Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mama 0, Baby 1

Mama was styling something fierce this morning. I had hoped I was going to get away without A) Pee, B) Spit up, or C) Poop this morning by riddled with errands, and a doctor appointment for my little man. Mission failed. I had spit up on my nice shirt by end of the doctor appointment. 

Mama 0, Baby 1. That's a life of a mommy though. 

My little man isn't so little. He is 26 and half inches long. I'm way off on the weight. I thought Forrest is probably 20-21 pounds...as it turned out, he is only 19 pounds. My arms beg differently though. His head is huge too. I am told that his head  measurement is in 87% range. No wonder why he can't fit in some of his clothes that isn't stretchy enough for his head to get through. 

It is no wonder why I feel exactly like this while I am nursing him:

Mind you, this picture is not mine. I found this on Facebook, and can completely commiserate with that woman! It is how roughly half of our nursing session normally goes. It can get tricky to maneuver around those little kicks, and grabs while reading on my Nook. 

Anyway, the shots were alright. Forrest cried, and wailed on top of his lungs for a few minutes. After that, boom; he was all good, and went back to being a happy little baby boy. Even the nurses, and my interpreter remarked on how happy baby Forrest was. I felt pretty lucky to have an easy-going baby. 

Well, that might kick me in the butt later, but let me enjoy this moment.....

While my little man is napping, I'm off to search for wet bags on Etsy. I'm really liking OWL Wet Bag. I think it's really adorable, don't you? It should be enough for the cloth diaper trial period. Once we have decided on what we like, then I will invest in something bigger to hold soiled cloth diapers! 

In the meanwhile, have a lovely Tuesday! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Look!

I am really excited to unveil a new look to my blog. I hope you will like it as much as I do! I have been wanting to update my blog for a long time, and finally, I got around to looking at graphic designers this past weekend. Etsy has a lot of awesome graphic designers willing to design the look, and to meet your needs as a blogger. The best part? They are affordable! More reasons to love Etsy, right?! I owe a big thanks to Raspberry Road Designs (you can find her shop here). 

On a brief note, I want to let you know that my original URL, for those who aren't sure what URL is, it is a link that starts with http://www. blank blank.com, is broken. If you try to use my original URL then you will see a screenshot that says the blog no longer exists. Fear not! My blog is STILL here. I just happened to change the spelling to my blog. My new URL is http://beautifullittlepiece.blogspot.com. Use that. I also have a new feature, A RSS feed, which basically subscription to my blog by your email. 

I have a new social buttons; Pinterest, Facebook, Email, and Twitter. Feel free to check them out! I also have a button if you want to link it on your blog, or tumblr account. Fun stuff. Stay posted for some new additions down the road! 

With that, I leave you a picture of Forrest riding in a shopping cart for the very first time! He doesn't seem very impressed, did he? 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cloth Diapering: Not Sure What Brand You want....Try This Instead!

I owe a huge thanks to one of my sorority sisters, S, for hooking me up to several of her cloth diapering friends. Through her friend, I learned about something rather exciting, and it definitely put my mind to rest as in what brands I should chose from. Like most of you, who may be brand-new to cloth diapering as I am, may be overwhelmed by what brands to use for your baby...well, put that to rest, will you!

There is an awesome program that many cloth diapering stores offer called trial and wash. I'll use one of the stores that is more local to where I am as an example: 15 Day Wash Program. Basically, what is about is that I put down money in advance, pick whatever brands I want to try for 15 days, and if I don't like it then I can just return it back to the store, and get my money back. Some stores will let you pick up to 3 brands, and some will let you pick as many as you wish. There are variety in how long you can try them for. Some will let you try for up to a month, and some will be for 2 weeks. 

I am planning on doing this in a few weeks. What I have in the mind is that I want to try Bumgenuis 4.0, and flip diapers. I may give AIO a chance again, and see if it's something we can use. Personally, I would prefer to have 2-3 different brands in my stash. That way, I can have variety to choose from. Then I can actually give you my input, my experience, and my thoughts instead of parroting from others' experiences! I'm quite excited about this. 

I'm ready to kick disposable diapers to the curb....before I can do that, I have to invest in a wet bag, and a diaper cream that is not petroleum-based (the same stuff you will find in Vaseline, and many lotions). I will explain more why in future posts. 

Anyway, you can pretty much google cloth diaper trial, and pick what fits your needs the best! How awesome is that, really. 

This post is not strictly focused on cloth diapers today. I guess I am in a writing mood or something! But honestly, I want to share my excitement about a major change I recently went through. 

I was dealing with a lot of pesky post-partum hormones that caused my hair to thin out really bad, and fall out like crazy. I felt like I was balding. I had some receding spots on my forehead!! Funny thing was that, nobody bothered to tell me about this while I was pregnant, and I had to learn this in a hard way after I gave birth to my son. At first, it was not that bad at all--or I didn't notice at all due to sleep deprivation, and dealing with a newborn craziness. Then about four months in, I started shedding my hair like crazy, and my hair joined the ranks among our brood of pets' fur. Our shower drain was clogged routinely. Not fun. I finally decided it was time to treat, and chop the dead-weight off my head. 

So I did.......

At first, I was not 100% sold on my hair because it was such a drastic change, and it took me a while to get used to a different hairstyle. 

Right now, I love it. It feels so much better, lighter, and smoother. The best part? I don't shed like crazy anymore! 

Well, I'm off to enjoy such a rare time-together with Stu (school got cancelled due to a snowy day), and Forrest! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

6 Months old!

Dear Forrest,

You are 6 months old! It is hard to believe that half year ago that Mama and Daddy held you in our arms, marveling at how beautiful you were, and feeling slightly apprehensive about taking care of you. Little did Mama and Daddy know....time will fly within a blink of eye, and that taking care of you isn't so scary, and as overwhelming they initially had thought. Matter of fact, it has been so much fun! In these 6 months, you grew, and grew, and grew! Every day brought new challenge, and joy to Mama, Daddy, and you.

You are a rolling bug. You are able to roll from back to stomach, and stomach to the back. You love it when we lay you down on the blanket on floor because you go town rolling around! If Mama look away for a minute, you end up across the room, and make Mama laugh. You are able to rake toward toys, and pull them toward you. You're attempting to crawl by rocking back and forth even though that technique has not succeed for you yet. 

You've started eating pureed food that Mama has made for you. You are given 2 TBSP of pureed food every evening. As soon as you hit 6 months old, you will start eating pureed food twice a day. You react to them much better than you did with the oatmeal. Your favorite thus far is Sweet Potato. You do not seem to like avocado very much. The jury is still out on Bananas. You seem to have a love and hate relationship with it. You like the sweetness that came with Bananas, but not the texture, Mama suspects. You don't care much for squash and pear. 

The biggest surprise was green peas. The first night you were introduced to them, you spat it out, and gave me that look of "What the heck are you giving me?!" On the second night, Mama figured you would react the same way, yet Mama still wanted you to be on the same food for 3 days, and it was a completely change of a heart! You started dancing, wiggling, and waving the spoon toward your mouth. You gobbled down the green glob quite gladly, and had that wink in your eye. I guess you loved your peas!

Along with eating pureed food, you are still on the boob diet. Mama is thrilled to have made it to 6 months mark!

Recently, Mama had to deal with a nasty bout of infection called Mastitis. Fortunately, she caught it in time, and was able to get on antibiotics before it got any worse. That bummed her out briefly because she was tired of dealing with issue after issue after issue with breastfeeding. Mama had a really wonderful bunch of people cheering her up, and assuring her. What helped was that she realized that if she could tackle all the icky issues, then this was not going to kick Mama's butt. Hopefully, this was going to be the last problem she has to deal with from now on.

You celebrated Mama's 28th birthday by shopping with Mama. You were a champ, and loved seeing all the colors of clothes in the department stores. Then you spending a few hours with your Memaw, and grand-aunts while Mama and Daddy went out for much-needed alone time on a date. Mama was not worried about you at all. She knew you were in good hands, and you were! You had a lot of fun. Mama did not feel any different being 28 from being 27--maybe a bit different seeing that she spent most of her 27th year pregnant with you! 

You are a water bug just like Mama is! Mama and Daddy decided to take you swimming at a hotel over Mama's birthday weekend. You took to water like a pro. You splashed, and kicked your little chub feet with a smile on your face. It affirmed that you absolutely liked being in water, and had a blast playing with Daddy. This made Mama look forward to the day when she can take you to a baby swim class!

You love your toddler tub. You are able to sit up unassisted even though you lean a bit too much forward yet. You like to splash your hands in the water, and reach for the jet shower spray. You giggle, coo, and squeal when jet spray water falls on your chubby body. It makes Mama laugh to see you take so much joy in bathing.

You continue to love your Jumperoo. You jump happily inside the jumpero, and could easily spend hours jumping. You love chewing on teething toys, and have keen interest in your toys hanging off the bars. You like the sound of pull-away toys, and even intimate the noise by blowing raspberries. You think it's the funniest thing in the world to blow spit bubbles, and do this quite often when you are upset as well!

A big change occurred in our household recently. We replaced your infant car seat carrier with a Britax car seat that your aunt Jenni gave to us! It was confusing to install the car seat at first, and thankfully, Daddy managed to figure it out! With some hiccups, we managed to get it fitted to meet your needs, and you took to it like a pro.

You and Mr. Jinxy are best friends. Mr. Jinxy loves spending time with you on the floor. He tolerates your crazy grubbing, and pinches. Mama has no idea why that cat tolerates so much of abuse, but is thankful that he is an easygoing cat for you to play with. Layla, our stinky Basset Hound, patiently takes your abuse as well. When she has enough, she calmly gets up, and walks away. Mama can't say the same for Missy Girl for that she spends her time sitting on top of television cabinet, staring down at you with some disdain, and amusement. Missy Girl avoids you as much as she can. Mama suspects she feels a bit jealous of you seeing that she is Mama's first baby before you came along. Thankfully, Missy Girl is prudent enough to stay out of your way. Mama and Daddy are thankful to have a patient brood of animals to love, or in Missy's case, avoid you.

You are getting better with your Eczema. Mama has found the right combination of lotions, and detergent for your clothes. It has been a trial and error for time being. You do still get flare-ups especially on your cheeks from drooling so much. There is not much Mama can do about your cheeks until you stop drooling so much! Nonetheless, it does not take away your cuteness.

You are an early riser much to Mama's dismay. You definitely take after Daddy in that department of sleep! You like to get up at crack of dawn between 5:30 to 6:30. There has been some days when you sleep in until 7 am. Because of this, your bedtime is normally between 6:30 to 7:15 pm. You no longer nap 3 times a day. You nap in the morning and take a super long nap in the afternoon. That is pretty nice because Mama can finish stuff while you take your long nap.

It has been so much joy to watch you grow, and have your personality emerge. You are no longer a quiet tub of a loaf. You love making noises! It won't be long before you catch on that Mama is Deaf, and start using your hands to talk. You are already starting to shake, wiggle, and master your fingers in an attempt to copy Mama's signs. No visible signs are made yet. Even so, you seem to understand the sign for MILK seeing that you shake your hands like crazy when Mama signs milk. Perhaps, in time, you'll be able to grasp how to sign milk, and respond.

You are a very active baby for a 6-month old boy, and your parents look forward to what you bring in month six!!


Mama & Daddy 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Women Connection: Job Confession

I came across to Women Connect post, and thought it was freeing. Basically, it encouraged bloggers to be open, and write about whatever they like for that week/day. More often than not, we started blog for a reason: to write, and often, our blogs evolve as we accumulate more followers. Sometimes, there was a pressure to write posts to appease the followers, or that pressure to stay interesting enough to be read. 

I have always tried to be open, and write about whatever I liked. After all, that was why I started my blog: Why Do I Blog? Of course, life happens, and I started to write about topics I enjoy and like, and I started to write less about my feelings, thoughts, and what not about life. 

The biggest thing that has been looming over our heads lately is Stu's job prospect. Stu has been in graduate school for, what it seems to be forever, and won't graduate until next year in the spring at the latest. He is going school for an administrative degree. He wants to be a principal. I fully support his ambition, and love how he works so hard to provide a good life for us. I try to be a great wife...almost the point of becoming a stepford wife. I do laundry, clean the house, make delicious meals that I find on Pinterest, budgeting, and raise our son. To some, it may be a tedious lifestyle, and to me, I absolutely love it. We really would love to relocate back to Green Bay since it is where we feel most home at. It is where we got married. It is where I gave birth to Forrest. It's a happy medium between our families. It is really hard to have our families to live on the opposite sides of the state. 

Sometimes, I feel torn because we don't live close to our families, and it is difficult to find the location that is almost halfway between them. I want Forrest to grow up, and be close to his family. I do envy some people for having both sides of the family live in the same town, or at least a stone throw from where they live. 

Because of Stu's desire to become a principal, we have to be flexible with where we move for his first job choice because there are limited positions opening up for someone so new like Stu. I find that I don't want to move anywhere further away from GB area, and I find it hard to be flexible. I just want to move there, and settle down already. I'm tired of moving. I'm tired of relocating to different duplexes. I want a place to call our own with a fenced backyard for Layla to roam. I have so many projects I would love to start for a house.

I don't want to move to some remote little town far up north or somewhere out in the west of the state. I feel it is unfair to my family because they have to travel even further to see Forrest, and maintain a relationship with him. I don't want to be isolated. I want to be close to my friends again. I want to be closer to my doctor for my next pregnancy, and my favorite haunts. By god, I am tired of being that perfect little happy wife having to relocate so many times to better our lives. Secretly, I'm glad I'm not a military wife. I don't handle moving so many times that well! 

At the same time, I want to be supportive, and have Stu get that opportunity to get experience that he needs. And frankly, money talks especially if there's only one income coming in at this moment. I would love to continue my status as a stay-at-home mom/wife for all of our future kids including our current kid, Forrest. In order to do that, I must be willing to follow Stu's job prospects, and be willing to relocate a few more times  in next few years before finally settling down at the location we BOTH like which happens to be Green Bay. 

When I look at my jumbled emotions, I feel really selfish, and in turn, it makes me feel bad for feeling that way. I wonder if there is any other women or men out there that feels this way in their lives? Or is it just me? 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Cloth Diaper Friday: Disposable VS Cloth Diaper Costs

I am sorry for not posting a Friday post about Cloth Diaper last week. I did have a good reason not to. I was sick with Mastitis. It was like dealing with a flu minus nausea and a lot of pain. I was unable to think clearly, and let alone write a legible post! 

Fortunately, I am feeling SO much better with help from antibiotics, and now I am able to make up for missing last Friday. Before I proceed, I hope you all had a WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S day. 

Many people, I have asked them what made them decide to go into cloth diapering, and the number one response I got was cost. There were different reasons involved as well (environmental, baby's health, and fashion). It was easy to see why. 

Let me show you why cost is the biggest reason. Only in a week and half, I have managed to accumulate 4 bags worth of diapers! In each bag, I averaged between 30-35 disposable diapers. Either my boy liked to poop quite A LOT, or it was just a norm, that I can't tell you, but that killed me to have spend so much on diapers only to toss it out in the trash. 

Recently, I was pinning on Pinterest when I came across to an interesting blog post about the cost analysis between Disposables and Cloth diapers. The finding was really surprising. This finding is not done by me; it is done by a blogger from http://www.atkinsondrive.com. 

According to most, cloth diapering could save you thousands in only a few years per child; but there have been some naysayers out there claiming that the savings you acquire aren't worth the time and effort you must put in to rinsing, washing, and assembling all of those diapers. Now, I understand there are an inordinate amount of options for cloth and disposable diapering which will change each individual’s cost analysis {not to mention number of changes per day, cost of living, etc}.I have concluded that I cannot go around telling people about the wonderful savings available for parents who cloth diaper without doing the math myself.

So basically, this lady is showing us that the average cost to buy disposable diapers is $1,534.05 each year, and the total cost of buying cloth diapers is $550-$700. Once you have a stash of cloth diapers that works for you and your child, then you're done of ever having to buy another diaper. On the other hand, with disposables, you have to continually buy new box of diapers, and toss them out. This sure beats having to shell out $1,500-something per a year for diapers. 

While this was appealing, my husband did ask me: well, seeing that we will save money by switching over to cloth diapers, which is great, but what's about water cost? Isn't that the hidden cost? 

I am sure that many people would question the same thing....let's check this out.

Now, according to this blogger, if we factor the cost of doing laundry and cloth diapering then it still does not come anywhere close to disposables. The laundry cost costs you around $330 to $657, depending on what brand of cloth diaper you use for your baby, what detergent you're using to wash cloth diapers, how many children you have in cloth diapers, and the disposables for one child EVERY YEAR will cost you $1,534.05. Imagine that, the more babies you have, the more you'll spend on disposable diapers. With cloth diaper stash you already have, you can share diapers among your babies, and that saves you from having to go out and buy more diapers. 

In a longer run, you save more with cloth diapers even with laundering cost. It is easy to see why cost is appealing to some families.

It is appealing to us. It is why we are starting to invest cloth diapers in our house. Some people worry about laundry loads being so overwhelming. For me, the way I see it, what an extra load or two will do? Kill me? I don't think so. It does help that I am a stay at home mom. Does this mean it is not feasible for working moms/dads? No, it is still doable as long as you are dedicated with this. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Go Between Or Not To Go Between: That's The Question

In the hearing world:

Out of my corner of my eyes, I see a person shuffling their feet uncomfortably, and the eyes shifted around trying to find a different way to go around my friend, and I. Failing to find any way to go around us, the person shuffles the feet once again. This moment last for a few seconds. It is becoming distracting. Finally, I acknowledge the person by us, and waved him/her to go between us. The person often hesitates, not wanting to be perceived as rude, or to interrupt our signed conversation, and I finally insist on allowing the person come. The person grins awkwardly as thank you, and waved the hand to acknowledge us then hurries as fast as possible through us. My friend, and I shook our heads, and once again resumes our conversation.

In the Deaf world:

My friend and I are signing, and in a deep conversation. Other Deaf person approaches us without any signs of slowing down. We see the person approaching us out of corner of our eyes, and widens the space between ourselves to allow a trafficking path to open up. The Deaf person acknowledges us with a smile or a hello as he/she walks past us. After he/she has passed us, we narrows the space between ourselves, and picks up where we have left off. 

I find it interesting how both of the worlds differ when I am in them. Many hearing people hesitate to walk between two conversing signers, whether if they both are Deaf or not, because they do not want to come off as rude. Matter of fact, hearing people go to extreme measures to try bypass the signers in order to avoid from interrupting them. The norm in the hearing world is to give the conversing people a privacy. It is considered a faux pas to cut in the middle of people's conversation. Also, the norm in the hearing world is to respect the space. If there is a couple with no gap space between them to allow others to join in the conversation, or seem to exhibit signs warranting for a privacy then it is an obvious signal to leave them alone. Otherwise, you are considered to be eavesdropping them. 

In the Deaf world, if there is a couple chatting then it's okay to join in the conversation whether you know them or not, and it is okay to walk between the signers deep in conversation while excusing yourself. 

What we do consider to be rude is: 

You standing there, pacing, and staring at us. It is a huge distraction. It puts us on an awkward spot. We wonder what you want from us. It increases the awkwardness, and it begins to get uncomfortable as minutes start to tick by. On top of this, it actually interrupts our conversation to have you stand there and pace. 

Just walk right to us, say excuse me (not knowing sign language is not an excuse. Just speak it out loud and gesture your presence), and we will move a bit more to give you girth to walk through us. We thank you for your quick pass-by. Then we pick up from where we left off. All this takes a minute at most. 

With all this in the mind, when I saw the comic strip with Harry Potter using his invisible robe to cut between Deaf people signing in a conversation,, that caused me have a really good laugh! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Overdue Post.....

Looking at giant piles of dishes to be washed, dirty clothes to be washed and dried, and mess laying around house, a smile started to creep on my face because all this indicated that there was so much fun to be had that chores went forgotten...momentarily. 

Turning 28 was not a big deal. It was funny how numbers really meant nothing once you hit all the exciting milestones. When we were teenagers, we wanted to be 16 so we could drive. Once we turned 16, we wanted to be 18, so we could vote. Then we turned 18, we anxiously waited to become 21 so we could drink legally. Once we turned 21, it was like...now what, oh when we turned 25, then we can rent a car. Whoo, whoo, how exciting was that...not really.

After that, you became more excited for life events; weddings, babies, trips/travels, holidays, and stuff like that. Then when your birthdays rolled around, you got excited over appliances for the house instead of clothes or shoes...well, maybe that's a bit of lie because I still get excited about shoes.

Oh! You know me and shoes...I have a shoe fetish...okay, not in that weird sexual way, but like a serious obsession. Anyway, speaking about shoes.... I found a really sweet deal on beautiful pair of nude pump high heel shoes. It was originally marked for $70 or $80, and I got it for...wait for it gents and ladies...$22! I had to buy it. I knew I was probably not going to have a lot of use of them, but I had to have them. Ah, I was impulsive, and it felt good. I hadn't gotten a really awesome pair of heels in like forever...maybe since before I got pregnant. See, how sweet they were.

Forrest, Stu, and I met Mom, and my aunts at the hotel they were staying. We decided to go swimming, and take Forrest into the pool with us. The water was abnormally warm. The temperature was a bit off, but it was a good introduction to Forrest. He was not shocked by the cold water...next time, maybe? He took to the water like a water bug! He really loved the water, and splashed his chubby legs as he was being held by either Stu or myself. This made me want to run to Y and sign up for a swim class already! But I decided it was better to wait until this summer when the weather was a bit warmer, and when Forrest got a bit older before signing up for a baby swim class.

Sunday, we watched Superbowl with our friends. It was a really good time spent by all. We had a lot of really good food. I even had a Superbowl food hang-over the next day! The half-time show was pretty amazing because Destiny's Child had a reunion, and Beyonce looked smoking hot like always. Don't you agree that we needed more of women that looked like her instead of bone-thin celebrities, eh? There was a glimpse of who I thought was an interpreter, and later I learned that he was John Macuere. He was a Deaf performer. I was tempted to tell him to lay off on the tanning booth. Even if he looked like Ken Doll, he did a pretty good job of performing in our language.

I had a huge laundry, and messes to tackle along with a lot of errands to do on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had an internet problem. It crapped out on us. Yay. Fortunately, I had plenty of books, movies, and a wonderful little boy to keep me a company.

This is what we have been up to lately, and why I've been missing from the blogging world. I'm finally all caught up with my blog reading over a cup of coffee. Whew.

Well, I better get going, and spend time with my wonderful little baby boy. *smiles* Hope your week is going wonderful, and it's Thursday already! Where does time fly? 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Did Walt Disney Have a Mama Complex?

Becoming a mom certainly opened up a world that has been long forgotten. The world of childish pleasures, kid movies, and toys to be enjoyed again...especially the kid movies that are made by Disney. Once Forrest was born, Stu, and I had a crazy shopping spree moment where we purchased Disney movies that we eagerly wanted to watch with Forrest. 

Forrest, and I watched our first Disney movie together...Bambi. What a bad idea to watch especially if you are still recovering from childbirth, and dealing with all pesky postpartum hormones. Bambi's mother was shot, and killed. Bambi cried by his dead mother's body. My heart jumped into my throat, and I bawled. 

Okay, no animal movies for me awhile or at least my hormones settled in some. I switched my focus from animals to Disney Princesses. Forrest, and I watched Sleeping Beauty. In the beginning of the movie, the King and Queen oohed and ahhed over their beautiful daughter. Then the movie progressed to show that the Queen had passed away which led King to marrying that vile stepmother. 

Snow White was the next movie on my agenda. Snow White's mother had passed away. The King married the evil step-mother. 

Cinderella had no mother. Matter of fact, the father was not in the picture either. She had a mean stepmother with two spoiled stepsisters. 

Belle was one of my favorite princesses, and Beauty and the Beast was on my top five favorite Disney movies. It finally dawned to me that....

Belle had no mother. 

Okay, let's check out Little Mermaid, also one of my favorite movies, and see if she had a mother.....


What's about Jasmine? Or Aladdin?

Nope. Nope.

Well, you can argue that modern Disney movies do have main characters with living mothers. Think again.

Harry Potter had no mother, and father as well. He lived with his uncle and aunt, and a rude cousin. 

I can keep going on, but I think I've made my point by now. Really. What is the deal with Motherless films that Disney had produced! I brought this up to Stu. He shook his head, and insisted there was no pattern to it. I pointed out the movies, and slowly, he caught on. Finally, Stu nodded his head, and said you should blog about this because this is really interesting, and my theory is that maybe Walt wanted kids to develop empathy toward those characters because they didn't have their moms and most kids do. I shrugged. Maybe he was right. It was to encourage empathy among kids. 

Or Walt Disney had a serious mama complex among with some anti-Semitic attitude (don't believe me about Anti-Semitic thing that Disney had--check it out, and you'll be surprised). 

So...what's your theory? 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cloth Diapering Friday: Doing Cloth Diaper Part-Time

 Since Stu (my husband) and I are visual people, we need to be able to touch, feel, and see diapers in the person before making any major decision with cloth diapering. 

I purchased two really cute cloth diapers from Mom & Pops Place nearby my home last week, and I was dying to try them out even though I had only gotten two. I wanted to get Flip Diaper, but the store did not carry those. I resigned to buying Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper, and Thirsties Duo All In One. I went home, and showed them to Stu. Immediately, Stu showed a dislike toward pocket diaper, and seemed to prefer AIO. Funny, I was the opposite! He asked about Flip Diaper, and I explained him that there was none at the store. We decided to go and ahead and buy one online at later time. 

Anyway, My little wiggly bug was extra wiggly this morning, and did not really want to cooperate with pictures. He pulled down the sheets, twisted them, rolled around, and kicked his chub feet in glee. Staying still? Please. There was no interest in staying still. 

So please bear with my mediocre pictures this time around. 

Thirsties Duo AIO

Bumgenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper
Stu had to prop Forrest since he was being way too wiggly, and not staying still. I've also given up on trying to make background sheet look nice! Ha ha ha.

Bumgenius 4.0 diaper underneath Onesie.

I was not a big fan of how AIO had looked on Forrest underneath his onesie. It looked super bulky, and I had a hard time snapping the Onesie together at the crotch. I understood why some people preferred those for short-term reasons such as long car rides, or bedtime use. Then again, it was really easy to put AIO on, and there was no assembling required. It came in really handy with my son since he was super eager to roll around, and kick at the air.

I liked Bumgenius, and how it contorted to his bum and thighs. It wasn't a chore to stuff the pocket with the liner. The cloth diaper looked less bulky on Forrest. On the other hand, Stu wasn't so crazy about stuffing the liner into the pocket. 

We talked it over, and agreed that we wanted to see how Flip had looked on Forrest. If we had liked Flip, and it seemed to be a good fit for Forrest, then we wanted to get both Bumgenius 4.0 pockets and Flip Hybrid Diapers. This led to another decision....

We decided that it was better to go with cloth diapers part-time at this moment with Forrest. 

Why part-time instead of full-time cloth diapering?

We are still learning about cloth diapers, and we want to have more freedom to experiment with different brands in the categories that we like. Basically, Forrest is our experiment baby! Once we find what works for us then we will stick with the brand for #2. The place we are living in currently isn't that big, and we don't have a lot of room to keep a nice stash of cloth diapers in Forrest's bedroom. It feels right to start off small then jump into it when we feel more ready!

We are going to do cloth diapers during the day, and disposable for the night. If the cloth diapers work out well for us during the day, then we will gradually switch to the cloth diapers for the night as well. I am sure it is what will happen anyway!

I've learned that some people prefer to use cloth diaper part-time because several day-cares does not take babies in if they wear cloth-diapers, because of budget--it can be really expensive to buy a full set of cloth diapers, and because of time being invested in prepping, washing, and drying them before babies can wear them.

Some are like me, they are still learning, and experimenting and does not want to have spend too much on cloth diapers then find out that it is not for them.