Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 23 Bump

How Far Along: 23 weeks! Guess what? This means I am officially 6 months pregnant! It is crazy because it still feels like as if it is only yesterday when I find out that I am pregnant and wanting a cute baby bump. Now I'm approaching the third trimester. Crazy! 

How Big Is Baby: According to the Bump site; baby Russ is about 11.8 inches long, and 1.25 pounds.  He is as big as a Pomegranate fruit. 

Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds.

Stretch Marks: Nothing. *knocks on the wood* I'm starting to develop a faint vertical line on my stomach and it is called Linear Nigra. No one knows what it quite is or why it happens. Just one of those freaky pregnancy symptoms, I suppose! 

Maternity Clothes: Oh you bet! I'm wearing both winter and spring maternity clothes--really itching to get into my cute dresses, but I have to wait until the weather gets really warm and stays that way!

Sleep: Between my sore ribs, sore hips, Baby Russ moving, having to get up to pee throughout the night, and weird dreams; sleep is fairly good for this pregnant mama--hey it could be worse, right? 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Getting stuff set up in Baby Russ's bedroom! Stage one COMPLETED. Now to Stage two: decorating and organizing. Feeling Baby Russ becoming stronger with his movements everyday. Looking through Baby Russ' clothes, getting pictures of his first shoes, and hat from his grand-aunt! 

A glimpse of Baby Russ's first Halloween hat! 
Food Craving(s): Pineapple chunks, strawberries, cheese & crackers, meat and an occasional Mrs. Field chocolate chunk cookies. Yum. 

Food Aversion: Grease and greasy food. If I cook with oil in the skillet then the smell of the oil cooking makes me want to wrap lower half of my face with a rag just to block the smell. Yuck. 

Symptoms: Heartburn. If the old wives' tales is correct about heartburn as an indication for the baby to have a head full of hair then I guess Baby Russ may be born with head full of dark hair! Or he may surprise us with being born bald. Who knows? Sore ribs. Sore hips. I've been noticing that I'm getting more klutz-y these days. 

Movements: On some days, I think Baby Russ is having a party in his little home, and other days, he's pretty chill and lazy. He is most active in afternoon/evenings. 

What Do I Miss: Having no heartburn. I get it from cheese, diary, spicy food, and everything pretty much. I eat reasonable portion every time to avoid my stomach from being too full (it can trigger heratburn) yet I still get a heartburn. So it's no win situation for me! Being able to breath normally after walking up a flight of stairs. 

Belly Button In or Out: Semi inside, semi outside. If Baby Russ moves against my belly then my belly button kind of bugles out but not quite all way out. I am hoping it will stay in for as long as possible--it would be strange to have an outie. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: On. Let's hope my ring can stay on until third trimester! 

Gender: A boy! I've been looking forward to having a little boy around here. Stu and Mr. Jinxy feels a bit outnumbered by us girls. 

Looking Forward To: Spending the weekend in Green Bay visiting Lauren. The month of May! May is going to be crazy busy for me though, but I am looking forward to that! 

Next Appointment: Monday May 7th. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can Deaf People Enjoy Music?

Music and Deaf People

Sometimes I get this from people; I really wish you can hear music,  or Deaf people can't really enjoy music because well...they are Deaf. 

The biggest misconception that hearing people have of us Deaf people is that since we are unable to hear then it must mean that we are missing out on music. We can't enjoy music because of our inability to hear the lyrics or beats. We don't dance. We don't really care for music. It doesn't move, inspire, or cause us to feel emotions. right? 


Try telling that to my good guy friend. Every time I step into his car; I jump nearly a foot up in the air because the music blares through the  subwoofers as soon as he starts his car. I cover my ears--never mind that I am profoundly Deaf myself--and ask him to pretty please turn down the music. 

Try telling that to my other Deaf friends who enjoy turning up volume in their cars while listening to their favorite CD's. 

Try telling that to bunch of Deaf people at their house parties that music isn't vital for the parties. 

Try telling that to Marlee Matlin (Deaf actress). In her autobiography; she admitted that she spent hours "training herself" to understand lyrics of her favorite singer, and never lost her love for the music. 

I absolutely love music. I read lyrics. I listen to music. I have no particular favorite genre. I like Rock N Roll, Punk, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, Classical, Indie, Blues, Jazz, Reagge, Pop, and dance music. I love singing along with my hearing friends. I love Karaoke--just ask my Dad; we sing a mean song together to Cruisin' with Karaoke!  I love dancing in the car with my Deaf friends. I love dancing with my husband, Stu, even though he prefers slow songs to fast songs. I enjoy the drumming music that is often found in the downtown during the hot summers. I find that music inspires me. I don't need to hear the lyrics to feel emotions in the songs. I can feel it.

There are even Deaf musicians and bands. Yes, you read what I just said right. There ARE Deaf musicians and bands that tours all over the world and United States to play music. In the video down below; Sean Forbes is a Deaf rapper(?)/musician and he is dancing with a well-known Deaf actress, Marlee Matlin:

There are professional Deaf dancers. They dance exactly right steps at right time with timing of the music. It is quite amazing to see. It takes a lot of practice and patience and feeling vibrations. The video down below is a dancing group called Wild Zappers (I saw them in Washington DC at a conference and it was the most coolest thing I have ever seen). The video is okay quality but you get the idea:

Keep in the mind, there are different types of hearing losses. Some of us have gradual hearing loss, some of us are hard of hearing, and some of us are profoundly Deaf. We all enjoy music in different ways. Sure, there are some of us Deaf folks that really don't care for music or dancing. Just like you hearing folks.'

Just because there is a hearing loss doesn't mean we can't appreciate or love music.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 22 Bump

How Far Along: 22 Weeks! 

**Before I go into the details for this week; I want to share this fun link with you guys, and it is called "Guess Baby Russ Weight". Here is the link: Guess Baby Russ Weight
(If you want a direct link then here's the direct link:
What you have to do is click on Enter A Guess, and fill out information. You don't have to include your location of where you live, but you need to fill out information that has red dots. This will be open all summer until August. You can either guess now or wait until it's closer to my due date. Have fun playing**

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is the size of a Papaya--I think it is some kind of fruit? Baby Russ is about 11 inches long and guess what....ONE POUND! So he's on a right track of growth!

Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds. Seriously; this is probably the only handful times in my whole life as a lady that I'll share information about my weight. *winks* 

Stretch Marks: None. I'm thanking my lucky stars every week for no stretch marks, but then again; I am also prepared to handle if I do end up with some! 

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah, I'm definitely "outgrowing" my regular shirts. My mom and I purchased some more cute maternity dresses for me. I have a feeling I'll be wearing dresses all summer long (it's just something about being pregnant and in long dresses that I find adorable). And not to mention; it's cheaper and cooler to wear! I just don't want to waste $60-$80 on blue jeans maternity pants and not to wear them until I get pregnant again someday. Besides, I think maternity blue jeans are kind of ugly. Don't you agree? 

Sleep: I have been having a lot of zombie and post-apocalypse dreams lately. I guess I should stop watching Doomsday Preppers TV show on National Geographic Channel. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Feeling my boy kicking and bumping his fists inside. Stu loves it when he is able to feel him from the outside. Shopping with my Mom for baby stuff--that was fun!

Food Craving: Fruits, salty stuff, and MEAT. This boy demands boyish food that I don't really normally eat pre-pregnancy. 

Food Aversion: Greasy food. 

Symptoms: My left lower rib cage has been really sore lately; I learned that it is because our ribs expand about 1-2 inches during the second trimester for the ligaments to stretch in order to accommodate the growing belly, and it doesn't help that I have had an old injury to that rib cage. I'm hoping that Baby Russ won't eventually end up kicking at that side! An occasional heartburn still strikes. 

Movements: Yep! I feel Baby Russ every morning when I am on the verge of waking up, during the afternoon, and evenings. Sometimes he likes to move while I am trying to fall asleep! Most of the time, he is pretty gentle with the movements, and even so; he likes to give me a sharp jab which surprises me since I am not expecting that. :) 

What Do I Miss: Oddly enough, cleaning out cats' litter box. Stu is not exactly up to the par to cleaning it out as frequent as I would like and I have a very specific way how I like to keep it clean for the cats. The cats seem to prefer my way too (sorry Stu; don't worry though, us cats and I still love you). 

Belly Button In or Out: It is in the process of being turned inside out! 

Wedding Ring On or Off: On. 

Gender: BOY BOY BOY BOY! It's nice to be able to that out! 

Looking Forward To: Hopefully; to set up the baby room. I'm itching badly to organize and clean and decorate baby's room already! 

Next Appointment: May 7th at 3 PM. It is just a regular check-up. It will be nice to finally see my DR again; it has been a while since I last saw her and I have some questions for her! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To Behave Around a Deaf Person

How (to) Behave Around (a) Deaf Person? 

It was a certainly a learning experience for Stu to live with a Deaf person when we first moved in together. Aside from my Deafness; our relationship was pretty normal and just like everybody else....except that we had to come up with different ways to overcome certain obstacles! 

The biggest obstacle was to get my attention when I was not looking at Stu.

Even though I am profoundly Deaf, I still retain some hearing in my left ear (about 30-40% hearing left), and I am able to hear loud noises. More often than not, when I am intensely focused on something such as working on my blog post, reading, or crafting; Stu has a tendency to dog-whistle at me which scares the bejesus out of me or he sneak up behind me to tap on my shoulder, with an intention to get my attention, only to cause me jump good 2 feet up in the air. Tired of being scared out of my wits because I am not expecting to hear a loud noise or a tap on my shoulder and to turn around to see a person right there by me, I ask Stu to sit down for a lesson called......


  1. Flashing the light switch up and down 
  2. Slowly approach a Deaf person especially if her back is to you, turn around to face her, and tap on the table or stomp foot on the floor for vibrations to be felt by a Deaf person (Also pretty good for Deaf-Blind). 
  3. If the room is crowded then use a third person nearby to wave or tap to get attention. 
  4. Hand waving 
  5. Throw a soft object, such as a wadded up piece of paper, at a Deaf person's back. 
The next obstacle was maintaining eye contact. 


In the hearing world; to look more than several seconds at a person's face can cause some sense of discomfort because hearing people are unaccustomed to having to look at each other's faces for lengthy period of time unless if they are attracted to each other. If a person is staring at your face without breaking away eye contact then you probably will find yourself feeling awkward. 

In Deaf world; it is not how it works. To look at person's face/eyes doesn't mean you are attracted to that person or to cause awkwardness. It is a VITAL form of communication especially among signers. Deaf people pick up nuances of facial expressions that is easily missed (eyebrow raising, corner of the lips twitching, opening mouth, eyes widening or narrowing, cheeks pulled in or poofed out, and many more subtle features that is read on the face). 

Stu had to learn this really quickly. Initially, Stu felt silly to be looking at my face and trying to watch my signs. He knew he had to wait until I was done signing before breaking eye contact or getting up to retrieve something. To break eye contact while I was still signing considered a HUGE FAUX PAS in Deaf world. It was not only Faux Pas, but also very rude. Fortunately, he picked it up pretty well. 

Lastly, the final obstacle was greeting upon meeting other Deaf person. 


There is one thing that I have to constantly adjust from Deaf world to Hearing world or vice versa is physical greeting. In the hearing world; it is not often required to express a physical greeting other than handshaking. A verbal expression of greeting is often sufficient. 

In Deaf world, a greeting is like a party. 

Oh, you're Deaf too? 

Yes, I am Deaf. Are you? 

Yes, I am! That's great! 

Then we are hugging or patting each other on the back or grasping handshakes rather than polite little handshake. We all are grinning and smiling. There is an instant connection among strangers. I love this and it is one of my favorite thing about Deaf culture. More often than not, when I see other Deaf person; we tentatively ask each other if we are both Deaf then once we find out the answer, yes we are both Deaf....and we are talking like we have been friends for years. Never mind that I have only met that person a few seconds ago! 

Stu is often taken aback by this because this is so drastically different than his culture behavioral norm. He is always amazed how Deaf people, from other states or countries, fall into an ease of chatting and physical greetings. 

This is often how we can tell if a person is hearing or Deaf--just by observing their behavior of their cultural norms.

How we all behave makes a world of difference especially in Deaf World. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


How Far Along: 21 weeks! 

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is the size of a banana...about 10.5 to 11 inches long, and 12.2 ounces. 

Total Weight Gain: The doctor's office confirmed that I have gained whooping 7 pounds in past month! Must be all good holiday goodies....and the fact that Baby Russ had a crazy growth spurt! So in total; I have gained 15 pounds. Holy cow! The funny thing is that I don't even look like I have gained that much. 

Stretch Marks: Nope, absolutely nothing yet. I feel pretty lucky to have gotten this far without any sign of wiggly white lines on my belly or hips! It is a wonder how I manage thus far with my weight gain and expanding belly that I haven't gotten any...yet. 

Maternity Clothes: My belly is somewhat pushing out against my maternity tops so it no longer feels loose on my top half of body anymore. I still manage to fit in some of my regular shirts which surprises me. I thought by this point; I won't be able to fit in some of my regular shirts....guess not! 

Sleep: Aside from my hips hurting from time to time, getting up at random hours to pee, and Baby Russ dancing like crazy when I am trying to go to sleep; sleep is pretty good these days! Let's hope it will continue for awhile. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Visiting Stu's family for Easter. Seeing Stu dance to Deathliest Catch theme song on TV--he cracked me up so much to the point that my tummy hurt and caused Baby Russ to dance like crazy. Seeing Baby Russ on ultrasound, seeing Stu's reaction to hearing Baby Russ's heartbeat, and seeing him for the first time since WEEK 8. Stu was really excited to confirm the gender too! Spending birthday lunch with Lauren, Joey, and Sam. Oh...Stu also felt Baby Russ's strong kick last night and he was really thrilled about that. 

Baby Russ is hanging on to his cord. 

Food Craving: Same, same, same old. I recently had BBQ Ribs that Bobbie, my mother in law, made and it sure put some groove in to Baby Russ! I felt Baby Russ moving like crazy for good half hour after I ate BBQ Ribs. 

Food Aversion: Still pretty much the same--anything greasy or smells funky to me. 

Symptoms: Heartburn. Joy. It's from anything too spicy (I am too stubborn to stop eating spicy food), or eating too much in one sitting. I have not had much symptoms this week aside from heartburn. 

Movements: Baby Russ is doing a lot of flips and kicking. The best part is that the kicking and movements are getting stronger enough to be felt on the outside! I love having my hands on my belly and feeling Baby Russ bump against my belly. 

What Do I Miss: Actually nothing at this point because I am just so happy to be carrying Baby Russ. 

Belly Button In Or Out: In process of being turned inside out. It's shallow and looking funkier as the weeks go by.

Wedding Ring On Or Off: On. 

Baby Russ is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!! 

Looking Forward To: Having my mom visit tomorrow so we can shop for baby clothes! Being able to say who Baby Russ is a boy for once and all since it has been almost 100% confirmed that he is all way boy! 

Next Appointment: May something...I have it written down on my calendar though! But it's in May for sure! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hamm Of The Show

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter and had plenty of delicious food to eat! I definitely probably ate too much, but at least this year; I had a good excuse...I'm eating for two

Stu and I spent Easter with Stu's family like we did every year. However, this year was different because we had Layla to come along with us. Our family always loved seeing Layla so it was not a big deal to bring her over to different houses for visits. 

This year; we were invited over to Stu's cousin, John's house, for Easter, and we bought Layla along with us.  Layla was on her best behavior and lavished attention from family members. She loved having her ears scratched, to be sweet-talked to, and her belly to be rubbed. She was in a doggy heaven, that was for sure. 

There was a delicious banquet of dishes on the kitchen table along with the smoked  Easter Ham. Layla longingly stared at us folks eating delicious food. Her black nostrils sniffed at the scent-filled air. She salivated excessively--long string of drool hung from her jowls as she paced around hoping to find something on the ground to eat. 


Stu and I were eating our lunch in the living room, barely paying attention to Layla since she was wandering all over the place, and we were sure she was being watched by our family. So no big deal right?

Suddenly, Stu jumped up to his feet and dashed to the kitchen. I sat on the sofa, puzzled, and continued eating. Bobbie, my mother-in-law, turned to me and said, Layla ate some Ham. 

My eyes widened and I gasped then covered my mouth. Oh, crap was my first thought. How much did she eat? followed shortly after my first thought. 

I waddled with my pregnant belly, stuffed of food and too much desserts,  toward the kitchen. There stood Stu, Aunt Josie, and Stacy in the kitchen laughing. Aunt Josie held up a large plate of sliced Ham. There was some partial bitten off slices. Layla sat among us, her tail neatly tucked under her body, and her large doe-like eyes pleaded for her not to be punished. After all, that ham did smell so good...and I can't help it....the resistance is humans are eating it so why can't I have some either? 

Upon my immediate observation; Aunt Josie was laughing while Stacy stood there flabbergasted yet laughing, and Stu was shaking his head, and I concluded that our Miss Layla was not in trouble. Stu filled me in that Stacy and Aunt Josie had seen Layla stealing a piece or two of Ham off the platter then gobbling it up as fast as she could before being caught. Fortunately, Aunt Josie rescued the platter and placed it to a higher and safer ground from Layla's salivating mouth. 

After the commotion had been settled down, everybody learned about Layla's greatest escapade of counter-surfing for food which ultimately ended up her eating some of Ham, and we all had a good laugh while Layla dozed away in the living room with her belly full of delicious Ham.

She certainly hammed up our Easter lunch that day.

**To further prove how spoiled Layla had been on Easter; she received some soft rib bones to chew on later in the day**

Have a wonderful Tuesday,


Thursday, April 5, 2012


How Far Along: 20 weeks! I've officially hit halfway with my pregnancy! That means we are getting closer to meeting our little one! Well, 20 down.....and 20 to go! 

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is the size of a small cantaloupe...about 6.5 to 7 inches long. Whoo! Can you imagine that a small cantaloupe will eventually become a small watermelon in my belly? I can't either. Baby Russ is now 10.2 ounces. In 2 weeks, Baby Russ will be ONE POUND

Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds. We will see if I have gained more since the last appointment. I do feel like I am lugging additional weight in the front!

Stretch Marks: Still nothing. My stomach feels very tight now. It will only get bigger from this point...I am suddenly reminded by ALIEN popping out of people's chests. 

Maternity Clothes: Still mixed in with regular shirts with maternity even though I'm running out normal regular shirts to pull over my belly. Pretty soon, I'll have to shop for maternity tank-tops for this upcoming summer.

Sleep: Pretty good under the circumstance aside from getting up 3-4 X a night to pee. It is a good thing that I've always been a side-sleeper so sleeping on my side isn't anything new (You are supposed to be sleeping on your side from this point on--something to do with the blood flow). 

Best Moment(s) Of The Week: Getting a package in the mail from my mom. It had a baby outfit and Pajamas jeans for me! *Breaking out in a song: ♪ ♫ Looks like a denim but feels like PJ! ♪ ♫ Getting Baby Russ's room ready. Setting up childbirth class schedule for Stu and me to attend! I'm really looking forward to that class starting on May 3rd! 

Food Craving: Unchanged from same old healthy stuff! Meat is still high up on the list especially Venison (deer meat) hot dogs. Yum Yum. Cheese seems to be a big thing lately too--can't enough of cheese lately, and the best part is that they don't give me headaches anymore. 

Food Aversion: Anything greasy. I don't like the smell of leftover chicken in the fridge. The funny thing is once I warm up the chicken in the microwave; I am able to eat it without any problem, and the smell doesn't bother me anymore. I am guessing that cold chicken is what bugs me. 

Symptoms: I get dizzy once in while. I feel out of breath from time to time--oh joy--especially walking up and down the stairs. I still get heartburn from pretty much everything. Fortunately, the heartburn is not as bad now. 

Movements: Baby Russ is an active baby! I am starting to feel the movements everyday. The bumps comes and goes all day long. It's so reassuring to have that feeling. Right now, I am trying to get stubborn Baby Russ to cooperate so others especially Stu can feel the movements! Baby Russ sure like it when I slip in CD and play music in my Jeep while doing the errands around the town. 

What Do I Miss: Being able to bend over like a normal person! It's hard to bend over with a belly in front of me--I'm so not used to this. Thank goodness that warmer weather is on the way because then I won't have to worry about trying to tie my shoes and just wear sandals instead. I dread the day when I finally can't see my feet anymore because then how the heck will I shave my legs?

Belly Button In or Out: Shallow, but still in. 

Wedding Ring On Or Off: It is still on. I just had my wedding ring cleaned again recently--so it is pretty and sparkly! 

Gender: Next week, come back and read the post or keep an eye out for an announcement on Facebook! Let's see which team wins; Blue or Pink! 

Looking Forward To: Announcing our baby's gender...FINALLY. Our ultrasound appointment, and getting more pictures of Baby Russ to show off! Celebrating Lauren's birthday on the same day of ultrasound appointment! Last, but not the least; Spending Easter with Stu's family up at the farm--I haven't seen them since Christmas, I think? It will be fun showing off my Buddha belly to them! 

Next Appointment: April 11th!! Stu is really excited to come--he has been unable to come with me to my regular appointments which is fine because he's not missing out on much. So I'm going to ask the technician if Stu can hear Baby Russ's heartbeat along with seeing Baby Russ on the ultrasound screen! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missy Girl

I am dismayed that I have not written about how we acquired Missy Girl. There is multiple posts about Layla's rescue journey. There is even a post about our jolly good fellow, Mr. Jinxy, and how he came to live with us. Yet there is not one post about our little imp. Like our other two critters, Missy is a rescue cat. Adopting rescue animals is our philosophy in our home and always will be. 


I grew up loving cats. 

I'm admittedly a cat person more than I am a dog person even though I absolutely love dogs too, but there's something about cats that I just love. 

I had a cat named Winnie while I was growing up. I was six years old when I first got Winnie from my aunt, and right there; I fell in love with Winnie. She was my companion that had always stayed by my side. Winnie was the coolest cat; she hunted birds despite not having claws, and killed a chipmunk that got loose in our basement! She was very particular about who she liked--she had only liked my brother and I. Rest--she wasn't a fan of them. Nonetheless, I had her for long wonderful 18 years. It was very difficult losing Winnie. It broke my heart even though I knew it was the best for her. After losing Winnie, I did not want a cat. It hurt too much to even consider adopting a cat. Besides; I was in time of my life when things were quite chaotic and I was busy being a young adult. I was just not ready. Then I finally settled about 4 or 5 years after Winnie's death, and realized I really missed having a cat. 

I began hunting at my local shelters, scoured online for rescue cats, and decided I want a Maine Coon cat. 

Now, for those who has no idea what the hell a Maine Coon is; Maine Coon is like a little dog, okay, and those cats weigh about 20 pounds easy. They are full of hair. Big, big, huge beautiful cats. I knew I wanted a  gray female cat. 

Maine Coon 

Boy, searching for a Maine Coon was proving to be difficult. Then I moved in with Stu. He expressed a dislike for cats with long hair. Here it went my desire to have a Maine Coon out of the window (maybe one day though). 

Fortunately, Stu was willing to compromise. He said I could have a cat. So off we went to a shelter to look at cats. I went into several cat rooms....Stu saw Mr. Jinxy and knew he wanted Mr. Jinxy even though he claimed not to like cats? I reminded Stu that I wanted a female gray cat. I entered a younger cats area, and saw this little thunder bolt of a gray streak shooting across the room. I picked the gray cloud with my hands as quick as I could then met her emerald green eyes. 

I decided right there that I was going to adopt this little thunder ball. Since the shelter had a promotion of "Buy one, get one free", I decided to adopt Missy along with Mr. Jinxy. Immediately, we changed Mr. Jinxy's name from KING to Mr. Jinxy. For some reason, Stu really wanted to name him after the cat from Meet The Parents the movie and never mind that Mr. Jinxy looked nothing like that cat from the movie. Missy had a weird name that has been now long forgotten anyway. I named her Ophelia after Hamlet, my favorite Shakespeare book, and left it at that. 

During Ophelia's downtime; she loved sitting on my chest purring softly while rubbing her head under my chin, and slept while listening to my heartbeats. Ophelia tried to befriend grouchy old Mr. Jinxy and did not give up until he finally decided that Ophelia was not that bad after all. Both cats got along pretty well most of the time--there had been occasional moments when Mr. Jinxy hissed at her out of pure frustration probably because Ophelia was pestering him a bit too much. 

As weeks went by; I realized that Ophelia was a terrible fit of a name for this crazed cat. The little Blue Russian popped out under the bed to attack my ankle when I got up in the morning; jumped into the pantry to hide among the food, got herself locked in the closet plenty of times, rarely meowed or made any sounds except an occasional hissing at Mr. Jinxy, explored everything with bravery, never expressed any anxiety or fear of anything, and loved to lounge outside in the warm sun during the summer months. 
Every time I caught this cat doing something she was not supposed to; I ended up yelling MISS GIRL, stop it! MISS GIRL, quit it! Miss Girl, don't do that. Miss Girl, don't make me laugh but you are being naughty. Miss Girl, no! 

I started taking pictures of Miss Girl's mischief and posted them on Facebook. To my surprise; people enjoyed seeing the pictures and found them to be hilarious as much as I did. 

Then it hit me. 

Missy Girl was her name. 

And it was a perfect fit. 

To this day; I still have not gone one day without laughing at Missy's crazy behavior or new hiding spot or surprising Layla as she leaps at the dog from the shelves. I do admit that sometimes Missy does drive me crazy especially with my pregnancy hormones...fortunately; this is not as often as laughing over Missy's latest tactic. 

I can't imagine my life without our rescue pets. They really do give so much. Perhaps it is because they understand the love you have given to them by adopting them.