About Me

I am a proud mama of a beautiful little boy, Forrest Gray, and
a wife of an amazing man, Stuart. I'm a stay-at-home mom which is something I absolutely love. We have a brood of animals; 
a Basset Hound named Layla, and two cats named Mr. Jinxy, and Missy Girl. 

A bit more about me: Well, I am in my late 20's. I am an introvert, uniquely eccentric, deep thinker, and a writer who likes to write pretty much about everything. I don't like the same old stuff. I speak what is on my mind quite often. I am always in some kind of internal war within myself, but that is okay because it is where my sparks of creativity comes from. A true writer does not censor what goes on in her mind.

My philosophy is that life is full of small meaningful things, those we often overlook, are something we should cherish the most. Because one day, when we look back on to our lives, it is the small things that ends up having the most meaning to them, and it is what we remember the most from our lives.