitter covered kindle case for my kindle fire tablet. So I feel more than ready to have everything packed, and to go for the hospital stay! I managed to paint my toe nails!!! And they turned out nicely for a woman being 39 weeks along! 

Looking Forward to: Gosh, meeting Flash finally! I imagine how he looks like, who he will resemble more like, how much he will weight, how tall he will be, and how we will react when he's born. I'm more than ready not to be pregnant (I love being pregnant, don't get me wrong, but I'm so, so ready to meet Flash). I am hoping he will come VERY SOON!! 

Next Appointment: Friday June 23rd at 9:45 am. I'm hoping I don't have to show up for that appointment, because I will be 40 weeks 2 days. I think I'm going to get a check to see where I am at that point. I'm hoping it will yield some more clues as to when Flash will show up if he has not already yet!