Sunday, June 16, 2019


How Far Along: 24 weeks! 

I am feeling: Pretty good. It's beautiful finally with the weather, and it feels like summer is here to stay. So that is making me very happy. I have hit a milestone, and it is called a viability milestone. It means if our little one is born sometimes after this week, then there is a HUGE fighting chance for her to survive. While she does need to stay put in and cook much longer, this milestone is both relieving and exciting. 

Movements: You bet! She is an active baby. Sometimes, she gets herself into a position that bothers me, because she stretches out my uterus, and it can be painful. I am not sure if it is from her flipping around, or leaning weird. I often have to nudge her to get her moving out of that position if it is bothering me. I love feeling her. We can see her move from outside! 

Symptoms: Nausea comes and goes. It never really ever went away with this pregnancy. My feet hurts if I am on them all day long. Aside from that, I feel pretty good! I'm finding myself to be more anxious to get baby girl's nursery room set up though. 

Labor Signs: Last Saturday was Logan's graduation party. I was outside on my feet all day long, and I didn't drink enough water. I paid the price. I had painful BH contractions. My BH contractions never hurt in the past, but those sucked butt! I had to go inside to sit down, and drank two worth of water jugs. My BH did ease up, and I felt a lot better. Lesson learned! KEEP DRINKING water, especially when it's warm outside. 

Best Moments of the week: Spending time with family at Logan's graduation party, being NEARLY done with the llama mobile (that excites me, yay, because I only have one cactus left to make then I'm off to make a cocoon bag for the picture session), Fox's bedroom got painted and it looks FANTASTIC, knowing that we are getting closer to our second ultrasound appointment is a relief too, and having our friends over for dinner. Shopping for baby's things. 

Looking forward to: I am getting antsy to be able to set up a date with Stu to go Ikea to shop for baby nursery furniture, and it has been difficult to try find a right date to go with him, because of his work schedule, and finding someone to watch the boys. Sending my older two to summer school, and having pretty much half day to just Fox and me! It will make food shopping much easier. Buying more things for baby's room, and preparing her arrival. Coming up with a name for pumpkin is a struggle, and I'm hoping that soon we will have that eureka moment. 

Next Appointment: June 20th at 11:45 am.